Losing Money to Be a Tycoon

Chapter 28

Chapter 28: Hiring Employees Is a Good Plan

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“Rather than wasting time thinking about useless stuff, the pressing matter is how I should spend this amount of money…”

Standing on the rooftop of the dormitory, Pei Qian felt the full blast of the autumn breeze as he contemplated on his strategy ahead.

“It’s too slow if I just buy all the resources required for a game!”

“What are the main operating expenses of a company? Rent, electricity, office equipment and employee salary…”

“If I were to add up all of those, wouldn’t my monthly expenses skyrocket?”

“Yes… that’s the way. Let me see.”

Pei Qian took out his phone’s calculator and tabulated quickly.

“Earning 500,000 in the first week… that figure’s going to increase next month. Based on the estimated gross of 5,000,000, the net profit should be around 2,500,000 monthly…”

“Even though that figure would definitely drop in the next two months, it’s not going to be an instantaneous dip.”

“The next settlement is three months later.”

“Using a conservative estimate, the net profit would definitely hit 6,000,000 or so…”

“F*ck! What have I done!”

“If I don’t do anything at all, the profits converted would be 60,000. However, if I were to lose it all, my Personal Wealth would be 500,000…”

“Tsk! That’s too great of a difference isn’t it?!”

“That means to say, I’ll have to lose 6,000,000 in three months…”

“Think, think! Where can I spend the most money?”

“Even if I rent a most expensive office space at an estimated 5 yuan per square metre per day, a 3,000 metre place would cost 450,000 a month.”

“Hiring 30 employees at 5,000 a month… no, 7,000 a month’s salary, that would add up to 210,000.”

“Why does it feel as though I’m trying to put out a fire with a cup of water…”

“People usually find these expenses to be high when they’re opening a company and yet I’m finding it to be too cheap!”

“What if I use only the most expensive stuff for company equipment? That would help me waste 1,000,000 at least, right?”

“Yes… that’s truly the fastest way to burn money.”

“But… It feels so troublesome to have to find a office space, hire employees and purchase equipment! I’ve never done any of those before.”

“Forget it, let’s think about this slowly…”

The thought of having to hire people and look for an office space personally gave Pei Qian a huge headache.

He had never done any of those in his past life since he was neither good at it nor did he like it.

They were too troublesome!

However, it was clear that that was the fastest way at burning money.

He then decided to leave it aside first before contemplating about the issue the next day.

Back to the dormitory.

“Brother Qian! The game’s popular! Should we head out and have a celebratory feast?”

Ma Yang’s eyes were filled with joy.


Pei Qian recalled that he had indeed promised Ma Yang to a celebratory buffet costing more than 50 yuan per person.

“Alright, let’s go!”

Even though he did not get his hands on that 300,000, he had 2,000 at least…

It wouldn’t be overboard to spend 100 yuan on a meal with an income of 2,000…

However, Pei Qian could not get his mood lifted at all…

Towards the south of the school, a rather decent buffet restaurant had opened up costing 58 per person. For the students of 2009, that was considered an extravagant place to dine at.

Pei Qian sat on his seat and watched expressionlessly as Ma Yang piled plates of cakes along with a huge drink.

The barbecued meat for the buffet was limited based on the number of people dining. However, cakes, vegetables and fruits were free-flow.

It was clear that Ma Yang had entered with a hearty appetite, expecting to be stuffed when he left.

“Brother Qian, why do I feel like there’s something bothering you?”

“Indeed, your character as a rich second-generation heir is being exposed!”

“This game must have earned you a couple hundreds of thousands at least, right? Why do you still look so upset? Could it be that you had higher expectations?”

“Besides, you’re not even batting an eyelid at all the delicious food!”

Ma Yang gorged while he asked without being able to speak properly.

Looking at all the food, Pei Qian casually picked a few pieces of meat to eat – they ended up being tasteless.

Even though he was only a normal salaryman in his previous life, he had his fair share of high-end buffets in Beijing. AS such, all of these budget buffets no longer felt like anything to him.

Most importantly, he was in a bad mood and nothing tasted special at all.

He wanted to lose money! What was the best way to do it?!

At that moment, Pei Qian was particularly envious of Ma Yang.

This clueless fool had no idea about numbers at all.

Ma Yang thought that Pei Qian had earned a couple hundreds of thousands yuan since he had no clue about Pei Qian’s profit model.

In reality, Pei Qian had earned 500,000 in an entire year!

But it was a pity that he couldn’t spend a single cent of that…

“Ah, it’s nothing much. I’m just tired of working on the game for the past couple of days and need a break.”

“After all, opening a company is something that’s extremely exhausting.”

Pei Qian replied casually.

“Brother Qian, that’s something I’ve got to scold you about.”

Ma Yang stuffed another piece of cake. “You’re the boss of a company at the very least. How can you not take care of your body? You can’t do everything personally anymore. Hire an assistant and toss her all the work, how great would that be?”

“Hire an assistant?” Pei Qian froze momentarily.

Ma Yang nodded his head. “That’s right, hire an assistant. Isn’t that always the case on television? The domineering boss would always be driving a luxurious car to pick up girls. In any case, he just wouldn’t be doing any work while everything else is tossed to his assistant. Haven’t you heard of the saying… all work is done by the secretary? That’ll be dandy…”

“Eh? Old Ma! You’re a genius! Indeed, I need an assistant! Also, it should be a professional assistant that’s super capable!”

Pei Qian was hit by a stroke of inspiration!

Of course, what Pei Qian thought of was an entirely different thing compared to what Ma Yang had said.

Ma Yang’s thought of how bosses on television series would always have an assistant with them and that was why he had suggested it.

However, Pei Qian’s thoughts were about how he could toss all his money losing tasks to the assistant, such as renting an office space, hiring more employees and purchasing office equipment!

The next afternoon.

Pei Qian sat at the customer service center of Exxon Headhunting’s Jingzhou City branch, sipping on tea as he awaited the arrival of a consultant.

There were in fact quite a number of headhunting consultants in the center. However, Pei Qian had specifically mentioned that he wanted the most experienced consultant who was at least at a regional manager level and above!

That was why he had to wait for awhile.

In any case, Pei Qian was in no hurry.

He had decided earlier on that he wanted to hire an assistant.

In truth, he had many options on how he could have gone about hiring one.

For example, he could have arranged for an interview through announcing the position online or he could have looked for anyone in school.

However, none of those fit Pei Qian’s requirement.

One was too slow while the other one was too lowly!

It would be too troublesome for Pei Qian to interview them personally. Besides, it would have been difficult to hire particularly exceptional assistants online.

The person Pei Qian wanted to hire was someone who was an elite in the business world and could hold their own. The best outcome would be for the person to be able to understand everything he wanted and accomplish it swiftly with just a single order of his.

After pondering about it, Pei Qian decided that it would be most reliable for him to look for a headhunting firm.

Of course, the downside to that would be that he had to spend money.

However, he would be spending the System Funds! That was in accordance with Pei Qian’s wishes!

Bored of the wait, Pei Qian opened his phone and scrolled the internet.

Coincidentally, he came across a review on the games section of a portal website.

A glimpse into the future of mobile games through the game of conscience, Ghost General!

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