Lord Xue Ying

Chapter 340: Time Immemorial Scripture

Chapter 340: Time Immemorial Scripture

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The handsome man, Crimson Rock turned around and walked back into the elegant pavilion, and Xue Ying and Xi Wei followed behind.

They first passed a corridor before entering one of the side doors of the pavilion to finally reach a house at the rear. Crimson Rock pushed the door open. The whole place was empty except for a praying mat placed on the floor. A picture hanging on the wall depicted a crimson-robed old man with crimson hair. Even his beard was crimson in color, curved upward at the sides. His eyes were deep and unfathomable, and his entire person emitted an aura so vast and boundless that anyone watching it would feel as if the old man was even grander than the starry sky.

"This is the sacred master," the handsome man declared. "In the past, those accepted as honorary disciples would kneel and worship the sacred master. The sacred master is now dead, however, so you should kneel and worship next to this picture instead."

"Yes." Xue Ying immediately knelt down. Even though the sacred master was dead, Xue Ying still deeply admired him in his heart. He had watched the Creation of Heaven and Earth and knew that the scene depicted came from when the sacred master unleashed his prowess. It was truly amazing.

Once Xue Ying finished his worship, the handsome man nodded slightly. "The sacred master used to call himself Crimson Dust. He liked traveling across the countless worlds, acting whenever he would see someone he did not like. He didn’t want Transcendents to be left ungroomed, so he opened Crimson Rock Mountain, where he accepted countless disciples. In truth, people at the level of the sacred master would normally live eternal lives, so receiving just those disciples with enormous innate talent or apex Transcendents with the grade one True Meaning would have been fine. Ordinary Transcendents were not necessarily worth the amount of effort he spent on them. However, the sacred master was willing to give even those Transcendents a chance."

Xue Ying was slightly startled after hearing that.

Such a benevolent person!

"There truly are many people in the Deity world and Dark Abyss who have received the sacred master’s kindness, but because he often acted when he saw someone he did not like—regardless of that person’s background—he eventually entered a huge skirmish with another one of the Deity world’s powerful existences. Being schemed against behind his back, he was eventually killed in body and soul." The handsome man shook his head. "Anyone who could become such a powerful existence would be overlooked by the entire Deity world, so nobody could really hear news about whether they are alive or not. If only the sacred master could have been a little more tolerant and have had less clashes with other powerful existences; he might not have ended up in such a state."

"Hmph, how tolerant could he be?" Xi Wei frowned and snorted. "The sacred master would never have let such grievances pass. And even though he died, it was all due to a scheme. He could easily have kept himself alive otherwise."

"Being overly hard will only make an object more fragile." Crimson Rock shook his head. "He might have been a powerful existence, but it’s not like he had no opponents."

"What’s the point of talking about this now? Do you still not understand the temper of the sacred master? How many people tried advising him on that matter? But the sacred master would always at most listen to two of their sentences; some he even directly flipped off." Xi Wei sneered. "In fact, I very much liked the sacred master’s personality! If there’s anything to really blame for his death, I would say that it’s simply his own carelessness! Who would have thought that the other party was aiming to take his life!"

Xue Ying obediently listened from the sidelines.

"Alright, alright. There really is no point in arguing about this matter." The handsome man, Crimson Rock, laughed. His temperament was more toward the gentle end of the spectrum. "We’re making Xue Ying just stand here and listen to us banter."

Xi Wei finally let the matter go once she heard that.

She still worshipped the sacred master greatly in her heart.

Crimson Rock turned toward Xue Ying and said, "Dong Bo Xue Ying, as an honorary disciple of the sacred master’s sect, you may cultivate here on Crimson Dust Island. You will also receive a set of Deity equipment and may choose a World Deity secret technique or any of the other treasures recorded on the list."

"Here is said list." The handsome man waved his hand, causing a piece of green paper, upon which a great number of treasures were listed, to fly over.

Xue Ying gave it a cursory look. There were many treasures listed on the list, things like 100,000 Deity crystals, World Deity secret technique legacies, or Scarlet Fire Ant Nest...

Despite seeing those items, however, he did not know the value of most of them.

"Senior Crimson Rock," Xue Ying directly asked, "those formidable World Deities from the Deity world and the Dark Abyss sent Transcendents over to Crimson Rock Mountain. May I know why they did so?"

Xi Wei was the one to answer instead. "They sent them over for the World Deity ranked secret techniques."

"Are those secret techniques really so precious to World Deities?" Xue Ying queried.

Xi Wei nodded. "Naturally. Deity-ranked secret techniques are created by the World Deities, but secret techniques at the World Deity rank are created by the powerful existences above. They were created for World Deities to cultivate, which can cause their combat power to greatly increase."

"No wonder." Xue Ying felt enlightened. "It’s indeed no wonder my Xia Clan has no Deity-ranked secret techniques, and only the Temple of the Earth God, the Demonic Faction, and the Bloodshed Tavern have them."

"It quite hard for World Deities who want to learn World Deity rank secret techniques to get their hands on any. They might manage to find two or three, but only if they join powerful organizations or sects. Otherwise, obtaining even one would be tough," Xi Wei clarified. "There are many World Deity ranked secret techniques out there, so even someone who gets their hands on one or two of them would still covet more. It’s only natural that they would dispatch Transcendents over to Crimson Rock Mountain."

Xue Ying frowned. "Crimson Rock Mountain allows World Deity ranked secret techniques to be taken outside?"

Ordinary superpowers would usually control this.

"Honorary disciples can attain a set of Deity equipment and choose a World Deity ranked secret technique to their liking. This World Deity ranked secret technique can only be learned by that disciple alone, and he may not spread it." Xi Wei pointed out at the paper on Xue Ying’s hand. "Among the treasures listed on that paper, there are World Deity ranked secret technique legacies, which they can spread to others."

From the side, Senior Crimson Rock let out a sigh. "The other great existences of the Deity world blocked off any plausible channel of circulation for World Deity ranked techniques. Meanwhile, the sacred master used this method, first of all, to allow honorary disciples of the sect to exchange many more treasures within the Deity world. Other than that, it also served to give World Deities a chance to learn secret techniques. These two matters combined bolstered the reputation of the sacred master to an incredible level in the Deity world, and he used to be worshipped by countless Deities."


Xue Ying, Xi Wei, and Senior Crimson Rock left the pavilion and began heading to other parts of Crimson Dust Island.

"Senior Crimson Rock." Xue Ying looked around at the scenery and could not help but ask, "How am I supposed to get my poison cured, then? Do I perhaps have to choose the 100,000 Deity crystal reward on the list and purchase the antidote?"

"That method is indeed valid."

The handsome man then laughed. "But I would instead advise you to choose a World Deity secret technique. After all, isn’t it true that you may choose any one of them? Amongst the eighteen World Deity rank secret techniques my Crimson Rock Mountain has, you can select the one that focuses most on survivability…the "Time Immemorial Scripture"!"

"The "Time Immemorial Scripture" was created by one of the sacred master’s old friends. Once you successfully cultivate it, the Six Ghosts Resentment can be easily cured!"

Xue Ying had his doubts. ""Time Immemorial Scripture"? The only thing I know right now is that Crimson Rock Mountain has eighteen different World Deity rank secret techniques, but that’s it."

The Xia Clan was facing a huge threat.

While a World Deity rank secret technique could prove to be an important aspect for increasing his combat power, he was aware that he could merely choose a single treasure from that list. He did not intend for it to be a secret technique. Instead, he was more biased toward finding a treasure that could help the Xia Clan defend themselves from the Sorcerer God and the Great Demonic God. Even treasures like Battleship D9 were relatively cheap.

That meant he would likely only be able to select that single World Deity ranked secret technique, so he had to find the one that suited him the best.

"Haha, what else is there?" Crimson Rock laughed.

"You shouldn’t even consider the other techniques." Xi Wei also laughed from the side. "Xue Ying, cultivating a World Deity rank secret technique is extremely hard. While ordinary Transcendents may be able to cultivate Deity-ranked secret techniques, successfully cultivating a World Deity ranked one will put a large strain on your comprehension skills. It is usually only after becoming a Deity that one could hope of managing that. Naturally, your comprehension ability isn’t any worse than a newly emerged Deity’s, but when it comes to these eighteen World Deity secret techniques, your current comprehension of the realms would normally not suffice to cultivate any of them. It’s only in the "Time Immemorial Scripture" that you would have any certainty of doing so, and that’s only due to having trained an Illusory body. With your Illusory body, you will find it much easier to train the"Time Immemorial Scripture"."

Xue Ying felt revelation strike.

He would actually fail to cultivate other secret techniques?

"Is the "Time Immemorial Scripture" that incredible? Is it really the best in terms of survivability?" Xue Ying inquired.

"Indeed," Xi Wei answered. "Succeed in cultivating it, and even if the original form of Six Ghosts Resentment were to enter your body, you could still easily dispel it. You could just stand there and let any new emerged Deities attack you; they wouldn’t hurt you at all."

"Ah." Xue Ying was startled.

The moment he cultivated the scripture successfully, newly emerged Deities could not hurt him at all?

"Why would it be such an alluring secret technique, even for World Deities, if not for that? The only problem with it is that it has a harsh requirement of one’s comprehension of the realms, and even your Illusory body just barely allows you to bridge that gap." Xi Wei ushered, "Have you decided? Will you choose the "Time Immemorial Scripture"?"

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