Lord Xue Ying

Chapter 320: Seeking to Live

Chapter 320: Seeking to Live

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"Hahahaa, die, die." Lord You Lan stood on the faraway core of the vine, eyes shining. He concluded that if he was in this type of dangerous situation, needless to mention only one of him, even three or five of him would meet the result of a violent death.

"En?" Lord You Lan suddenly wrinkled his brows.

Xue Ying, who had been smashed forward by the tentacle, suddenly vanished out of this air.

He entered the Mirage? Lord You Lan knitted his brows. Entering the Mirage is useless; these eight-tentacled Mirage Creatures…within the Mirage, their strength is likewise unaffected. It’s just a pity. I can’t see how he will die.


Inside the Mirage.

Originally, the eight-tentacled monsters surrounding Xue Ying, as well as the others of the same tribe, were somewhat astonished to see a human appear in the middle of the Mirage. This human also came inside the Mirage?

Chi. Xue Ying’s palm immediately brushed across the edge of his spear, leaving behind a dark red smear.

Right now, Xue Ying had already been forced into desperate straits.

He couldn’t think of any other methods.

"Entering the Mirage, you also must die." Immediately, a group of eight-tentacled monsters proceeded to attack from all sides, multiple azure tentacles enshrouding him in all directions. Every tentacle’s speed was very fast. Even Xue Ying, with his exceedingly fast attacks of Extreme Piercing, couldn’t guard against this many tentacles with his sole spear.

Pu! Pu! Pu! Pu! Pu! Pu!

The spear turned into a phantom, a point of a cold star! Every time, it stabbed the besieging tentacles. Although it barely broke through the skin, and despite the harm to their bodies being so small it could be ignored...




Each and every eight-tentacled monster felt such agony that they howled. It was too painful. The spear only needed to strike a tentacle, and the strike would make these eight-tentacled monsters so pained they would retract their other tentacles and even begin to roll about, carelessly lashing out.

Although the toxicity of the hex poison in his body was much weaker, one must know that at the time, Xue Ying was so pained that even his soul trembled. Even if it was slightly weaker, the poison was still terrifyingly painful. Even Lord You Lan with his temperament—at the time when he had just been hit, he was so pained that he yelled out.

"Yi?" Upon seeing this, Xue Ying immediately began to attack the eight-tentacled monsters besieging Chen Jiu.

Pu Pu Pu … The spear point’s cold light brought about a thread of dark red, and every strike made the eight-tentacled monsters start to howl.

Within the real world, Chen Jiu, who almost couldn’t hold on any longer, stared blankly. The tentacles that extended from within the Mirage to attack him unexpectedly reduced greatly.

"Chen Jiu, quick, run toward the core of the vine! These Mirage Creatures are under the effect of the hex poison, but it probably won't take them too long before they adapt," Xue Ying transmitted.


As he transmitted this message, he also eagerly rushed toward the core of the vine. He also conveniently smeared some more of his blood onto the edge of the spear. But there were no less than 139 eight-tentacled monsters!

Xue Ying struck again and again like before, each strike possessing a comparatively weak Extreme Piercing! But this was enough; the eight-tentacled monsters, after tasting the pain of the hex poison, began howling. After all, they were still flesh and blood creatures and not Deity World Soldier Level creatures.

"Damned human."

"What poison is this?"

"Kill him."

There was no way to reduce the pain, but very soon, the eight-tentacled monsters adapted to it. After all, they were all creatures that had attained the Deity level. It was agonizing…but at least they could continue to battle.

The pain made them brim with even more bitterness and killing intent!

With great effort, Xue Ying stabbed 110 eight-tentacled monsters. The eight-tentacled monsters that had been stabbed the earliest had already adapted to it and once again began to attack.

"This fast?" Xue Ying also knew that they would adapt soon. Previously, Lord You Lan had adapted even faster—in a split second to be precise.


Not only did Xue Ying once more suffer attacks, Chen Jiu, who had originally began to flee, also suffered.

This time, there was no Xue Ying to help him with his share! Ten or more eight-tentacled monsters simultaneously besieged him alone. About a hundred long azure-colored tentacles besieged him, covering the earth and sky. Chen Jiu also revealed a look of despair.

Peng Peng Peng...

His eight arms created a perfect defense.

But again and again, numerous tentacles twisted toward him from every direction, like a huge net! Chen Jiu struggled, trying to break free, but the tentacles practically doubled from before. After merely a second passed...

Chi Chi Chi~~~

A large mass of tentacles completely tied him up! Thick and dense, they formed a tentacle-wrapped ball! Chen Jiu was completely enveloped inside.

"It’s over," Chen Jiu despaired.

Although he had a Deity Treasure, and despite these eight-tentacled monsters being unable to break his defense, causing him to be unkillable...

He would be brought into the monsters’ lair! In the lair of so many monsters, he wouldn’t be able to escape at all. Unable to escape, he would also be unable to pass the trial of the first leaf world. Deity Level existences helped him descend to this mortal world, but there was a time limit. Because soon after, the Sorcerer God and the Demonic God would launch a war! At that time, they wouldn’t have any more chances to enter Crimson Rock Mountain.

This time, he had to succeed!

"It’s over. It’s over." Chen Jiu was unable to resist any longer. He felt himself be completely tied up. These eight-tentacled monsters had seemingly grabbed him and were moving him somewhere.


"Hahaha, Chen Jiu’s done for." Lord You Lan, who was standing atop the vine’s core, watched as the distant Chen Jiu was finally bound completely by the tentacles and dragged into the Mirage. He revealed a joyous expression. "I’m only missing Xue Ying. With this many Mirage Creatures, he won’t be able to hold on for too long."

Lord You Lan knew, however, that Xue Ying was still holding on because he could feel the undulations of the battle within the Mirage!


Within the Mirage.

Xue Ying was indeed holding on.

Pu. The spear stabbed the surrounding tentacles.

Wu! The eight-tentacled monsters immediately began howling. Although they had already suffered the agonizing torment from time to time, when they were stabbed once again with Xue Ying’s hex-poison-filled blood invading them, it made the density of the hex poison within the eight-tentacled monsters’ bodies increase! The pain was naturally exacerbated.

Therefore, although each one became more infuriated, the eight-tentacled monsters all suffered under the full effort of Xue Ying’s spear.

In the end, my poison’s power is rather weak. After several strikes, the effect on the battle will increasingly drop. Xue Ying was incomparably anxious. I can’t lose; I can’t!

I promised Jing Qiu; I must return.

The Xia Clan, it won’t take long for the war to erupt.

I can’t lose; I can’t!

Xue Ying saw Chen Jiu be defeated, bound up, and dragged into the Mirage; he understood that his own defeat would be even more terrible, as he didn’t have a Deity-treasure armor!

The True Meaning of Mirage and the True Meaning of Star—as long as one of them breaks through, just one of them, I’ll have a chance. Xue Ying was incomparably anxious. At this time, while he was frantically using the True Meaning of Extreme Piercing to its fullest extent, he was frantically recalling the scene of Creation of Heaven and Earth inside his head, forcefully suppressing the effects of the Six Ghosts Resentment within his body as he thought of ways to deduce the True Meaning of Star and the True Meaning of Mirage.

I must break through!

If I don’t break through, I will die!


A tentacle broke through his defense, lashing at Xue Ying’s body.

Xue Ying flew backward and then instantly stabbed backward with his akin-to-lightning spear, stabbing a tentacle that wanted to wrap around himself.

"Ao!" The eight-tentacled monster instantly began to howl. Its entire body trembled, though it began attacking again very soon after.

Fortunately, the defensive Deity Scrolls that Uncle Fu held had all been used on Xue Ying. Otherwise, under the direct attack of these Deity Level creatures, he would be gravely wounded even if he didn’t die. Within a few attacks, he would be finished.



Xue Ying almost went insane with anxiety.

In his head, he envisioned the scene of Crimson Rock Mountain’s owner pointing with a finger and creating an entire world. The world contained plants, grass, and flowers along with flying birds and beasts...

When thinking of that incomparably vast and thick land, Xue Ying’s mind suddenly shifted.


The True Meaning of Star originally protecting his body suddenly coalesced into its true form, and the surrounding gravity domain’s power similarly instantly exploded!

The formidable gravitational force immediately swept across all the surrounding eight-tentacled monster’s bodies. Their bodies were originally big. Earlier, the gravitational domain’s power still reduced their speeds by a tenth despite the weak gravitational strength. Now, however, the gravitational domain suddenly upgraded, causing each of the surrounding eight-tentacled monster’s bodies to freeze, their speed suddenly sluggish.

"The True Meaning of Star has broken through." Xue Ying was so moved that he nearly shed tears. Truly, in this life-or-death crisis, he had unexpectedly broken through. "The heavens haven’t forsaken me; the heavens haven’t forsaken me!"

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