Lust Knight

Chapter 295 - Glorious bloody combat (1/2)

Chapter 295 - Glorious bloody combat (1/2)

Lucien and Pride fly to the front of Angela's floating platform, and he asks again. "Is everyone really alright?"

The girls nod while Eve looks at Lucien with a concerned expression. "Did you get hurt?"

Lucien looks to the side and smiles at Pride. "No. Pride protected me with her light."

Eve is no less angry with Pride for attacking Lucien first, but now is not the time to think about that. "Who attacked us?"

Pride looks up while thinking aloud. "That... looked like angelic energy."

"Angels?" Lucien, Amelia, L.u.s.t, and Envy can't help but think about the black feather they found a few weeks ago.

Then at the same time that they exclaim, another bright light comes from the sky, not an attack aimed at someone, but a different blast of light, aimed at the ground.


Still, Pride uses her light to defend their group, and as soon as the light disappears, everyone can see a group of people on the ground and others flying in front of them with big grey wings.

Among the six people flying, the man in front of them is the same height as Lucien, has fair skin, shaved hair, wears heavy silver armor, and looks at them with a hostile expression.

"I didn't expect that coming into this inferior world to investigate a supposed crystal mine would give me any fun. But it looks like I was wrong." The angel smiles provocatively at Pride.

Pride also smiles provocatively. "I also thought I wouldn't have fun. It's a good thing we met, isn't it?"

Before the tall angel responds, a woman, also with gray wings beside him, wearing a hood that covers her entire face, speaks in a low tone to Pride. "Dirty demon. All the fun you'll have is your head ripped out of your disgusting body."

"Hahahaha... poor demon. She is not to blame for being born that way." The other angels start to laugh.

"..." Pride shows no reaction to angels as she has already been insulted hundreds of times that way and has always made her enemies stop pay for that.

But Lucien can't help being perplexed. Despite having his share of anger at Pride for the way she treated his family, he certainly finds her look incredibly beautiful and unique.

And hearing that angel call Pride disgusting makes his blood boil. Lucien looks at the angels with a mocking expression.

"So, you guys wait for us to fight until we are tired because you are afraid to face us in a fair fight, then try a stupid sneak attack, and now instead of fighting, you want to launch meaningless offenses at us? I must say, I am impressed." Lucien also claps sarcastically.

The angels lose in their provocative smiles when they hear the harsh truth that they were afraid to face him and Pride at full power.

Another female angel, next to the angel leader, this one with heavy armor too, 1.7 meters tall, black hair, and an average look, flies towards Lucien while squeezing the handle of her heavy hammer.

"I will make you swallow that offense back!" The female angel looks really furious.

"Amara!!" The angel leader holds that female angel's arm. "Don't act impulsively. They are in the sky realm."

While Amara tries to calm down, the other female angel, the one with the hood, speaks. "No, they are not. Their aura was powerful, but now I'm sure it was a temporary state. The demon and that other woman are in the ninth layer of Earth Realm while the boy is actually still in the fifth layer of the Mortal Realm."

"Impossible!" The angel leader does not doubt Pride and Eve's power, but Lucien's. "Their blows were radiating a powerful aura, which we feel even from outside the atmosphere..."

"Are you sure, June?" He asks the woman in the hood.

"Yes, Neoc." June nods while still looking at Lucien under her hood.

While the group of angels talks, Lucien forms a plan of attack with his group using mental communication.

L.u.s.t materialized into his soul and quickly began to report the power of the angels to him: Of the six-winged angels, the leader, Neoc, is in the eighth layer of Earth Realm, June and Amara in the sixth, and of the other three male angels, one is in the fourth and two in the first.

The group that landed on the ground are about five hundred angels still without wings, though they are all in the Mortal Realm, from layers three to the ninth.

Lucien quickly explains the plan to his wives. 'As soon as I give the signal, Marie will join Lena's group, taking Cassidy, Kylee, Rebecca, Olivia, and Mia to help Eve's troops face the angels on the ground.'

He continues. 'Ghilanna and Amelia must stay on Angela's floating platform with Eve. Ghilanna, don't save arrows. Amelia, you must protect Angela as they will try to attack her.'

'Aria, and Ella, you should not try to face the angels directly, but to fly around us and wait for a good opportunity to use your sonic ability.'

'Rose, my dear, I will need you to use your earth magic to protect your sisters from their light attacks.'

Lucien finishes explaining his plan and feels that something is missing as he is not able to communicate mentally with Eve and Pride. However, he doesn't know if he could really tell his big sis or Pride what to do.

As he finished talking to his wives quickly, Lucien looks at Pride.

She smiles and nods at him.

Lucien does not need mental communication to understand that she is ready to fight, even though she has used a lot of her energy fighting him.

He is clearly not at his best, but while he fought Pride, she was using her demonic energy to fight at the Sky Realm level, while despite the angels being a dangerous group, the strongest of them is still in the late Earth Realm.

So, although it looks like a challenging fight, Lucien is sure they can win, mainly because Pride is at his side.

He also nods, with a confident smile, at Pride.

Then he looks again at the angels, who are arrogantly talking about them. "Hey, do you want us to leave you alone to plan this better? Maybe you need more time for another sneak attack."

The angels scowl as Amara tries to fly towards Lucien, but Noec continues to hold her, so she complains. "Let me go, brother! I wanna smash his pretty face!!"

Neoc also wants to attack Lucien's group, but after his surprise attack failed, he got hesitant. Although Lucien's group doesn't seem like much strong, let Eve's troops, Neoc is still impressed by Lucien and Pride's fight.

But of course, he is still confident that they can win because his group has six Earth Realm warriors, while Lucien's only four. Well, they don't know about Envy, within Amelia's soul and the fact that L.u.s.t can also boost her power using demonic energy.

Then Neoc releases Amara. "Attack, now!!"

As Amara flaps her wings hard and flies towards Lucien with her heavy hammer, ready to smash everything in front of her, Neoc points both hands at Pride and shoots rays of Light using his light mana.

The other angels also shoot rays of light mana at Lucien's group, except for June, who flies down towards Lucien, trying to flank him while Amara attacks from the front.

Pride again uses her light to block the light attacks, but Rose quickly raises a floating wall of stone in front of the girls, and Envy covers that wall with demonic energy.

While blocking the angels' light attacks, Pride looks at Lucien. He smiles sarcastically. "They seem to enjoy ranged attacks."

Pride laugh. "Yeah, but those girls are coming for you, pretty face."

Lucien laughs at the double meaning of Pride's words. Then he materializes his golden naginata by surprising her, who quickly recognizes that weapon.

[Aylin's naginata?!] However, Pride remains focused on the fight, or rather, she wants to finish it off quickly and keep digging into Lucien's secrets.

Lucien nods to Pride, so she removes the light shield.


As soon as Pride removes her light from Lucien's front, he sees Amara's heavy hammer descending towards his head. He quickly raises the shaft of his golden naginata, blocking the hammer and creating a loud metallic sound.

Amara is upset that Lucien easily blocks her attack, but she already expected that.

June flies from down to behind Lucien, her hands already glowing with light mana.

She shoots rays of light towards Lucien's back.

Pride prepares to block, but she notices Neoc and the other angels coming towards them. If she blocks June's attack, she will open their guard for the other angels.

But they are not fighting alone.

L.u.s.t materializes her body behind Lucien and uses her whip to wraps June's wrists, turning her light attack to the side.

Envy materializes in front of June with her soul weapons in hand, two long black daggers, shining with a strange gray light.

June is taken aback by the fact that L.u.s.t and Envy appear out of nowhere. [Teleport?!?!]

As Envy tries to sticks her daggers into June's belly, a bright white light shines as her hood is ripped by the wave force generated, showing shiny chainmail covering June's body.

The glow of June's magical chainmail repels Envy's daggers as she flies backward, but Envy and L.u.s.t don't give up, flying after her.

Pride has not yet materialized her soul weapon but instead blocks the attacks of the three weakest winged-angels using her bare hands.

"HAAAA!!!" Neoc flies over the other angels towards Pride, launching an attack with his heavy hammer, very similar to that of his sister, Amara.

Lucien, still blocking Amara's hammer, is concerned about Pride facing four enemies, but then he notices Eve jumping over them.

Eve jumps on Neoc's back and grabs both of his wings by the base, shocking him and causing him to lose balance.

"What? Aaaahhh!!!" He screams, but now in pain as Eve squeezes his wings, using her incredible strength.

Eve is not only stronger than Neoc because she is a layer above him, but mainly because of her demonic energy and the benefits of the bloody rose, so Neoc can do nothing but struggle in the air trying to get rid of her.

Lucien laughs as he sees his big sis tearing the poor angel's feathers off. He quickly speaks to his wives mentally. 'Go, help the troops on the ground.'

Part of the girls flies towards the ground on Marie's floating platform while the other girls remain on Angela's floating platform.

L.u.s.t and Envy fight June while Pride confronts the three other angels.

Meanwhile, Lucien and Amara still don't move an inch from the place. He continues to block her hammer but using only his original demonic energy, which is enough to balance his strength with hers, a person of the Earth Realm sixth layer.

He smiles as he uses what remains of his mix of energies to boost his strength even more.

Lucien pushes Amara back with a quick movement and then attacks with naginata.


Amara quickly blocks the blade of the naginata with the shaft of her big hammer.

'Now!' Lucien sends a mental message to Aria, Ella, and Rose.


Aria and Ella use their piercing scream to attack Amara while Rose begins to cover the angel's body with stone layers.

[DAMN!!!] Amara panics as she can't deal with so many attacks.

As soon as she tries to break the rocks appearing around her body, she opens her guard, and Lucien tries to pierce her chest with his naginata.


But the blade of the naginata is also blocked by a bright light when it touches Amara's armor.

While Lucien's naginata is pushed back due to the impact, he dematerializes it and summons his katana, starting a new attack at super speed.

*Bam* *Clang*

The katana's blade is also blocked by the light from Amara's armor, but Lucien sees scratches and cracks starting to appear on Its chest.

Bam* *Clang* Bam* *Clang* Bam* *Clang*

He attacks several times, using his original demonic energy, then focuses all his remaining mix of energies in one last and most powerful attack, aiming at Amara's neck.

Amara is overwhelmed by so many attacks and is unable to block Lucien's katana.


Lucien's katana blade breaks the enchantment of Amara's armor and makes a deep cut in Amara's neck.

Amara immediately drops her heavy hammer and tries to stop the bleeding on her neck with her hands.

But Lucien flies behind her and materializes his naginata in his hands in front of Amara's body before pulling it back, strangling her with the naginata's shaft, preventing her from covering her wound and still opening her cut further while forcing her head back.

Lucien gets impressed by Amara's resistance and continues to force his naginata backward as she struggles to break free.

Then he turns around while sending a mental message to Angela to approach her floating platform from them.

As soon as Lucien reaches the platform's range, Amelia shoves her double blades into Amara's chest, completely breaking the armor defensive encas.e.m.e.nt and piercing her body.

Amelia opens Amara's chest, showing her heart still beating as the tough angel refuses to die.

Then Amelia rips Amara's heart out with her hand as she sees the light leave the angel's eyes.

"NOO!!" June screen as she sees Amara dying while Amelia holds her bloody heart in her hands.

Amelia smiles at Lucien as she raises Amara's heart.

Eve, still breaking Neoc's wings, notices what has happened and forces Neoc to look in Amelia's direction, just to see her sister's heart out of her lifeless body.

"SISTERRR!!!" Neoc screams as he realizes the mistake they made by attacking Lucien's group.


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