Losing Money to Be a Tycoon

Chapter 45

Chapter 45: Overtime Pay!

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When he saw Boss Pei’s reply, Huang Sibo was elated.

Indeed, their work was recognized by Boss Pei!

That meant that the direction they had decided on was the one that Boss Pei had wanted – Boss Pei was truly farsighted in his ambitions!

Once again, Pei Qian’s image was elevated in the eyes of Huang Sibo.

“Boss Pei, there’s another problem – the name of the game.”

“Bao Xu wants to name it Ocean Stronghold. I think the name sounds a little strange and gaudy but I’m helpless with names and can’t come up with anything good… do you want to suggest anything instead, Boss Pei?”

‘Ocean Stronghold?’

‘Why does that name sound so familiar?’

Pei Qian suddenly recalled. “That’s right! That name sounds like the title of a movie that had failed 1 in my previous life!”

He was sold right away. “Ocean Stronghold is good! Let’s decide on that!”

“Huh? Are you not going to reconsider it, Boss Pei? We’ve still got time to settle on a final name.”

“It’s fine! Ocean Stronghold sounds good! I love it!”

“Sure thing, Boss Pei. I’ll continue with the design draft then,” Huang Sibo could only accept it.

Pei Qian was delighted.

‘Was the name Ocean Stronghold not good? It was awesome!’

‘It sounds absolutely auspicious!’

‘A sure sign that we’ll lose money!’

‘These guys don’t know what it’s like for a 300 million investment to only reap in 100 million in the box office. That’s what we call a super loss!’

‘Since that movie can make such a huge loss, my game can also lose a couple of millions with a similar name, right?’

‘Yes! What a perfect name for our game!’

Pei Qian was thoroughly satisfied with that name.

Tengda Network Technology Co., Ltd., at night.

Everyone from the design team was still hard at work.

Huang Sibo and Bao Xu had been doing overtime for the past two days so that they could rush out the design draft as quickly as possible for the game to enter development phase officially.

Everyone else on the design team was assigned other tasks.

Once the draft was done, every single function would have to be dissected into details and that would be completed by the other members of the design team before eventually concluded by Huang Sibo.

That included the model of the game, weaponry and art resources requirements – all of those required cleaning up.

There were many things to handle.

However, Huang Sibo did not request for the others to stay overtime. Instead, they chose to do it on their own accord and Huang Sibo could not even persuade them to leave!

Since he had no choice, he could only let them be.

Their working attitudes were similar to Huang Sibo’s.

All of them were initially bottom feeders at their respective companies, dealing with repetitive work that required no technical skills and were constantly bullied as well.

However, things were different after they arrived at Tengda.

All of them were in charge of a function to engage in independent designs.

The working environment here was relaxed with an understanding boss and friendly colleagues where everyone fought towards a common goal.

Most importantly, the game that they were creating wasn’t one that was going to exploit money through cheap paywalls, it was something that was going to reinvent the current gameplays!

All of these various factors attributed to their deep passion for their job and thus, they were naturally willing to stay for overtime.

Since he had no choice, he could only let them be.

In any case, their overtime would only last a week. Once the design draft was done and the workload was decreased, things should be fine.

Bao Xu spent the period of time rapidly trying out various FPS games as well, especially the massive overseas productions.

Producing a good story for Ocean Stronghold was no easy task.

To engage the gamers emotionally while immersing them in the story through a single little mute girl would require immaculate design.

“Brother Huang, there’s a story portion that I think is rather decent. I’ll record it and send it to you to see if it could be used,” Bao Xu said.

“Alright, Brother Bao. Received.”

Huang Sibo opened the video that Bao Xu sent and checked through the first person perspective of the plot.

Both he and Bao Xu had spent much effort into creating the story. After all, this was one of the highlights of the game and they had to make it spectacular.

The video that Bao Xu had sent over was indeed great. After all, it was a product from a massive overseas game and the plot was extremely immersive such that Huang Sibo was thoroughly engrossed.

He had not noticed a certain large face passing by the entrance.

Knock, knock!

Pei Qian’s rented apartment rang with knocking sounds.

“Oh? It’s already so late.”

Pei Qian checked the time – it was around 8pm at night.

The only two people who knew about this place were Assistant Xin and Ma Yang. The former should not disturb him at this timing and hence it could only be the latter.

But, what was he here for?

Pei Qian opened the door and indeed he was greeted by Ma Yang’s large face.

“Brother Qian! I’ve discovered something! Huang Sibo and the others are sneakily doing overtime! They’re using the company’s computers!” Ma Yang’s declaration was as though he had discovered a catastrophic secret.

Pei Qian’s face could not help but turn black.

Ma Yang’s emphasis was on them using the company’s computers while Pei Qian’s emphasis was on overtime.

What were they thinking to do overtime?

What was wrong with Huang Sibo – bad habits are hard to kick!

Wasn’t I chasing everyone home just a week ago? Why are you guys still doing overtime despite my reminders not to?!

Taking the words of the boss so lightly? Incredulous!

“What is Huang Sibo overtiming for? The draft? The design?” Pei Qian was displeased.

“Err…” Ma Yang tried recalling what he saw. “Playing games.”

Pei Qian was stunned.

Playing games?

Suddenly, his expression lightened.

He knew that Bao Xu would stay on after work in the company to play games – that was a privilege Pei Qian had accorded to him.

But why was Huang Sibo doing the same as well? Did he learn from Bao Xu?

The only thing Pei Qian did not allow was for the employees to stay overtime to do work. But if they were doing so to play games, that would be fine.

At that thought, Pei Qian’s face was much cheerier. “Are you sure you saw right? Huang Sibo was playing games?”

Ma Yang nodded. “That’s right! Thats why I’m reporting it to you? Does that count as them wasting company resources? Tomorrow, do you want to reprimand them in the office?”

“Fufu, there’s no need.”

Pei Qian was relieved.

Since they were staying overtime to play games, that would be completely fine.

They could eat more snacks and waste more electricity – that would help him with losing more System Funds!

How great was that!

Besides… that seemed to have given him an additional legitimate excuse to spend System Funds?

Suddenly, Pei Qian thought of a great idea through a stroke of inspiration.

“Old Ma, since we’re a gaming company, employees are actually playing games for the sake of learning and gaining experience through other stellar overseas games. That’s a part of work at the same time. Do you understand?” Pei Qian explained sternly.

Ma Yang was half baked. “Oh… so what you mean is that we’re just going to ignore this?”

“Ignore? No, no! Of course not!” Pei Qian continued righteously. “These employees are working overtime for the company at the expense of their health! How could we ignore that? Tengda is a company that has its employees’ welfare at heart!”

“Our country states that anyone who does overtime must be paid. At Tengda, we have to adhere to our national policies! Payment for weekday overtimes would be at 1.5x of their hourly salary while weekends would be 2x! Not a single cent less!”

“Old Ma, I’ll hand you an extremely important task. Help me to take note of how long they’re overtiming daily. By then, report to me their overtime pay based on their hourly rates! Remember, not a single cent less!”

Ma Yang nodded. “Yes, yes! Understood! Leave it to me!”

As he sent off Ma Yang, Pei Qian could not help but want to burst out into laughter.

Why had he forgotten about the existence of overtime pay previously?

With that, wouldn’t he be able to spend even more of the System Funds every month?

I’m a bloody genius!

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