Ma’am You Have Been Uncovered

Chapter 716 - Mingyue Enters the Lord's Heart (49)

Chapter 716: Mingyue Enters the Lord’s Heart (49)

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Pan Mingyue had a good memory and naturally remembered Second Uncle Lu.

She glanced at him and only slightly nodded politely.

Beside her, Shi Liming was talking to the officer who greeted him.

The officer knew that Pan Mingyue wasn’t the Qin family’s Eldest Lady, but was confused about Shi Liming’s attitude towards her.

When he turned around and saw the long list in Pan Mingyue’s hands, his heart suddenly trembled with realization.

After exchanging greetings, he turned to Shi Liming and politely asked about her, “Leader Shi, this lady is…”

“She’s Team Leader Pan.” Shi Liming turned sideways and introduced her, but didn’t speak further.

Pan Mingyue put down the pen and also greeted the officer.

The officer’s mind turned several times, and he hurriedly responded to her. Then, remembering Second Uncle Lu, he introduced him to them. “This is Vice Colonel Lu. Leader Shi, he’s also a fan of yours and has admired you for a long time.”

At this moment, Second Uncle Lu was still immersed in the shock of seeing Pan Mingyue and didn’t hear what they were saying.

The officer thought he was in a daze after seeing Shi Liming, so he smiled and repeated what he said.

“Oh, Captain Shi… Hello.” Second Uncle Lu immediately greeted him.

Time was a little tight, so Shi Liming only exchanged a few words with them before turning to Pan Mingyue. “It’s about time, right?”

Folding the piece of paper in her hand, Pan Mingyue nodded. “I still want to see their extreme reactions.”

Upon hearing this, the officer became more certain of his guess about Pan Mingyue and quickly said with interest, “Leader Shi, your business is more important.”

They watched as Shi Liming and Pan Mingyue walked towards the crowd in the middle.

A long time after they left, Second Uncle Lu finally returned to his senses. He turned towards the officer and asked hesitantly, “The woman with Captain Shi just now…”

“Her surname is Pan, and she’s not from the major families.” The officer knew the first district very well and lowered his voice to share his speculation. “I heard that the ace team this time was composed by Leader Shi and the schemer.”

Having said this, he suddenly remembered something and immediately asked, “Vice Colonel Lu, have you ever heard of the rumor in the military region?”

“What rumor?” Second Uncle Lu glanced at him. He didn’t know much about the first district, because it was an important secret, after all, and he had only been in contact with it in the past two years.

“It’s about Captain Shi’s senior sister,” said the officer as he walked back. “I heard it more than half a month ago. This rumor isn’t groundless, and Leader Shi also said he has a master. I’m certain now that his senior sister is Miss Pan.”

The officer finished sharing his speculation only to find that Second Uncle Lu had stopped two steps behind him.

“She probably just finished deciding the 36 quotas. It has really been a blunder this time, she turned out to be the one to make the final quota. Vice Colonel Lu? Vice Colonel Lu! Are you alright?” He turned around.

Behind him, Second Uncle Lu looked up in a daze and stuttered. “I’m fine.”

He glanced in Lu Zhaoying’s direction.

Just now, he had still been wondering about Lu Zhaoying’s sudden appearance here. But now, he realized he had come to send Miss Pan to the first district.

He was now in a state of confusion and couldn’t clearly hear what the officer was saying. His whole mind was filled with thoughts about Lu Zhaoying and Miss Pan.

After returning to his original position, he continued staring at Lu Zhaoying.

While sending a message to Jiang Dongye, Lu Zhaoying felt his stare and asked without looking up, “Go on.”

“Erm, you know Miss Pan…”

As soon as he heard this, Lu Zhaoying knew what Second Uncle Lu was about to ask. Putting his phone away, he crossed his legs casually again and lazily replied, “You mean the quota for the special training teams? She seems to be in charge, but you didn’t ask, so I didn’t say.”

The main reason was that they had been very guarded against Pan Mingyue. Although it wasn’t wrong to guard against an unfamiliar person, Lu Zhaoying had purposely restrained himself from saying it.

He had originally been in charge of the quota this time, but he had asked Cheng Juan to hand it over to Pan Mingyue and deleted Shi Liming’s quota. This had led to what happened today.


On the other side, Pan Mingyue was carefully selecting the 36 quotas. Among them, she had six acquaintances who were members of the first assault team in the neighboring city.

“Instructor, it’s Miss Pan.” The members of the assault team lost their minds after the personnel was released, and they instantly turned ecstatically to the instructor. “Oh my God, she’s really a member of the first district! She even knows Leader Shi!! And she’s the selected planner for this time’s quota! Instructor, you’re really a genius!!”

Beside him, the chief of the training camp directly turned around and ordered, “From today onwards, all teams will be forced to train according to the method previously arranged by Young Master Lu!”

After the call, he looked at Pan Mingyue’s back and murmured, “Things have really blown up this time…”

As for Pan Mingyue, she didn’t know what happened.

After deciding on the quota, the rest was up to Shi Liming to handle.

Although it was said that Pan Mingyue and Shi Liming were on the same level, Shi Liming was, in fact, several levels of seniority lower than her.

Seeing that she was about to leave, he put aside his business at hand and sent her out.

Lu Zhaoying was already waiting by the gate, standing beside his Second Uncle Lu.

Upon seeing Shi Liming send Pan Mingyue out, Second Uncle Lu trembled again.

“Vice Colonel Lu.” Shi Liming greeted him rather politely.

Second Uncle Lu was overwhelmed.

“Young Master Lu, why don’t you let Miss Pan find Mr. Lou? The training camp in the neighboring city was originally brought by him. Six people from their team have been selected, so it’ll really be a big noise this time.” Shi Liming glanced at him.

Lu Zhaoying thought for a while and asked Second Uncle Lu to send Pan Mingyue off.

Second Uncle Lu was still thinking about which force was so terrifying to have six people selected.

Before Pan Mingyue could refuse, he immediately responded, “Yes, I’ll send her off.”

Pan Mingyue looked gentle and easy to get along with. As Second Uncle Lu drove on the road, he tried conversing with her.

“Go to Beijing University, I have to pick up someone. One of my seniors brought him to play fireworks, but it’s not a good influence on the child.” Pan Mingyue told him an address.

Second Uncle Lu heard the address and found it a little strange. Beijing University was close to the pedestrian street, but the address wasn’t from there. However, he didn’t think much about it and just smiled. “It’s not a big deal to play with fireworks, as long as the area is big enough.”

Pan Mingyue glanced at him from the rearview mirror and smiled.

After she said the address, Second Uncle Lu found the roadside full of “biochemical hazard” signs a little strange, but didn’t say much and just followed her out of the car.

There was a crowd here.

Second Uncle Lu didn’t know that this was actually a secret base of Beijing University. The guard here naturally recognized Pan Mingyue and directly let them in.

As he followed Pan Mingyue inside, he became more and more shocked and was confused about this place.

Three minutes later, Pan Mingyue took him to the air defense area. Before he could react, the sound of an explosion sounded not far away, and the road under his feet trembled.

A slender figure holding a baby pointed at the mushroom cloud above his head and slowly said, “Are the fireworks pretty?”

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