Loved By An Older Man

Chapter 1163 - 1163 The Skyrocketing Votes

1163 The Skyrocketing Votes

The way Hu Lei and Hu Jing got along sometimes made people wonder if they were real siblings.

However, Hu Lei and Hu Jing would sometimes care for each other.

“You brat, I advise you not to say anything.” Hu Lei was lying on the hospital bed with his legs crossed. He said disdainfully: “You shouldn’t have left the competition so rashly. If you had continued, you might have been able to become a girl group member. At that time, you could have brought a lot of benefits to the family, but in the end, you failed to live up to expectations and gave up on the competition.”

“It’s none of your business. I signed up for the competition. If I want to continue the competition, I can continue. If I want to quit, I can quit.” Hu Jing was a little angry, and her good mood from getting the money from Sun Miao was gone.

“I can’t be bothered with you. Hurry up and pay the money at the front desk. Otherwise, they’ll come to ask for money again in a few days.” Hu Lei urged Hu Jing to quickly pay the hospital fees.

Hu Jing said unwillingly: “How many days have you been living here? The doctor said you’re fine, what are you still doing here? Don’t you know it’s a VIP room? Do you know how much it costs to spend a night? We don’t have any pocket money now, and the hospital fees for the past few days were all earned by me a few years ago. You’re still here shamelessly asking me to spend money for you, do you have no shame?”

“I’m your brother. Don’t you know that you’re being disgraceful by saying that?” Hu Lei was not happy, but he still rolled over and got up, ready to go through the discharge procedures.

Hu Jing was right. No matter what, he was a man. It was indeed embarrassing to ask his own sister for money.

After settling the discharge procedures, the brother and sister went home.

Hu Wei wasn’t around, so there were only two nannies in the house. One was in charge of cleaning and the other was in charge of cooking.

As soon as Hu Lei came back, he went upstairs to his room to sleep. Hu Jing sat in the living room and checked on the ‘battle situation’ of the Internet Water Army.

There were more and more posts on the internet defaming Jiang Yu, and some of them were fabricated by the troll army. For example, Jiang Yu often smoked and drank in private, or she had been in prison, and so on. There were all kinds of content.

Even Hu Jing felt a little uncomfortable when she saw it, because this fabrication was really a little too ridiculous.

However, Sun Miao was very satisfied with this. She even hoped that the internet trolls could make up more of the story. She transferred the money to Hu Jing in a good mood and said: “Well done. Tell the internet trolls to write and make up whatever they want. The more vicious the story, the more money I’ll give. And the votes, the more the better. My Sun family doesn’t lack your 100000 or 200000 Yuan, so you can do whatever you want.”

Even though Hu Jing felt that it wouldn’t be good for anyone if this matter continued, Sun Miao was really giving them too much money.

Therefore, in the face of money, Hu Jing retracted her thoughts and conveyed Sun Miao’s request to the group of Internet trolls.

When sister Xia saw those posts, she was so angry that her lungs were about to explode.

“What’s going on with that internet trolls? It’s fine that you smoke and drink, but now you’re even talking about tax evasion?” Sister Xia was furious. “Who did this!”

“It’s either Sun Miao or Hu Jing, or the two of them worked together.” Jiang Yu said, “Other than the two of them, I don’t know who else can come up with such an outrageous rumor.”

“What are the two of them trying to do?” Sister Xia was getting impatient. “They’ve been provoking us all this time and have clearly been slapped in the face every time. Why are you still so stubborn?”

Jiang Yu said lazily: “People always have the mentality of getting lucky. If everyone didn’t believe this, then there must be one thing that everyone believed. For example, why can’t everyone believe that I really did evade taxes?”

“We can’t just let this matter rest.” Sister Xia said, “We must think of a way to shut that group of people up.”

“It’s simple. Just release the tax records of the company and studio over the past few years, and the rumors will be dispelled on their own.”

Jiang Yu looked at her hands casually and said: “This matter is very easy to solve, but there’s another difficult matter. Initially, Sun Miao’s votes had been at the bottom because of her lip-syncing, but now, she had shot up to the middle. That’s why I think that the main purpose of these internet trolls are to vote for Sun Miao. They’re just trying to defame me.”

“They’re really shameless. She lip-syncs and doesn’t know how to dance, yet she still wants to debut? They’re really treating us like fools.”

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