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Chapter 751 - The Next In-Charge Of IOI Domestic Server

Chapter 751: The Next In-Charge Of IOI Domestic Server

Pei Qian was more concerned about IOI’s situation.

As the main competitor of GOG globally, IOI’s actions directly determined whether Pei Qian could continue to spend more money on GOG. That was very important.

Ever since Eric left, the person-in-charge of Dayak Corporation and Finger Games in IOI’s local server became Chrétien. There would probably be changes in the policy of promoting IOI.

On the other hand, Pei Qian was looking forward to the changes that Chrétien would bring to IOI’s local server. He wanted to create some challenges for GOG in the domestic market, even though the chances of that happening were not high.

Lin Wan handed him a report. “Boss Pei, these are the few known measures that Chrétien has taken against IOI.”

“Compared to Eric, he has placed his focus on modifying the game’s content. This can be seen from the testing suit’s update plan.”

“The map of the game is relatively smaller. The soldiers’ deny would complement the game, provide 70% of the opponent’s experience and a small amount of money. After many deaths, the head would not be worth much. There would be an additional reward for obtaining the head. That would enrich the map resources…”

“On top of that, he seems to be planning to change IOI’s local server to a lower price. The price of heroes and skins would be lowered to 1/2 to 1 /3 of its original price according to the situation. This is a feasible method that many games platforms have already verified.”

“On top of that, there is news that Finger Games seems to be in contact with some large local games companies, hoping that they would be able to promote localized games. However, they have not decided on which company to work with yet. I will keep an eye on it.”

Pei Qian flipped through the report Lin Wan handed him, his expression as per normal.

Logically, he should be overjoyed. These measures seemed to be in the right direction after all.

Shang Yang Games and Eric had used different methods to promote IOI’s local server problem. However, they had not managed to gain success since the root of the problem was still the game itself.

GOG was Tengda’s in-house game. During the promotion process, it could be modified according to players’ feedback. It could even be used to collect hero creativity from players.

However, the authority to modify IOI was with Finger Games. Finger Games’ main target was the European and American market. They had not been directly affected by GOG in the beginning. Thus, they felt that IOI was perfect and were unwilling to accept Shang Yang Games’ suggestions for modification.

Therefore, IOI remained stagnant while GOG continued to evolve. The gap between the two sides grew larger. The players of IOI were snatched away by GOG, but GOG’s players did not even spare IOI a second glance. As time went by, the strength of both sides were no longer on the same level.

The person-in-charge this time was a high-level executive of Finger Games. He had a lot of say in modifying the game. At the same time, he was someone who truly understood the concept of MOBA games.

What’s more, GOG had already entered the overseas market and was rapidly taking over IOI’s market share. No matter how slow and arrogant Finger Games was, they should have some reaction to it.

What Chrétien had done was to close the gap between IOI and GOG from the bottom up.

Changing the game mechanism so that IOI would be more in line with the gaming habits of ordinary gamers to attract more gamers. Change the IOI local server to a low-priced zone so that IOI would not be too much of a price disadvantage compared to GOG. Cooperate with large domestic factories to use the resources of these large factories to promote the game. At the same time, more and more suitable local advertising strategies could be introduced.

It was hard to say whether these changes were right or wrong. After all, the changes to gameplay would please a portion of people and offend another portion at the same time. It could not be perfect.

Every change was extremely risky. Sometimes, the starting point of some changes was good, but the final outcome was completely unexpected.

However, no matter what, these changes at least proved that Chrétien and Finger Games had gradually realized the root cause of the failure of IOI’s local server and had begun to salvage it.

Of course, Chrétien had been relatively restrained when he made such corrections and did not do too much at one go.

The difficulty level of the game had been reduced to a limited extent. It did not directly cancel the deny but reduced it.

The prices of heroes and skins were not reduced to a minimum. Even if the local server was classified as a low-priced region, the price would not be as low as GOG. It took into account the feelings of other players in the region. If the effect was good, they could continue lowering the price.

What’s more, these changes were done to test the players’ reactions. If the feedback was good, they would be used officially.

IOI was a mature game after all. Any changes would be risky. He had to be cautious.

If GOG had not given them too much pressure, Finger Games would not have taken such a risk.

All in all, being able to recognize the difference between IOI and GOG at the bottom of the game and the selling price, and making the decision to modify it should be good news for IOI’s local server. It would be much more effective than burning money previously.

However, Pei Qian was not optimistic.

That was because GOG’s domestic market share had completely crushed IOI. Even if IOI made changes, would it have immediate results?

Not only did Pei Qian not have confidence in IOI, but he also did not have confidence in his own luck.

Lin Wan asked, “Boss Pei, should we take countermeasures to nip the potential threat in the bud?”

Pei Qian quickly raised his hand to stop her. “No need!”

Don’t mess around. It wasn’t easy for him to create a ruckus. How could we just extinguish him?

He had to give them some space so that they could rest and recuperate. It would be best if he could nurture a tiger to cause trouble. Once IOI recovered and developed, everyone would be able to burn money happily together.

Lin Wan nodded. “Alright, Boss Pei. We’ll follow our original plan to promote GOG overseas. I’ll keep an eye on IOI.”

At the same time, in the HR department.

“There is no need for Tengda Corporation to undergo spiritual building?”

“Don’t care about what the other departments do. Just follow Boss Pei’s instructions strictly in your own department?”


Wu Bin fell into deep thought after hearing Hao Yun’s summary in the gathering yesterday.

Wu Bin was not the person-in-charge of the various departments for the gathering yesterday so he did not attend.

However, Boss Pei had mentioned the Tengda spirit during the gathering after all. The heads of the various departments could not figure out Boss Pei’s true thoughts. Thus, Hao Yun had specially told Wu Bin about this after work today so that he could analyze it.

How could they not be curious even though Boss Pei emphasized that “You don’t have to understand or understand why; you just have to act resolutely”?

There was a profound reason for everything that Boss Pei wanted to do!

These department heads were good at understanding Boss Pei’s intentions. How could they be willing to give up and become tools?

Thus, everyone analyzed and interpreted Boss Pei’s words in depth. They even analyzed and interpreted the deeper meaning behind the words ‘Boss Pei thinks that no one needs to understand’.

In the end, they could not decipher it.

The people in charge felt terrible.

Boss Pei’s seemingly ordinary request might very well contain a new strategy. This strategy might affect the future development of all departments, but everyone knew nothing about it. How could that be?

The strong desire to learn troubled the people in charge. Hao Yun was the same.

Therefore, Hao Yun secretly shared this with Wu Bin.

It was not confidential information after all. Boss Pei had not requested for it to be kept a secret. Wu Bin was a core employee of the HR department with a certain level of experience and had made outstanding contributions. It was reasonable for him to know about it.

Wu Bin frowned and fell silent.

Over the past few days, Boss Pei had been focusing on the Tengda spirit!

First, he changed the test questions for the Tengda spirit and added a part to explain their answers. Then, he asked all the department heads to discuss their understanding of the Tengda spirit at a gathering. Lastly, he said that Tengda did not need spiritual building and that all departments should not influence each other…

There must be something behind this!

Wu Bin’s brain worked quickly. He analyzed Boss Pei’s intentions through his deep understanding of the Tengda spirit.

“Let’s start with the most unreasonable point: Boss Pei said that Tengda does not need spiritual building.”

“How can there be no need for spiritual building? Other companies even had the face to get their employees to memorize a few idioitic slogans. Tengda obviously has such a good business spirit, but they did not promote it. Is that reasonable?”

“By promoting the Tengda spirit, you can increase employees’ productivity, promote the development of the company, obtain more income, and contribute to society. Boss Pei has no reason to reject such a good thing, right?”

“Shaping the culture of the company and promoting the spirit of the company is not wrong in itself. Boss Pei’s objection must mean that something went wrong in the process. He did not do his best at the execution level!”

“Combined with Boss Pei’s previous modification of the Tengda Spirit compatibility test… I boldly speculate that our current interpretation of the Tengda Spirit has gone awry and made Boss Pei unhappy!”

Hao Yun was stunned. “Why do you say that?”

Wu Bin explained, “We all know that the questions for the Tengda Spirit compatibility test are random. There is no need to specially modify them to meet Boss Pei’s requirements.”

“However, Boss Pei still took time out of his busy schedule to edit the questions and added the subjective explanation of each question.”

“This means that Boss Pei is dissatisfied with the high passing rate of the Tengda Spirit compatibility test! He thinks that some employees might have chosen the right answer, but they did not really understand the Tengda Spirit. Instead, they took the shortcut. That’s why Boss Pei added the subjective section, hoping to find the problem.”

Hao Yun’s expression turned serious as he nodded.

Indeed, that was a problem.

At the moment, the elimination rate for the Tengda Spirit compatibility test was too low. The managers of the various departments could not bear to let their hard-earned employees be eliminated. Thus, they would give hints to make it easier for them to pass the test.

However, this way, many people would not be able to pass the test based on their own understanding of the Tengda spirit since they relied on the department heads to fill in the gaps.

Boss Pei had obviously realized this. That was why he asked the new employee to explain why he had chosen this option during the test.

That made sense!

Hao Yun quickly said, “How do you explain what Boss Pei said during the gathering then?”

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