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Chapter 311: A Big Surprise

Chapter 311: A Big Surprise

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Xue Ying impatiently said, "It doesn’t necessarily have to be an antidote. Any method is fine as long as it can cure the poison. I’ll even be fine with a poison inhibitor."

Xi Wei shook her head. "A poison inhibitor? Aren’t you currently using Hundred Bitter Restoration? That already can be considered the most suitable inhibitor for the poison."

"Does your Crimson Rock Mountain not have any method to weaken the Six Ghosts Resentment?" Xue Ying pressed on.

He knew there would be value limit on the prize given to the Transcendents who passed the basic trials. For example, chances to watch the Creation of Heaven and Earth or to cultivate inside the Cultivation Eden were usually incredibly hard to come by, since not even tens or hundreds of Deity treasures could buy one an opportunity. But the Creation of Heaven and Earth was recorded inside Crimson Rock Mountain, and they would not lose anything just by letting outsiders watch it. It was the same for the Cultivation Eden, as they would not suffer any losses upon letting others to cultivate inside. That was why they didn't mind giving them these opportunities.

Xue Ying was sure that Crimson Rock Mountain must have some method to cure the weakened version of Six Ghosts Resentment he was afflicted with. After all, Crimson Rock Mountain represented a World Deity.

"Of course there are methods to cure the poison outside of using an antidote," Senior Xi Wei continued explaining, "but the other methods are even more valuable than the antidote."

"I… I…" Xue Ying was speechless. "Is there really no way for me?" Xue Ying inquired one last time.

"No." This single word silenced Xue Ying.

In truth, Xue Ying was prepared for this kind of result. Before, when he chatted with Chen Jiu about the reward for passing Meteor Bridge, they had only discussed about a ‘hope to get an antidote’. There was merely hope and not any certainty of getting it. It was just that, deep in their hearts, they saw Crimson Rock Mountain as mysterious and omnipotent. It definitely could cure a poison like the Six Ghosts Resentment. But reality begged to differ. It wasn’t that easy to cure a terrifying hexing poison from the Deity world, even if it was a weakened version.

Looks like I need to try the other plan, thought Xue Ying.

Why was it that he wanted to join a group to enter Crimson Rock Mountain? It was because he worried that he might not be able to cure the hexing poison even after he passed the Meteor Bridge.

He had several plans in his mind when he decided to enter Crimson Rock Mountain. The first and the easiest one was to pass the basic trials and cure the poison. He would then get to practice and break through into the stage three realm before trying to pass the Sky-Reaching Vine. He would face some danger on the first vine leaf of the Sky-Reaching Vine in hopes of getting some additional treasures.

The Sky-Reaching Vine had five leaves in total, each bigger than a meteor and containing numerous dangers as well as a chance of fortuitous harvest! The Black Wind Ancestor had also gotten his Deity World soldiers and corpses of Deity World biological creatures there. It was later on that he encountered danger and was forced to break his talisman in order to leave Crimson Rock Mountain.

The talisman…was something Senior Xi Wei gave to everyone who passed the basic trials, right before they attempted to traverse the Sky-Reaching Vine.

The Sky-Reaching Vine was very dangerous, as the higher one went, the more dangerous it would become for them. Even people like the Meishan Clan Master and Chen Jiu wouldn’t be certain of success. But even if they met danger, they could still give up and use the talisman so as to at least leave with their lives. Although Crimson Rock Mountain was dangerous, nobody except the crazy would die on the Sky-Reaching Vine.

However, Chen Jiu and the Meishan Clan Master were different. Both of them were ordered by their corresponding World Deity and had already made an oath. They were not allowed to give up and had to obtain the treasures needed by their World Deity no matter what. Otherwise, even if they could safely leave Crimson Rock Mountain, the oath they took would kill them for having failed.

The first and second vine leaves are usually more fortuitous than they are dangerous. Many ancestors from my Xia Clan went onto the first vine leaf to get treasures before leaving, Xue Ying thought.

For the Demigods of the Xia Clan, the hardest part was to pass the basic trials. After all, they could then simply use the talisman to save their lives.

Xue Ying thought, Within these past few million years, only a limited amount of my clansmen were able to pass the basic trials. Thankfully, Senior Chao Qing was quite fortunate and managed to pass them.

Every three thousand years, several Xia clansmen would enter Crimson Rock Mountain to try their luck inside. With a few million years, the numbers quickly accumulated, but unfortunately for those ordinary Demigods, the Floating Sky Island and the Meteor Bridge basic trials were still too difficult for them.

Normally, only the top three ranked Demigods or Era Suppressors would dare brave the dangers and try their luck. Statistically, only one out of ten Era Suppressors could successfully get through. As for those hailed as the top three Demigods in their era, of the two to three hundred people who entered, only one very lucky individual might make it out!

Chao Qing was precisely one of those lucky fellows. The plan he had used to pass through the island was commonly employed by Xia Clan Demigods—using a flying ship to quickly rush through. Since Demigod-ranked flying ships had good defensive ability, it could protect its user from Stone Sculpture Protectors and Flying Venomous Scorpions. As long as the ship did not get surrounded, it could utilize its speed to pass the trials. Once surrounded, however, only death awaited the user.

It was more useful in the Floating Sky Island, since the speed of the sculptures only reached up to fifty kilometers per second. If one went alone, the number of sculptures chasing them wouldn’t be too large. Relying on the speed of a flying ship and luck would generally get one through this first trial.

When it came to the Flying Venomous Scorpions, the ten ordinary ones were comparably weak. The Deity-ranked Flying Venomous Scorpions were much harder to shake off by comparison. The hardest trial, however, was that of the silver-armored swordsman, which had a high comprehension of the Laws! If the swordsman placed one of the flying ships in its eyes, death was certain for its user.

Chao Qing had condensed a Thunder God Deity Heart, and the flying ship he used was one of flying ships that Xue Ying had seized from Demonic Faction Headquarter. It was a Demigod-ranked ship inlaid with and powered by thunder energy. In fact, many of the fastest flying ships were affiliated with thunder, light, wind, or any other element associated with speed.

With his Thunder God Deity Heart as well as the thunder-type flying ship, Chao Qing was like a fish in water. After all, thunder was known for its speed. Excluding Xue Ying, he would be the fastest in the Xia Clan with his speed of 250 kilometers per second. With the help of a flying ship, he could even reach about 350 kilometers per second, which was even faster than Uncle Fu and Old Thief.

With the help of speed and hard work, Chao Qing had luckily managed to pass the basic trials. Later, in front of Senior Xi Wei, he chose to enter the Cultivation Eden. There were no news about him from after he entered the Eden. When Xue Ying entered Crimson Rock Mountain, Chao Qing had already reached the end of his 3,000 year-long lifespan.

Ordinary Era Suppressors would generally refrain from using this flying ship method, since it was basically all down to luck. Once surrounded, perhaps by Stone Sculpture Protectors, they couldn’t fight back from inside the ship, yet leaving the ship to fight would just serve to quicken their death.

Xue Ying shook his head. Based on the records, the Demigods of the Xia Clan with good enough luck to pass the basic trials usually first went over to the first vine leaf to get some treasures. I would have also liked to do that, but I’m unfortunately not in a position to do so. I can’t loiter around and must utilize the first and second vine leaves to the fullest.

The five leaves were bigger than a meteor, especially so in the case of the first two leaves that contained numerous fortuitous encounters. Perhaps the World Deity existence had wanted to attract those budding Demigods with the promise of treasures or chance meetings.

I hope I can break through to the stage three realm on the first vine leaf. If I can’t do that, I’ll have to try to find a spot on the second leaf where time flows faster. I will part ways from Chen Jiu and the others and remain there until I reach the stage three realm of my True Meanings! Xue Ying thought.

There were some spots on the second leaf where time flowed slower as well as spots where time flowed faster. In those places where time flowed faster than in the outside world, one month was equivalent with one day in the outside world! Xue Ying wanted to use this kind of environment to practice for another ten to twenty years. In theory, once afflicted with the Six Ghosts Resentment, he could only live for two hundred more years. He had already lived with it for nearly a hundred years, and he still had fifty years worth of fighting power in reserve. That was the reason he wanted to peacefully stay on the second leaf and practice for maybe ten or twenty years to increase his strength.

Once his True Meaning of Extreme Penetration, Mirage, and Star all reached the stage three realm, his strength would reach a whole new level. He didn’t have enough time to get to the peak, so he would be satisfied as long as he just entered the stage three realm. Once he did, his strength would surpass that of Chen Jiu, the Meishan Clan Master, and all the others. His True Meaning of Mirage would also reach a point where, just like Old Thief, he could freely change the position of his real body with that of any of his avatars. Such an ability would greatly help him with preserving his life and passing the Sky-Reaching Vine.


As he stood there, Xue Ying quickly finished the calculations in his mind.

The green-haired Senior Xi Wei gently shook her head, "Kid, I might be unable to cure your poison, but you still have the right to choose a reward. Why don’t you choose to watch the Creation of Heaven and Earth? Even in the Deity world, you couldn’t easily get such an opportunity. Or would you rather go inside the Cultivation Eden? That would also be a good choice. That’s where the honorary disciples of our Crimson Rock Mountain cultivate; it could really benefit you."

Chen Jiu, Wu Ma Hai, and the others all had relatively good environments for cultivating back in the Deity world. The Meishan Clan Master and Jian Huang could also be said to have had good environments, as they were nurtured by the Temporal Temple. This was why most of them had chosen to watch the Creation of Heaven and Earth. It was likely that only Xia Clan Demigods who generally chose the Cultivation Eden instead of the Creation of Heaven and Earth. After all, in the mortal world, the Xia clansmen didn’t really have any good cultivation environments, so from their point of view, the Cultivation Eden would really provide them with great benefits.

Senior Xi Wei added, "Seeing someone highly gifted like you entering Crimson Rock Mountain, I can tell that you must be a Transcendent from the Xia Clan World. Had you instead come from the Deity world or the Dark Abyss, as someone able to create your own secret skill, you would have easily been able to cure some hexing poison. It’s still quite a bit until your poison is set to break out. You can choose the Cultivation Eden and practice inside for fifty years. Wasn’t it just a hundred years ago that a Transcendent of your Xia Clan, who was on death’s door, came here to Crimson Rock Mountain? He ended up choosing to enter the Cultivation Eden, and his luck had actually enabled him to open a Deity sea, allowing him to become a Deity." At these words, Xue Ying’s mind went blank. He was completely shocked!

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