Losing Money to Be a Tycoon

Chapter 1653 - Is The Final Judgment Coming?  

Chapter 1653: Is The Final Judgment Coming?

Qiao Liang was completely stunned. He had not expected Boss Pei to answer this question.

How was that possible?

Boss Pei made it very clear that he made games and movies to defame himself.

Did he really think that Tengda Corporation’s reputation was too good?

If that was the case, the current trend of public opinion was not difficult to understand. Boss Pei was equivalent to cooperating with the anti-Tengda Alliance. There were already movies, and they were all defaming Tengda Corporation.

It was only natural for netizens to doubt Tengda Corporation under the dual support.

Pei Qian could not help but snicker inwardly seeing Qiao Liang’s skeptical expression.

Old Qiao, Old Qiao, I didn’t expect this day to come for you.

He was afraid that he did not make it clear enough, so he stabbed twice. “You can record the next sentence in the video.”

“Actually, I have always had a huge wish. I hope that all consumers can view Tengda Corporation as their biggest enemy.”

“However, these consumers regard Tengda Corporation as their biggest friend.”

“I think Tengda Corporation is a very dangerous and terrifying existence. However, many people don’t know enough about its danger.”

“I hope to use the opportunity of the game and movie to let everyone deeply understand this point. From the current situation, this goal is perfectly achieved.”

“Therefore, I think that until now, the project ‘Future You Choose is a huge success. I don’t have any requests for him.”

“If you want to make a video, I hope to be able to convey this concept to all players and consumers.”

“Tengda Corporation is the evilest company in the world. Please attack it together and make me lose all my hard-earned money!”

Pei Qian felt refreshed after saying that.

He was comfortable, he was comfortable.

He had wanted to say this two or three years ago, but he could not say it at that time. It would be useless even if he said it.

That was because Tengda Corporation was still a small company at that time. It was still developing healthily. There was really no danger. No one would really take it seriously even if Pei Qian said it.

However, the situation was different now.

Tengda Corporation was developing rapidly, and it had obtained a market advantage in many industries. The entire company had already developed into a behemoth. There was indeed a certain degree of danger, which was an indisputable fact.

Thus, it was a fact to a certain extent that Pei Qian was saying it now. What’s more, it could indeed have a very good effect. He could ensure that this information would not cause a misunderstanding or loss during the transmission.

Pei Qian smiled slightly seeing Teacher Qiao’s doubtful expression.

He had even imagined a scene of hatred born from love. He had switched sides in the new video and refuted everyone in Tengda Corporation.

If that was the case, it would be perfect!

Qiao Liang was still in a muddled state until he returned home.

Meeting Boss Pei should have been something worth celebrating. Hearing Boss Pei personally interpret the game and movie made it even happier.

However, these two types of happiness overlapping gave Qiao Liang a huge confusion.

He was already confused to begin with. Now, he was even more confused.

That was because Qiao Liang’s previous judgment had the same prerequisite: Tengda could not really defame itself. Whether it was games or movies, treating Tengda Corporation as a villain was just an art form. There must be a deeper meaning.

However, Boss Pei had confirmed it directly. He was right. I was defaming myself.

What’s more, he had provided a recording. He said that Tengda Corporation was a very dangerous and terrifying existence. He hoped that everyone would recognize this. Please attack them together.

This was ridiculous.

Qiao Liang had been wondering why he could not think of the right answer no matter how he thought about it. Now, it looked like he had eliminated the right answer.

However, this correct answer made him feel very strange. Which boss of a company would defame their own company?

It would be fine if it was a company with a complicated structure of power. However, most of the time, the President did not have absolute control. The development of the company was not entirely based on the President’s will.

However, everyone in Tengda Corporation was sincerely convinced by Boss Pei. It could be said that Tengda Corporation was a direct reflection of Boss Pei’s will. Wasn’t Boss Pei hidding Tengda Corporation of itself?

Could Boss Pei mean that his greatest regret was creating Tengda Corporation?

Alright, Boss Pei seemed to have said something similar. However, no matter how he thought about it, this was just posturing.

Qiao Liang sat in front of his computer and deleted all the manuscripts that he had prepared. That was because they were obviously useless.

However, he did not give up. He was still thinking hard. Could he find a new breakthrough in the gap?

“Boss Pei’s expression when he said that is very sincere. It doesn’t look like he was pretending at all.”

“What if I analyze this as the starting point? If Boss Pei really wants to defame Tengda Corporation, what exactly does he want to defame?”

“Are they defaming a certain employee or person-in-charge? That’s impossible. If Boss Pei doesn’t like anyone, he would have fired them long ago.”

“Is it the culture and internal atmosphere of a black company? I don’t think so. These might be more troublesome but as the President, Boss Pei can slowly change.”

“Could he be defaming himself as the President? That’s even more ridiculous.”


“Boss Pei did not criticize these things, but other things that exist in Tengda Corporation. That is… the invisible will!”

“Perhaps Boss Pei saw this invisible will floating above Tengda Corporation and thought of this method to make everyone wary of him.”

“As I said in the video before, this is more like self-reflection.”

“That means that Boss Pei’s fundamental goal in making games and movies is not to win the public opinion battle against Tengda Alliance. At the very least, that is not the primary goal.”

“The real goal is to restrict Tengda Corporation!”

“From this point of view, Boss Pei is indeed the biggest mole in Tengda Corporation. However, this also means that Boss Pei is the person who has been working hard to keep his capital in a cage. He is actually fighting the will of the entire Tengda Corporation to expand and grow on its own.”

“For this reason, Boss Pei did not hesitate to fight against Tengda Alliance and temporarily be on the same battlefront. He used such an extreme method to restrict himself.”

“They’re strung together, they’re all strung together.”

“That explains many things.”

Qiao Liang suddenly realized his problem.

It was still too shallow!

In fact, there was a problem with the pre-condition that he had set from the beginning, so he could not deduce the right conclusion.

However, if he denied his previous proposal and raised the entire meaning, he would suddenly realize that all the problems that had been troubling him had been solved.

What’s more, he had finally found a deeper connection between the game and the movie.

Once this connection was established, it would bring heavy shackles to Tengda Corporation. However, that was the same. The sturdiest armor and the noblest crown.

At that thought, Qiao Liang immediately decided to work hard on another video.

What he wanted to interpret this time was not just a game or movie, but to make this public opinion battle completely finalized. He wanted Boss Pei’s true intentions to be revealed to the world, and for everyone to suppress that invisible will with Boss Pei!

September 25th, Wednesday.

Pei Qian was in a good mood as he read the discussions online.

The current trend of public opinion was very beneficial to him. If he could use this trend of public opinion to reduce Tengda’s various performance and match it with some money-burning activities, the settlement of this cycle would be completely stable.

However, it was a pity that the anti-Tengda Alliance had not dealt the final blow so far.

It looked like Teacher Qiao would have to take on this role.

Pei Qian still remembered the shocked and confused expression on his face after he told Teacher Qiao about his inner thoughts in the cafe.

It was only a matter of time before hatred turned into love.

If Teacher Qiao could repent and cut off his connection with Tengda Corporation, and publicize Pei Qian’s recording, it should be able to achieve a decisive effect.

It was a great help to Pei Qian’s loss-making business.

At that moment, a notification from the Aili Island website popped up.

Teacher Qiao finally released a new video!

“Oh, is my final judgment finally coming?”

Pei Qian clicked on the video excitedly.

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