Losing Money to Be a Tycoon

Chapter 1086 - Didn’t Boss Pei Teach You Everything

Chapter 1086: Didn’t Boss Pei Teach You Everything

Meng Chang returned to the advertising and marketing department confidently after receiving the contract from Boss Pei.

He felt more at ease with Boss Pei’s promise!

Boss Pei was an evil person, often ruining his publicity plans when they were about to succeed, causing them to fail at the last step. However, overall, he was still someone with pride.

He would only play dirty and not fall out.

What’s more, Boss Pei was a man of his word. He would never break his promise. That was something worth trusting.

However, there were times when he would go around his promises made and stab others in an unexpected direction.

Therefore, Meng Chang decided to be cautious and remain vigilant even though he had obtained the commitment from Boss Pei.

Meng Chang immediately found Yu Yao and handed the new publicity plan to him after returning to the advertising and marketing department.

“Throw all the publicity funds we received this month onto Zhongdian Chinese Network’s inspiration class.”

“This is the publicity material.”

“The publicity method is mainly based on local push and web-based advertisements. You can decide on the specific ratio. In short, you can buy the advertisement space as long as they meet the requirements.”

“I’ll send you the original document later.”

Meng Chang handed the printed poster to Yu Yao as he spoke.

Yu Yao held the paper in his hand and hesitated visibly.

Meng Chang could not help but smile knowingly.

Didn’t it look unreliable?

That would be exactly right!

I spent so much effort to make it look unreliable. It would be a huge blow to me if you think it’s reliable!

The so-called “publicity material” was actually just a simple picture. There was no video or other information. What’s more, this picture was ugly.

Such a large-scale advertisement would definitely cause netizens to feel disgusted, right?

Yu Yao’s attitude towards this publicity plan was obviously different from the previous publicity plans judging from his expression.

He was carefully observing the paper, as if unwilling to let go of any details.

Meng Chang sniggered inwardly.

It seemed like this plan was too ridiculous. It made Yu Yao doubt life. That was why he looked at it for so long.

However, Meng Chang did not intend to explain anything even if that was the case.

Why should I explain what I’m doing to you?

In any case, the advertising and marketing department would cooperate unconditionally with my work. I deliberately messed up the publicity plan but what can you do to me?

Not only was the plan going to fail this time, but the future plans would also become more and more ridiculous!

I hope that you little comrades from the advertising and marketing department can adapt as soon as possible.

Yu Yao had already read the contents of the paper and looked up while Meng Chang was feeling smug.

“Brother Meng, can you teach me when you have the time?”

Meng Chang was stunned.

He carefully observed Yu Yao’s expression. This seemed to be… some kind of anticipation and urgency?

What was going on?

“Teach you what?” Meng Chang was confused.

Yu Yao said excitedly, “Teach me how to create a publicity plan that is deeply ingrained with Boss Pei’s teachings!”

Meng Chang: “???”

Yu Yao explained, “I felt a strong aura unique to Boss Pei! the moment I saw this picture!”

“It is such a simple plan on the surface, but there is a huge structure hidden behind it that is beyond traditional advertising methods.”

“I realized that all the publicity techniques and methods that I learned previously are all useless after coming to Tengda. Boss Pei’s publicity technique is the best publicity technique!”

“It’s a pity that I’m not very talented. I have been seriously analyzing the details of Boss Pei’s publicity path but I did not gain much from it.”

“So, Brother Meng, when can you teach me?”

Meng Chang looked confused. “Me? Are you saying that my publicity plan is similar to Boss Pei’s publicity plan?”

“Since when have you had such a feeling?”

Meng Chang only had one feeling: Ridiculous!

How could his publicity plan be similar to Boss Pei’s? That’s impossible!

Boss Pei’s publicity plan had the best publicity effect every time.

On the other hand, my publicity plan had to be done in reverse. It had to dissuade consumers!

How could our publicity plan be similar!

If it was, something must have gone wrong somewhere…

Yu Yao pondered for a moment. “When did I begin to have such a feeling… Let me think.”

“Actually, I had this feeling from the beginning, but I feel like it’s becoming more and more similar!”

“Brother Meng, your publicity plan was very personal at first. However, it became more and more similar to Boss Pei’s style.”

“For example, when you first advertised the physical store, you used a very simple logo. It was similar to the Fish-Catching Internet Cafe’s logo, which did not have any writing on it, but only had a logo. Brother Meng, when you filmed the promotional video for the smart fitness drying rack, it was very similar to Boss Pei’s plan for Bloody Battle Song.”

“As for the plan this time, even though it’s just a simple picture, it makes me feel that your plan has already integrated Boss Pei’s publicity path to a huge success!”

“Brother Meng, let me ask secretly. Did Boss Pei teach you everything he knew about advertising?”

“Teach me more when you have the time! I want to learn too!”

Meng Chang opened his mouth slightly and was speechless.

What the h*ll!

Young man, you have to have a basis for your words. Don’t talk nonsense!

Coincidence, this was definitely a coincidence!

It looked like a beautiful misunderstanding!

That was because I had the exact opposite motive as Boss Pei!

It was definitely not a good sign that Yu Yao said that his publicity method was similar to Boss Pei’s.

That was because Boss Pei’s publicity had all been successful. Didn’t that mean that his publicity plan would also be successful?

It was too ominous!

Meng Chang originally thought that Yu Yao had looked at this plan for so long because he felt that it was ridiculous. However, he realized that Yu Yao did not think that the plan was ridiculous at all. Instead, he had seen Boss Pei’s taste from it. That was why he had looked at it for so long!

However, no matter how Meng Chang looked at the publicity plan, he did not think it was similar to Boss Pei’s publicity method.

Their motives were completely opposite after all!

Boss Pei’s publicity was done after planning and strategizing. He simply sold a few flaws and actually prepared countless exquisite backups.

Meng Chang’s publicity was purely to sell flaws and deliberately lose the clients.

How could it be the same!

It could only be similar in form but not spiritually. The difference was huge.

At that thought, Meng Chang felt slightly relieved.

How could it be similar to Boss Pei? Yu Yao must be mistaken.

Meng Chang did not want to attack him seeing the vigorous desire for knowledge hidden in his dazzling spirit. He only vaguely said, “This… Actually, I learned it from absorbing influence. Boss Pei did not teach me anything.”

“Read more, learn more, and put more practice into your work. You’ll definitely be able to master this technique.”

“Now, let’s push this publicity plan forward.”

Yu Yao immediately nodded. “Alright, Brother Meng, I’ll go now!”

He turned back halfway and whispered, “Brother Meng, there must be a back-up plan for this publicity plan, right? Can you secretly tell me about it? How do you plan to make it popular?”

The corners of Meng Chang’s mouth twitched.

What do you mean by back-up plan! There was none!

Stop trying to confuse my actions with Boss Pei!

“Don’t guess blindly. There’s no back-up plan.” Meng Chang was just short of rolling his eyes.

Yu Yao nodded slightly. “Understood, you’ll keep it a secret for now. I’ll wait and see!”

Meng Chang :”…”

The publicity plan was finally implemented even though he was speechless.

Soon, this ugly picture that Meng Chang personally photoshopped would appear on public transport stations, subway stations, and some websites in many cities.

Pei Qian immediately sent a notice to the various departments according to his promise after sending Meng Chang off. He requested everyone to keep the development of the works of Zhongdian Chinese Network’s three inspiration classes a secret.

That included all the authors in Zhongdian Chinese Network’s inspiration class.

Of course, this was not a mandatory requirement. It would be very difficult to find the source if someone really leaked it in private.

However, it did not matter as long as the meaning was right.

Speaking of which, Pei Qian had done his best to make the entire Tengda Corporation cooperate with Meng Chang.

Meng Chang would have nothing to say if even this did not succeed.

Pei Qian pondered for a moment and decided to make a trip to Tengda Games’ department upstairs to give his instructions after sending the notice.

That was because among the three works that had to be copyrighted, the preparation time for online dramas and comics was relatively long. The animation had to wait for two months before they could officially start production after buying a studio.

However, this game project might have faster progress.

Eternal Reincarnation was a novel based on Repent and be Saved. Thus, it would be developed as Repent and be Saved’s new downloadable content.

Repent and be Saved was a rather mature game. Tengda Games had nothing to do now. Hu Xianbin and the others were only updating Mission and Choice. It would be bad if they had nothing to do and accidentally leaked some information while preparing in advance.

What’s more, the current cycle was not over yet. He could not start a new project randomly. Otherwise, it would affect the settlement.

Thus, Pei Qian felt the need to make a personal trip to ensure that the games department would not cause trouble for him.

The gaming department was just upstairs. He could reach it in a few steps.

Pei Qian glanced around but did not see Hu Xianbin and Min Jingchao. He did not see any of the core employees either.

An ordinary employee saw Pei Qian and quickly stood up. “Boss Pei, Brother Hu and the others are in the conference room discussing the new downloadable content.”

Pei Qian could not help but nod slightly.

Alright, his timing was great.

He walked straight to the door of the conference room and knocked lightly.

Indeed, Hu Xianbin, Min Jingchao, Li Yada, and the other core employees of the games department were all in the conference room, including Yu Fei, the author of ‘Eternal Reincarnation’.

Everyone was overjoyed to see Boss Pei.

They were just worrying about what to do with the downloadable content when Boss Pei arrived!

Was it a coincidence, or did Boss Pei know that everyone was struggling and came to give them pointers?

No matter what, they were filled with confidence since Boss Pei was here!

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