Lord Xue Ying

Chapter 316: Unable to Evade

Chapter 316: Unable to Evade

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The eternally dark night sky was filled with stars. Naturally, it had been created by the master of this Crimson Rock Mountain, a powerful existence.

Under the night sky.

Within the enormous vine leaf world, Xue Ying and the other two were currently by the foot of a desolate mountain, roasting meat by a campfire. They would occasionally cut apart a big piece to eat, sometimes drinking some fragrant fruit wine and from time to time even looking upward at the sparkling stars stretching across the night sky despite it making them feel dizzy.

"So comfortable." Xue Ying revealed a grin. "It has been six days, but we can finally relax."

"It’s all thanks to you, Brother Xue Ying. Without you and Manor Master, I would have certainly died one of these six days." The bald elder dressed in gold robes, Uncle Fu, laughed out from the side.

"We’ve all done our parts! If not for you being able to discover the enemy from afar, we would not have had such an easy time," Xue Ying said.

Chen Jiu nodded as well. "We’ve been ambushed fifteen times in six days. While six of those were immediate, the other nine were launched from a large distance. According to the intelligence reports, there should not be any more dangers from here to that vine in the center! After we finish our meal, we’ll cross the remaining a hundred fifty thousand kilometers in one breath."

"Mn." Xue Ying and the golden-robed old man both nodded.

According to the intelligence reports provided by the existences in the Deity world…

Teams would usually suffer from about fifteen ambushes in total before getting through the first vine leaf world, excluding any dangers accompanying the fortuitous encounters! After those fifteen ambushes, they would stop being attacked.

Xue Ying was celebrating inwardly.

It was fortunate that they had Uncle Fu’s Eyes of Space. It allowed them to spot the enemies from afar, giving them ample time to prepare and rely on speed to break through the incoming ambushes. Even if enemies were to charge out from some hidden space, Uncle Fu could still discover them the moment they came charging.

Without Uncle Fu, however, those enemies would have most likely followed them in stealth, surrounding and finally assassinating all of them! Truly a nightmarish scenario.

"Let’s go." Chen Jiu rose.

Ze ze ze. Xue Ying finished the meat bone he held in two mouthfuls and took out the flask of poison suppressant to drink some more.

"Dong Bo, do you gain any pleasure from eating meat and drinking wine despite suffering from the hexing poison?" Chen Jiu could not help but ask with a smile.

"Naturally! If you don’t believe me, you can try it yourself," Xue Ying joked back.

"I’d rather not. Hearing Lord You Lan howling…is something which I can never forget," Chen Jiu said.

The three of them started moving once again under the night sky.

They chatted amongst themselves while flying, quite carefree.

They knew, after all, that other than any dangers accompanying fortuitous encounters, all the threats had already passed. Of course they were carefree!

As for those fortuitous encounters?

Xue Ying’s Mirage Avatars were scouting ahead and behind the group, while the three of them only moved along the paths which those Mirage Avatars had already flown past. It was, naturally, quite safe.


As they flew, they got closer and closer to the central vine.

The first vine leaf world was relatively easy, Xue Ying thought. While there had been some minor troubles, teaming up with Chen Jiu made taking care of them much easier.

Exactly as Xue Ying was absorbed in that superb mood, all of a sudden—


The three of them suddenly entered a ripple in space and immediately disappeared.


"What happened?"

The expressions on the faces of Xue Ying, Chen Jiu, and Uncle Fu immediately darkened.

They were moving towards the center at an unhurried pace—how else could they have spent a full six days to fly over a distance of just three million kilometers! Why had they suddenly arrived here?

"This is?" Xue Ying was observing the place thoroughly. This was an enormous cabin room that was sealed shut. It was a thousand meters long, three hundred meters wide and three hundred meters tall. It was rather barren inside, with only a sculpture as decoration and a box placed in a distant corner.

The sculpture depicted a fat warrior holding onto a Wolf Teeth Cudgel, and to his side was a black metallic box.

"This can’t be possible. This road has already been traversed once by the Mirage Avatars, so why were we transported here and not the Mirage Avatars?" Uncle Fu had an ominous feeling.

"A fortuitous encounter!" Chen Jiu frowned. "We've met a fortuitous encounter."

"This is bad." Xue Ying frowned as well.

Uncle Fu had a slight change in expression. "We’ve been avoiding any and all fortuitous encounters on the road to the central vine, but we’ve still entered one of them in the end."

The Xia Clan ancestor Demigods would try their best to find fortuitous encounters, but Xue Ying, Chen Jiu, and Uncle Fu were doing their best to avoid them. After all, when it came to fortuitous encounters...one could not tell beforehand whether it would be a big or small one. What they were afraid of was a big encounter! A big fortuitous encounter would be associated with great danger, some of which even they would be unable to withstand and would lead to their deaths.

"While several fortuitous encounters might be openly visible to all, other are simply hidden. Some of these encounters even change their position," Chen Jiu helplessly said. "Our luck was so good that we ended up meeting one of such encounters. Everyone, stay alert. Danger might arrive at any time."

"Mn." Xue Ying nodded.

Chen Jiu, Xue Ying, and Uncle Fu cast their vision over to the corner of the sealed cabin room where the fat warrior sculpture and the black metallic box were located.

The room actually contained nothing other than these two objects—it was just the sculpture and the box!

The two objects were possibly the battle rewards for the fortuitous encounter! It would not matter much if they were ordinary, but they were afraid that they might be too precious!

"It seems like an ordinary encounter. If I’m not mistaken, the sculpture should be a Deity warrior," Chen Jiu relayed to the others. "The Deity warriors located in the first vine leaf world should generally be Demigod-ranked."

Xue Ying nodded.

Deity warriors of the Demigod rank were considered quite ordinary. Usually, they would have a combat power comparable to the top ten ranked Demigods. For one to be comparable to the top three would already mean it was quite formidable. Deity-grade Deity warriors were, therefore, very precious. The most ordinary of them would be at the level of Lord You Lan! Thus, a Deity-grade warrior would be worth more than a hundred Demigod-grade warriors! At the same time, the danger such an encounter represented would also be much higher.

Xue Ying did not need Deity-grade warriors, however, since a Deity-grade warrior could not possibly enter the Xia Clan world.

"It's just a Deity warrior?" Xue Ying felt himself easing up. This could be considered an easy encounter for them. Even Ancestor Black Wind had been able to obtain the five shadows. That was quite a few Deity warriors.

"Something is not right." Xue Ying's pupils contracted.

"Perhaps there’s something inside the box," Chen Jiu commented after seeing the change in Xue Ying’s expression.

Xue Ying immediately replied through transmission, "Look at that Deity warrior's armor."

Chen Jiu immediately gave it a thorough look, investigating it using his True Meaning of Eight Dragons. His expression immediately changed.

The armor adorned by the fat warrior sculpture and the weapon with wolf-like teeth were surprisingly both Deity equipment!

"Deity equipment?" Chen Jiu and Xue Ying exchanged a glance. They became anxious and raised their vigilance.

Any ordinary Deity equipment was worth much more than Demigod-grade warriors.


The armor and the Wolf-Teeth Cudgel had different values. A defensive Deity armor was worth the equivalent of about ten pieces of offensive Deity equipment. Of course, this was only true if all of them were Low Grade Deity-ranked items.

"It’s a defensive Deity-ranked item. It seems we’re in trouble." Chen Jiu frowned as he transmitted the message. "Dong Bo, send your Mirage Avatars forward and see what's inside the box."

"The moment we touch that box, it'll probably alert that Deity warrior, and that’s very likely when the danger will arrive," Xue Ying said.

"Mn." Chen Jiu was making his preparations now.

Xue Ying nodded. With a thought, a Mirage Avatar with the same appearance as Xue Ying condensed out from nothingness right next to the sculpture. As quick as lightning, it grabbed the box and attempted to open it.


The eyes of the fat warrior sculpture beside it immediately exploded with light, and it immediately waved the Wolf Teeth Cudgel in its hands. Being located right beside the black metallic box, his actions were naturally very fast. In an instant, the Wolf Teeth Cudgel had already swept across the Mirage Avatar.


That Mirage Avatar merely had the combat power of an early Demigod. It immediately flew backward, its chest caved in.

"The Deity warrior isn’t much of a threat," Xue Ying transmitted to the others. That fat warrior sculpture was, at most, a peak Demigod, and at most had a combat power equivalent to the top five ranked Demigods. As for the Deity equipment? Deity warriors could not activate Deity items, so they could be considered nothing more than mere decorations.

"Be careful!" Xue Ying’s expression had a huge change all of a sudden.

"What happened?" Chen Jiu and Uncle Fu had a puzzled look. They were doing their best to get a sense of what Xue Ying was talking about, to no avail.


An arm-thick, azure-colored tentacle of a soft consistency extended out of the Mirage, lashing out right against Chen Jiu’s figure! The strike carried an immense force—that single lash caused the space within the sealed cabin room to tremble.

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