Losing Money to Be a Tycoon

Chapter 32

Chapter 32: Outfit

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Pei Qian froze momentarily. “Indeed, you’re the most thoughtful, Assistant Xin! I almost forgot about that!”

In theory, outfits shouldn’t be important for an industry such as the gaming one.

For many traditional and finance industries, outfits were extremely important for business meetings.

From the clothes one wore to the type of watches and the cars they drove, everything was of significance.

Some people would spend tens of thousands on a single suit – that was a requirement.

If they weren’t proper in their dressing, they may fail the business negotiations with a poor first impression.

Similarly, a proper outfit was the fundamental of courtesy when it came to seeking employment in traditional industries.

However, things were different in the internet age – particularly in gaming industries.

Many big bosses of gaming companies would wear nothing but a t-shirt and shorts to work.

Even when programmers applied for a job, they would be dressed in the standard t-shirt or plaid shirts alongside jeans, slippers and backpacks.

After all, in this unique industry, their technical skills during interviews were more important than their attires.

Because that was the general culture, most interviewees would not dress up specially for interviews. In fact, those who turn up in a suit with a tie would end up looking out of place instead.

Because of that, Pei Qian neglected that aspect.

However, with Assistant Xin’s reminder, he had a change of mind – he truly needed an outfit.

Firstly, that would go on the company accounts which meant that he could spend even more money!

Secondly, that would help him in developing his work.

Currently, Pei Qian was a student. He was barely over his 18th birthday. Even if he had memories of the next ten years, it was difficult for him to carry the type of mature look of someone who had weathered through storms.

His age was a hard restriction such that no matter how he dressed himself up, he would never display the image of a corporate elite.

At a point as such, outfit played an important role.

For example, in certain state enterprises, the older leaders could approach others with ease while the younger ones had to put on a stoic face forever.


That was because they would not look persuasive without that expression and it would be hard for them to command authority from their underlings.

If their underlings took them as a joke, how were they going to progress with work?

Pei Qian was young to begin with – a student – while his interviewees were mostly foxes who had been in the working world for a couple of years now and were older than him by 6-7 years old.

If Pei Qian were to turn up in a t-shirt and shorts costing tens of yuan, would those people take him seriously?

Even though Pei Qian’s true intention was to create a mess out of things, there was an art to doing it!

The game had to pass through the vetting process at the very least and be listed successfully or the system would view it as a violation.

In order to achieve that target, Pei Qian had to control his employees and have them obey him.

That meant that he would still have to craft an image for himself.

Even if he couldn’t come across as a young, talented designer, he had to look like a rich second-generation heir who would keep to his words.

For that, there was a need for an extremely expensive outfit.

After all, in theory, rich second-generation heirs wouldn’t be wearing t-shirts and shorts worth tens of yuan on a day to day basis.

Yes, the odd person might do it, but that wouldn’t be the norm.

Xin Hailu smiled gently. “If you think that there’s a need, I can accompany you to the nearby mall to pick an outfit.”

Pei Qian couldn’t wish for anything more.

The Cayenne was parked at the underground carpark of the largest mall in Jingzhou City.

Pei Qian opened his door and got down.

“This way please.”

Assistant Xin led the way and had Pei Qian fully enjoying the treatment a president would receive.

This was Jingzhou’s largest and most luxurious mall which Pei Qian had not visited before.

However, none of that mattered to him. He was just here for an outfit. Anything that Assistant Xin picked out, he would just wear it.

Men and women were different when it came to shopping.

Women truly encompassed the meaning of shopping where they would go floor by floor all over the place to check out if anything suited their taste – they enjoyed the process of shopping.

However, men would just head over to what they wanted and leave right after getting it without spending a single second more – they enjoyed the outcome of shopping.

Pei Qian was the typical man and naturally had no interest in shopping. He wanted to just grab an outfit as quickly as possible before leaving.

Assistant Xin clearly understood him as she did not bring him to roam around, instead leading him straight to a luxurious suit shop.

“Jesse is a luxury fashion brand from Italy and has a history of over a hundred years. They are known for being flawless custom-made cuts.”

“This is Jesse’s only outlet in Handong.”

“If you’re not satisfied with it, we can look for even more high-end suits. However, it will a longer time for the sizing and custom-making.”

Xin Hailu gave Pei Qian a brief introduction of the shop’s background before they entered.

“It’s fine, this will do.”

Pei Qian decided on the spot.

To him, custom-made suits were almost the same.

People who conducted interviews could easily tell the difference between a custom-made suit and one that is not. The former would be fitting and classy while the latter would be loose and budget-looking.

The former would make one seem like a Wall Street elite while the latter would make one seem like an insurance seller.

However, it would be hard to distinguish between two custom-made suits.

To put it bluntly, even if they were to top up money, the difference would be minimal.

Therefore, the suits there were perfect for Pei Qian’s demands. Most importantly, time was of the essence – Pei Qian did not like to wait.

Even though he was wearing a t-shirt and shorts that were only worth tens of yuan, Pei Qian walked in with his chest puffed and did not feel out of place at all.

It was the same old reason – he had Xin Hailu with him.

“Even though it would be easy to mix and match with your size, I recommend these three sets.”

Xin Hailu left the attendant of the shop at one side as she herself was extremely familiar with the shop.

“Of these three, the first one is more formal and could be worn at important events such as business meetings with other bosses or any award ceremonies. The other two are more casual and are more suitable for daily use.”

Reading between the lines, it meant that the other two were meant to mislead the interviewees.

He naturally did not have to wear anything extremely formal to interview others but he must not appear unpresentable as well.

That was inclusive of a daily working life. Pei Qian had to give his employees the impression of a rich second-generation heir who would keep to his words – that would help him with work.

The system did not ring any warnings.

Pei Qian nodded his head. “Alright.”

Xin Hailu then turned to the attendant. “We’ll take two sets of each. The design and accessories must be distinct. You can start the measurements now. Hurry.”

Two sets of each?

Well done!

Pei Qian almost blurted out but he held it in.

The system did not indicate anything – that meant that it wasn’t a violation!

The attendant then rushed over to help Pei Qian with the measurements.

The suits here were not custom-made by hand or each set would take several weeks and that would be overly troublesome.

Based on dozens of size figures and the customer’s personal measurements, the shop would select the most suitable cutting.

That way, they could deliver the end product in a really short time.

While the attendant was taking his measurements, Pei Qian was too embarrassed to shift around as he merely snuck a glance at the price tag of a nearby shirt.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

The cost was in the ballpark of five digits and the first number wasn’t even a 1.

Buying six sets of these outfits…


Pei Qian could feel the deterioration of his calculation skills.

Once they had Pei Qian’s measurements, Xin Hailu smiled. “Your work is hectic, do you want to end things here for today? I’ll help you purchase some day to day clothes later on as well so you don’t have to pick them out yourself.”

What a good relationship!

Pei Qian was delighted.

Take a look, this was true professionalism!

“Assistant Xin, I’ll leave everything up to you.”

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