Lust Knight

Chapter 246 - Girls in the Front

Chapter 246 - Girls in the Front

"HAAA!!!" After being driven into the air by Astrid, Cassidy makes an incredible horizontal strike with her greatsword, aiming at the Light Empire soldiers.


She creates a wind slash, which cuts armors and even blessed shields in half, killing fifty soldiers at once.

"My time!!" After Cassidy lands on the ground, Astrid descends from the sky in a furious charge after using her wings to fly.


She punches the ground, more precisely, a poor soldier who doesn't even understand how he died, and then creates a wave of force that pushes soldiers and rocks several meters back.

Those soldiers and rock hit other soldiers, and so almost forty of them dies, also in a single move.

The most obvious way to describe the strength of Cassidy and Astrid is overwhelming power.

There is no comparison between two of Lucien's most powerful wives, boosted by his love, and people from the Zero Realm.

Even if they are S or SS-rank, they will be destroyed quickly by these beautiful and fatal ladies.

Cassidy rests her greatsword's blade on her shoulder while raising her hand.


Then Astrid makes a hi-five with her. "Nice!"

After all the shit that happened with the adventurers and mercenaries, Cassidy and Astrid thought they would never be together on a battlefield again.

But here they are, stronger than ever, fighting not only side by side, but also together with their beloved husband. Perfect is a description of their feelings now.

While Cassidy and Astrid enjoy this moment, a strong wave of wind shakes their hair while Mia runs beside them.

Swift and precise, calm and fatal, that way, Mia runs between the soldiers of the Light Empire who fall dead after she cuts their necks and pierces their vital points using the weaknesses of their armor.

An antisocial princess who had to learn to become a merciless mercenary in order to help her mother.

Mia no longer cared to dirt her hands with blood before she met Lucien, so she doesn't mind taking thousands of lives from their enemies in battle.

Creating waves of wind while running at super-speed, she has already managed to kill many soldiers since the battle started, being praised and envied by Lucien's troops.


Ella always remains above Mia, using her powerful cry to attack soldiers around her friend.

The sound force of Ella and Aria's screams seriously damages the soldiers' auditory systems, creating internal bleeding in their heads and even throwing them to the ground.

Of course, both harpy-girls also make charges, constantly attacking soldiers with their swords.

Although they are not as 'fatal' as others of Lucien's wives, they are also killing many soldiers without mercy; after all, the Light Empire has always hunted and killed their people.

Thus the combat remains frenzy in the easternmost part of the battlefield.

Lucien's troops fight around the two pairs of mother and daughter and Astrid while the light Empire soldiers cannot even properly react because they are panicking because they are separated from their main army by the girls' big magic wall.

In the area between Cassidy's group and the center of the battlefield, the situation is no better for the Light Empire soldiers as Rose, Neola, Madelyn, and Oya are fighting in perfect cooperation.

The little vampire is not yet in the second layer of the Mortal Realm, but she never stops showing everyone her incredible talent and control over the earth element.

Maintaining a barrier bigger than Lena and Marie's, Rose protects the front of her group and Cassidy's group too.

Still, she also keeps her floating platform in constant motion to give Neola more positioning advantages and even creates small earthquakes on the ground to help Oya.

And Rose does that all with a beautiful smile on her face as she knows that Lucien, even far away, is noticing her hard work and mentally praising her for it.

She always liked to receive praise and recognition from her parents, especially from her mother.

But with Lucien, the situation is different. Rose knows that her 'sisters,' that is, Lucien's other wives, are all very talented even without having the advantage of being a vampire, so getting Lucien's recognition and praise is even more important to Rose's pride.

While Rose continues moving the floating platform across the sky while sitting in her stone throne, Neola laughs and praises Madelyn.

With Madelyn's help, Neola's every arrow is in the direction of the wind. In fact, Madelyn's magic helps Neola even more, making her arrows even make curves in the air, avoiding shields and hitting their target on the weak points of their armor.

Unlike most of the other girls from L who joined Lucien's troops, Madelyn never killed anyone directly.

So, cooperating with Neola like that, despite being hypocritical, helps Madelyn to share the burden of the deaths, which doesn't really leave her with remorse as they are the soldiers of the Light Empire.

Also, Madelyn is not totally focused on the deaths happening below them. Of course, her body is focused on helping Neola, but in her mind, Madelyn keeps praising the other mage girls, especially Rose, who is beside her.

The other mages on the battlefield also feel a lot of respect and admiration for Rose, but Madelyn is very close to her, seeing her sitting calmly on her throne while doing several things with extreme perfection.

This power... Madelyn knows that Rose is talented, but this incredible power of hers and Lucien's other wives was given to them by him, or rather, generated together with him in a way that Madelyn understands well, seeing and listening to it all days in their home.

Although Madelyn is enjoying developing her relationship with Lucien slowly, she can't help wanting to start getting really powerful soon, that is, accepting all the pleasure and love that Lucien can give her, mentally and, of course, physically as well.

On the ground, Oya continues to kill Light Empire soldiers easily with her big large and sharp claws and fangs. Although mama tigress likes to fight, not having Lucien mounted on her, or at least beside her, makes it less fun.

Still, she knows that she will be rewarded by Lucien later for killing their enemies. Also, Oya recognizes the sun symbol on the Light Empire soldiers' armor and shields.

She knows that they were the people who chased her and Ko in the past, which makes killing them even better.

The central group of Lucien's army has only one of his wives besides the group of mages. But that doesn't make them weak as Maggie is leading the group without any problems.

In fact, Maggie is very happy to be able to lead her group alone. She is proud to lead Lucien's troops as his wife.

Using her vision abilities to make sure that each part of the barrier is okay, Maggie is always giving orders to the mages at her side, while also feeding the barrier with her mana and even attacking the Light Empire soldiers with fireballs, and her new favorite, firebirds.

Like all Lucien's other troops, not only the mages around Maggie but also the infantry troops follow all her commands. Having a wise and powerful leader is very good for the troops.

They have total confidence in Lucien's wives, not only because they receive direct orders from him but also because they are exceptional women.

In the two westernmost areas of the battlefield, the situation is peculiar.

Jeanne, Lorelai, Kylee, Anne, Rebecca, and Ghialanna know about the extra competition attitude that Marie always has with Lena.

And since all Lucien's girls naturally always compete with each other, it is normal for them to create groups sometimes.

So, the girls in Marie and Lena's groups started competing with each other as well as the sisters, more directly, of course, in a respectful and healthy way.

On the one hand, Lorelai and Jeanne try to kill as many Light Empire soldiers as possible, while on the other, Kylee and Anne also try their best.

Rebecca didn't want to make a 'group' that way, but Marie managed to convince her that in order to get more attention from Lucien, sometimes it is necessary to stand out more than their sisters.

Marie clearly has an advantage for having more Lucien's wives by her side, but because Lena is alone on her floating platform, now a big icebird, she can do things that Marie can't while helping Ghilanna to fly above the battlefield.

And Lena uses that advantage well. She flies around the sky on top of her icebird while firing big ice spikes at the Light Empire soldiers.

Although Lucien's wives have a very considerable mana capacity in the Mortal Realm and are still incredibly boosted by Lucien's demonic energy, they don't have infinite mana.

And by making so many attacks while maintaining her part of the barrier, Lena will clearly run out of mana before Marie.

But Marie does not exactly know if that would be good for her as everyone knows that as soon as Lena runs out of mana, Lucien will appear beside her to help her 'recover' mana, in a way that all the girls love.

So, Marie doesn't know whether to act like Lena and spend her mana quickly by attacking the Light Empire soldiers faster, or to act like a 'good' girl and not give Lucien more 'problems.'

Meanwhile, Ghilanna, next to Marie, is not saving energy. Although her nature abilities are very good at healing, Lucien's troops, in cooperation with his wives, are massacring the Light Empire soldiers without suffering damage.

Even though it is almost impossible for any of the girls to be hurt, every wound is being of the less severe possible, and it is being healed quickly by Lucien's demonic energy and life mana that is still in the troops' bodies after the last incredible boosting session.

So, Ghilanna is using her nature mana to charge her arrows with energy. These charged arrows are like the one she shot at Lucien and Rose when they fled Portgreen.

Of course, now being much more powerful than before, Ghilanna manages to fire many charged arrows, pushing several Light Empire soldiers to the air with each arrow.

On the ground, Anne and Kylee further improve their bonds of friendship, fighting side by side. There is no competition between them and just the desire to fight well to be rewarded by Lucien later.

While Kylee spins her great halberd, cutting soldiers in half and sending others flying backward by the strong wind force generated by each of her massively mighty attacks, Anne acts like Mia, swift and agile as she runs between the soldiers, killing them quickly with her sharp saber.

Not only Anne and Kylee but Rebecca is also excited about the battle. She never liked to fight, but before, she would only fight to survive, and now, she is fighting the enemies of her family, that is, to protect those she loves.

Also, like Madelyn, Rebecca realizes that Lucien's demonic energy has made her very stronger, but that is only a small portion of the power of his other wives.

And of course, she also can't help wanting to start getting even stronger, that is, doing everything the other girls do with Lucien.

In Lena's group, as she flies through the sky, Jeanne and Lorelai form more bonds of friendship by fighting side by side.

Jeanne clearly has leadership abilities, which makes Lucien's troops very efficient and happy under her command.

And Lorelai also has a leadership attitude, mainly because of her positive and active personality.

But Lorelai and Jeanne have no problem working together or leading the troops together; on the contrary, they are getting along better and better as both are kind women who share the love for the same man.

Not only at the frontline, but the groups of adventurers, mercenaries, and Lucien's male troops, are also getting excellent results in the battle.

Of course, even with the amazing leadership of Olivia and Scarlett, the adventurers and mercenaries were still suffering injuries. Some of their wounds are fatal, while others can be healed by their healers mages.

Anyway, on any part of Lucien's army, his wives and troops are fighting in perfect cooperation and also thinking about him.

While part of their motivation is to receive rewards from Lucien, what really motivates them to fight so well, is the way he loves them and will always fight with all his strength for them as they always want to do for him.

Thus, Lucien is not fighting alongside an army, but his lovers.


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