Lust Knight

Chapter 492: My Grandma is Coming

Chapter 492: My Grandma is Coming

While Lucien continues to fight the Leviathan, pushing his body and soul to the limit to try to understand more about the power Aylin found within the golden naginata, he doesn't notice the time passing.

Although progress towards the next golden gate within the naginata is being slow, his progress with Oya and Helena is rapidly evolving within the purple world.

As he only has them to recharge his energy, Helena and Oya are always full of his demonic energy, and that's why they're always sleeping while he's fighting the Leviathan.

Also, the creature's brutal blows always knock Lucien tens and even hundreds of meters away, and he doesn't even notice that with each fight, they move farther and farther north.

Meanwhile, thousands of miles away, the Sea Devil continues sailing at high speed. Madelyn, already exhausted, is still creating powerful wind waves along with the ship's magic sails.

Rose floats to the top of the mainsail, where the cute cat-girl is pushing herself so hard. "Madelyn, you need some rest!"

Sweat runs down her face. "No... I can't stop... Hubby told me to do my best..."

The little vampire points to the horizon behind the ship. "See, you've already made it. Hubby has kept the creature away from us... he's protecting us, so you can rest now."

Madelyn looks back and realizes she can't see anything but the calm water of the southern sea. She can't even see a single cloud in the sky.

She stops creating wind waves and falls because she is so tired. But Rose quickly catches her in midair. "You really need a break."

"It's not a break I need…" Madelyn hugs Rose and starts to cry. "He stayed behind… I know we could face that beast, but I hate to abandon him!!"

Rose floats with Madelyn to the ship deck. "I know how you feel; in fact, we all feel that way. It's not been easy for us, but we have to have faith in our husband."

"Mm… I believe him." Madelyn comments while she can't stop crying.

All of Lucien's wives feel very bad about being separated from him in such a situation. And despite being very worried about him, their connection still feels strong. Deep in their souls, they know he's fine and determined.

Kayla can almost feel their sadness, which makes her sad too. But she sees little Ko, looking back with a confident expression.

She approaches the little tigress and also looks at the horizon. "You seem pretty confident in him… is he your dad?"

"My dad?" Ko has an idea of what a dad means, but she's unsure if Lucien is her dad.

"Well, dad is someone who loves you a lot and protects you…" Kayla tries to explain. "He's also your mommy's husband."

"Hmmm..." Ko's eyes sparkle as she thinks about Lucien. "So Lucien is Ko's dad!"

"I think so." Kayla smiles and pats Ko's cue ears.

While the girls look at the horizon together, Amelia appears on the deck and calls Kayla. "Come to the captain's cabin."

She wastes no time and heads to the captain's cabin, where she finds Eve, the sins, and other girls talking about their next steps.

As soon as she sees Kayla, Donna quickly asks. "How long before we get to her home??? We need to talk to Phoenix for her to help Luci!!"

"Do you really believe there is a Phoenix in this world??" Kayla asks. "I know you're worried about your brother, but I already told you that the Phoenix is just a legend, a symbol for my clan."

Donna feels like punching Kayla in the face or anything else to unleash her anger. But Eve quickly holds her back as she looks at Kayla with a sorry expression.

"Just tell us how far away we are from your clan; we need to talk to your grandmother," Eve explains.

Kayla approaches the magic table, which is now showing a large area of the sea due to Maggie focusing her energy on that.

"There are still no islands in our territory in sight, so I think we still need a few more days to reach my clan. This journey would take more than a week, but this ship is really fast." She explains.

The girls make concerned expressions, and Eve looks at her sisters. "Don't worry, Luci can be fine inside the purple world for many days."

"What if he tries to face the creature?" Sophia asks.

"We have to go faster!" Amelia comments.

Eve nods. "Alright, we'll make it. Luci is giving us this opportunity, and we'll go back for him as soon as we have a plan."

She tries to look calm and confident, but everyone can see that she is also very concerned for Lucien's safety. The siblings could never imagine that they would face such a powerful enemy in their life.

"What is it?" Maggie thinks aloud as she sees something appear on the magic map.

The girls quickly look at the map and see several dots appear near the right edge of the table. Kayla looks closely at the position of the small dots and smiles when she recognizes a formation.

"It's my grandmother!" She exclaims.

"Are you sure?" Envy asks.

She nods. "Yes, my clan uses specific formations to navigate in groups, so other ships of ours that have magic maps can recognize them from far distances. This formation, in particular, is used when the Clan Head is leading the group... And as my mother is missing, I'm sure that's my grandmother, coming to rescue me."

"How far are we from them?" Eve asks Maggie.

"I'm not sure..." She replies. "I still don't know exactly how this map works. I think maybe eight hundred miles or something."

Sloth materializes her body and talks to Maggie. "Climb the highest part of the ship and use your vision ability."

"Mm." Maggie quickly goes to the highest sail of the ship along with Kayla and other girls.

Only Lucien's Sisters and the Sins stay in the captain's cabin at Eve's request. They look at each other, and then Pride materializes her body while having a thoughtful expression on her face.

"We don't know what we're going to face next..." She comments in an authoritative. "We have to be prepared."

The girls nod, and Wrath looks at Sloth. "How sure are you that Phoenix is with these people?"

Sloth shakes her head. "I can't tell if the Phoenix is with them, but Kayla's fire affinity is certainly a gift from a very powerful creature, probably the Phoenix, so at least her clan is bonded to the creature somehow."

"Such a creature could help us, right?" Sophia asks. "I mean, the Phoenix must be strong enough to face the Leviathan, doesn't she?"

"The main question isn't how strong she is..." Envy comments. "But why would she help us? We're a threat to her disguise, so she's more likely to want to kill us."

"We cannot really predict what she will do." Sloth comments.

Pride makes a determined expression. "Whatever it is, she can't just kill us. If she's really that old, she must know we're immortal."

"But my siblings and the other girls aren't!" Eve quickly comments. After what Lucien did to protect them, she feels responsible for all his wives and wouldn't let any harm happen to them.

"I didn't mean to let her kill you." Pride responds. "The point is, if she understands that we're as immortal as she is, she knows that killing us would only make us come back here with an army of demons and destroy her peaceful life."

"So, what's the plan exactly???" Donna grows more and more impatient.

Pride doesn't look comfortable while she explains. "We'll coerce her. If we threaten her peaceful life here, she'll agree to help us with the Leviathan, but we can't let her know we're here for her until we rescue Lucien."

While the girls nod, Pride continues. "We have to do everything possible to help Lucien first, and then we will think about what to do next."

Envy smiles. "That's something all the women in this ship agree on. We can't move on without our leader after all..."

Although Envy is clearly provoking Pride by saying that Lucien is their leader, she doesn't get upset. For the first time in such a long time, she is more concerned about someone other than herself, which is also scary for her.

*Knock* *Knock*

Knocks on the door are heard, and then Daisy enters the room. She is also very concerned about Lucien and feels bad for having abandoned him in a situation where he would never abandon her.

"Due to the high speed of our ship and theirs, we'll meet Kayla's grandmother soon." She explains and then looks at Eve and Pride. "Do we have a plan yet?"

Pride smiles confidently. "We are going to threaten an ancient immortal creature."

Daisy makes a concerned expression. "This can't go wrong, right?"

"..." The girls don't respond, but they feel that doing that without Lucien seems a lot more dangerous than it should. Well, they all got used to trusting him to do the impossible, and now they have to do that for his sake.


Inside another luxury ship, a woman looks at a magic map similar to the one in the Sea Devil. Her eyes glow gray as she notices a single dot appear on the blue surface of the table.

"Quick! Let Lady Maya know there's a ship heading our way!" The girl talks to her assistant, a young boy.

The boy leaves that room and quickly runs towards the deck of the ship. Once there, he approaches a woman standing in the center of the deck. Just by approaching her, the boy already feels the air getting excessively hot, and it's even difficult to breathe.

The woman known as Lady Maya is 1.73 meters tall, has a balanced body with sexy curves, and long blonde long hair that has a mystical fire-red glow.

Her face looks perfect and can make most women jealous. Her lips also have a mystical red glow, as well as her eyes, which look like living flames.

"Lady Maya... there's a ship..." The boy gets nervous when talking to the most respected woman in his clan. His great-grandmother told him many stories of how that woman faced all kinds of creatures in the Blue Star and raised their clan from the ashes like the legendary Phoenix is reborn.

"..." The woman continues looking at the horizon ahead with a stern expression. She can feel deep in her heart that something is coming, and somehow, she knows that it will affect her people in a significant way.

Before the boy tries to talk to Maya again, a girl pulls him aside. "Hey boy, what's going on?"

That girl doesn't look older than sixteen and looks gentle as an angel. She is 1.61 meters tall, an overly sexy body for someone of her short height and age, which can rival fully developed women.

She has quirky short hair that's half pink and half blue, as well as her big glowing eyes. Her smile is so enchanting that she can hypnotize any man, just as it is making the poor boy have more difficulty to breath.

"A ship... is coming..." The boy tries to explain as his heart beats so fast.

The girl looks at Maya, and she starts to speak in a stern tone as she continues to look at the horizon. "Something strange is coming… warn the others to get ready, Naomi."

"Yes, master." The girl bows respectfully before she quickly follows Maya's orders.

Naomi looks calm, but her heart also starts beating faster as she hears a voice echo inside her mind.

'I've never seen this woman look concerned so far... whatever's coming, we must devour them! I need a good meal.'

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