Love Again: Flash Marriage with My Arrogant Sweetheart

Chapter 268 - Sensitive And Fragile Charlotte Ice

Chapter 268 Sensitive And Fragile Charlotte Ice

Xia Luobing had never known that she would be so fragile. Tears fell down her cheeks as she clutched Huo Yunqi’s sleeve with her fingers.

“I didn’t do it on purpose. I just feel so sad.” Xia Luobing murmured. She looked at Yunqi with tears in her eyes. “I’m a little scared.”

Recently, a series of things had happened. Everything had dealt them a heavy blow. She did not dare to imagine that if she and Intoxicated were to change places, would she go crazy?

“I know, I know.” Yunqi Huo had never seen Xia Luobing so fragile before. He reached out and held her in his arms and whispered, “Ice, we’ll have plenty of time together in the future, I promise.”

Xia Luobing lay in Yunqi’s arms and cried for a while. After a while, she raised her head with red eyes and choked up, “You go. I’ll be fine by myself.”

Ever since she was pregnant with this child, she had suddenly become particularly emotional and wanted to shed tears.

“You.” Huo Yunqi rolled over and went to bed, hugging Xia Luobing tightly in his arms, gently kissing her cheek and reproaching her, “How can I leave without worrying about you like this?”

Xia Luobing bit her lips tightly, not letting herself shed more tears. Just now, she was thinking of not becoming a burden to him, so how could she forget now

“You have something to deal with.” Xia Luobing bit her lips, but her fingers hugged Yunqi’s arm, “I…”

Huo Yunqi wrapped his arms around Charlotte and said, “Wait until you fall asleep before I leave.”

“Alright.” Xia Luobing no longer shirked and leaned against Yunqi’s embrace, closing her eyes.

Her breathing was filled with a familiar smell. She felt very at ease, and the restlessness that she had felt before slowly dissipated.

Ten minutes later, Huo Yunqi heard the sound of breathing in his arms. He pulled the blanket and gently covered her. “Bing Bing, I love you. Wait for me.”

He lowered his head and gently kissed her cheek. He left gently. The moment the door was closed, Xia Luobing, who was supposed to be asleep, opened his eyes.

She couldn’t control her emotions, but she knew that the later Yunqi left, the more tired and unsafe it was.

“Huo Yunqi, I love you. Wait for you.”Read more chapters at

She believed that after this incident, they would be able to live a peaceful and happy life.

When Huo Yunqi went downstairs, Ye Shaochen was already waiting downstairs. He could tell that he had just coaxed Huo Yunxi out.

“Big brother, let’s go.” Ye Shaochen shrugged helplessly, “I have already rearranged the people here, there will be no problem.”

Huo Yunqi nodded, “Alright.”

According to his understanding of Feng Shuo, he shouldn’t do anything to harm Luo Bing, but Zhang Ning and Zhuang Xinran might not. Especially Zhang Ning, he was already at the end of his road, and he was afraid that he would do something extremely vicious.

“Zhuang Xinran and Feng Shuo have met more and more times.” Ye Shaochen had just received a report from his subordinates and unconsciously frowned, “What do you think they want to do?”

As Huo Yunqi walked out, he said, “Bring him back. Stop staring.”

“Why?” Ye Shaochen’s eyes widened in surprise, his face full of confusion. “Big brother, didn’t you say that you should keep an eye on these two people in case they do anything?”

“They’ve already discovered it.” Huo Yunqi opened the car door and sat inside. Ye Shaochen followed suit and closed the car door.

Wei Hai slowly started the car and gradually abandoned the manor behind him.

“Discovered? How is that possible?” Ye Shaochen was surprised, but he believed Huo Yunqi’s judgment. He was a little depressed, “What should we do next?”

Things had gotten to this point, and it was getting more and more complicated, so there was no turning back.

This time, it had to be completely resolved. No one would be able to endure more than this.

“Continue to send people to find Mom and Duo Duo.” Huo Yunqi’s eyes darkened as he said indifferently, “Also, help me find someone.”

It was time for him and Feng Shuo to settle their debts properly. It had been too long since seven years ago.

“Alright, I understand.” Ye Shaochen nodded solemnly, and the pressure on his body became heavier.

They all smelled something unusual from the air. It shouldn’t be long before there will be a contest.

The next morning, Zhuang Xinran appeared in Huo Yunqi’s office. She sat straight on the sofa and smiled coquettishly at Huo Yunqi, her eyes rolling, ” Yunqi.”Read more chapters at L

“What is it?” Huo Yunqi put down the document in his hand and said coldly, “Have you discussed the countermeasures with Feng Shuo?”

Zhuang Xinran’s face was not embarrassed at all. Instead, he smiled even more happily, “Yunqi, you are as smart and wise as before.”

She loved the way he was scheming and pointing at the rivers and mountains.

But his eyes were filled with Xia Luobing. Every time she thought of this, she couldn’t help but want to go crazy.

However, he believed that it wouldn’t be long before the world would no longer have Xia Luobing, and Huo Yunqi would belong to her forever and ever.

“I can see that you and Feng Shuo are cooperating very happily.” Huo Yunqi said coldly, “So, why are you here today?”

Zhuang Xinran supported her chin with one hand and shook her head helplessly, “Yunqi, you should know my feelings for you.”

Huo Yunqi’s expression turned even colder when he heard this. He would believe that Zhuang Xinran had come to catch up with him on purpose.

“The reason why I’m cooperating with Feng Shuo is also because of your neglect of me.” Zhuang Xinran sighed in grievance. He reached out and cut his long wavy hair. He smiled and said, “As long as you are willing to be with me, you won’t pay any attention to him.”

Huo Yunqi flipped through the materials on the table with his fingers and casually glanced at Zhuang Xinran. The woman in front of him had changed dramatically from seven years ago.

What she said made it hard to tell whether it was true or not. Huo Yunqi could not even immediately determine what her true purpose was.

“You still have five minutes.” Huo Yunqi said coldly, his gaze as sharp as a knife landing on Zhuang Xinran’s body. “After saying what you want to say, leave this place immediately.”

Zhuang Xinran straightened her clothes and stood up. She swayed in front of Huo Yunqi and put her hands on her desk. She smiled and said, “Are you sure you don’t want to consider my suggestion?”

She leaned forward, revealing a beautiful spring light that was as white as a poppy.

“Wei Hai, please take Zhuang Xinran away with you.” Huo Yunqi pressed the insider on the table.

“You really are so heartless.” Zhuang Xinran’s expression suddenly changed. He snorted coldly and took out a document from his bag and threw it on Huo Yunqi’s desk. “Promise me that I will let Old Madame Huo and your daughter come back.”

She raised her chin arrogantly, as if she was determined that Huo Yunqi would accept her offer.

Huo Yunqi opened the page with his slender finger and swiftly scanned it. He already understood Zhuang Xinran’s purpose. He closed the document and threw it aside with a “pa” sound.

“Don’t tell me you really don’t care about their lives?” Zhuang Xinran narrowed his eyes and suddenly smiled, “Even if you pretend not to care, I won’t believe you.”

She knew very well that Huo Yunqi had made great achievements in his career, but he also cared about his family, not to mention his own mother and his own daughter.

“Money is an external item. It is worth it to use QC to exchange for the lives of two relatives.” Zhuang Xinran’s scarlet fingernails pressed down on the table. “Don’t you think so, Yunqi?”

She was obsessed with calling him by his name. Although he never responded, she still felt her heart thump after years of calling him by his name.

“Actually, if you are willing to stay with me, I can immediately break off my cooperation with Feng Shuo.” Zhuang Xinran blurted out, looking at Huo Yunqi with anticipation.

Huo Yunqi looked over coldly and sneered, “Impossible.”

Zhuang Xinran’s expression suddenly changed, as if he had awakened from a beautiful dream. His delicate facial features became extremely ferocious.

“Alright, then let’s follow the treaty.” Zhuang Xinran gritted her teeth and said, “Trading QC for two people will give you three days to think it over.”

After saying that, Zhuang Xinran angrily turned around and left. With a “bang”, he closed the door, as if concealing his sorry state of mind.

“Boss, our people have already followed us.” Wei Hai pushed open the door and entered. He said in a deep voice, “The person sent to find someone sent back the news.”

Huo Yunqi’s eyes tightened as he stared at Wei Hai.

“It is reported that in the hospital in D town, a little girl was injured and hospitalized. Her condition is very critical.” Wei Hai hesitated for a moment before saying, “Our people have already gone over to confirm if it’s Duoduo.”

If possible, he didn’t want it to be Duo Duo, because he didn’t want her to suffer such serious injuries.

But in his heart, he hoped that she was, so that they could bring her back and protect her as soon as possible.

Huo Yunqi’s expression suddenly changed when he heard this, and he said in a deep voice, “Are you sure?”

“It’s still up in the air.” Wei Hai shook his head and paused for a moment before adding, “However, according to the news, the child’s physique is very similar to Duo Duo’s.”

The sun shone in the office, but Wei Hai shuddered.

Huo Yunqi emitted a strong pressure, as if he wanted to freeze the entire world.

“Send someone to investigate carefully.” Huo Yunqi said in a deep voice, his fingers tightly gripping the contract Zhuang Xinran had sent him.

If something unexpected happened to Duo Duo, he would definitely make these people regret coming to this world.

Zhuang Xinran’s face turned ashen as he returned to his residence. Feng Shuo was sitting on the sofa in the living room waiting for him. His handsome face was covered in cold ice, and his body emitted an icy aura of “strangers don’t approach”.

“Why are you here?” Zhuang Xinran threw away the bag in his hand and fiercely poured a glass of water into the sofa. “Damn Huo Yunqi!”

Feng Shuo looked at Zhuang Xinran and said coldly, “Did you catch Duo Duo?”

“Yeah, what’s wrong?” It was not easy for her to find an opportunity to capture those two people.

Fortunately, she still had the power to negotiate with Huo Yunqi. Otherwise, wouldn’t she be very passive now?


A crisp slap echoed in the room. Zhuang Xinran was stunned for a moment. After a while, she suddenly jumped up from the sofa and pointed at Feng Shuo’s nose. “Feng Shuo, are you crazy?” She said angrily.

This man actually dared to hit her!

Who the hell is he!

“If anything happens to Duo Duo, I will make you pay for it!” Feng Shuo’s face was ashen, and his eyes were deep and serene, as if they were demons from hell.

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