Lord Xue Ying

Chapter 309: Forging Ahead

Chapter 309: Forging Ahead

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Xue Ying didn’t bother tangling with him. His figure changed into flowing light and rapidly charged toward the end of the Meteor Bridge.


The silver-armored swordsman’s speed was also exceedingly fast. It charged toward Xue Yin. In almost a flash, it drew closer, accompanied by a ice-cold sword light that seemed like a waning moon! Yes, this sword light was very chilling; when this waning moon’s sword light shone, even the space inside the Mirage began to freeze. This chilling waning moon’s sword light immediately chopped toward Xue Ying’s throat.

"Scram!" With a bang, the spear, which faintly resembled a huge star, immediately swelled and burst with dazzling rays of light. Afterward, it immediately subsided, and the dazzling light immediately contracted into one point.


This point—

—became this spear’s head!

The spear’s head contained a vortex-like gravitational force that sucked in that waning moon’s sword light as it drew near him! The terrifying cold qi emitted by the waning moon’s sword light was also vacuumed up.

The vortex’s gravitational force suddenly turned into a repulsion force! Due to the sudden change, the direction of the waning moon’s sword light was affected as well.


Chi! The spear slid past the sword light and directly stabbed into the silver-armored swordsman’s chest.



The silver-armored swordsman immediately staggered backward. He couldn’t help but send a look of surprise toward this Transcendent. Although the Mirage was different from the real world, everything was affected. All aspects of his speed and strength were weakened slightly. He could only utilize seven or eight parts of his body’s power, but the profound mysteries of that spear strike, he had to admit, was already superior to his sword laws!

Xue Ying also felt that the surface of his True Meaning of Star was faintly trembling under the onslaught of the cold qi, but it wasn’t too bad; his protective True Meaning of Star hadn’t collapsed. Furthermore, he also had the armor transformed from the green-armored protector.

"The Moon is worthy of being called the most Yin and most cold! Merely manifesting cold qi is astonishing, but once he was really struck, I’m afraid I totally freeze to death." An idea crossed Xue Ying’s mind, but his movements didn’t stop in the slightest as he speedily charged toward the Meteor Bridge.

"Don't think about leaving." The previously staggering silver-armored swordsman immediately charged forward once more, brandishing his sword.

"Uncle Fu, Old Thief, quick, quick, you two run quickly!

In an instant, Chen Jiu’s eight gray-metaled arms faintly formed the image of a dragon’s head; his attack method was incomparably exquisite. From what Xue Ying surmised, his True Meaning of Eight Dragons should be a variation of the True Meaning of Life and Death. After all, in the Laws of Heaven and Earth. Profound mysteries were innumerable, and the innumerable profound mysteries ultimately combined into the complete Laws of Heaven and Earth.


So theoretically, any profound mysteries could fuse together.


This brought about a few relatively extraordinary yet unknown True Meanings, but normally one would find similar ones. The True Meaning of Eight Dragons was similar to the True Meaning of Life and Death. Although it brought various deathly killing strikes, it faintly contained an endless life force. It caused his moves to be flawless. The eight arms seemed as if it was a flawless cycle of life and death.

With a simple exchange, the other three silver-armored swordsmen also immediately determined that although they were superior in strength and speed, Chen Jiu was stronger in profound mysteries and laws and had eight arms. The three of them calculated that if they attacked together, they could only suppress this demigod at best; it would be hard to score a victory. Therefore, they quickly turned to handle Uncle Fu and Old Thief.


"Don’t think about leaving." Chen Jiu was incomparably valiant and rapidly approached Old Thief and Uncle Fu. At the same time, his eight arms entangled the silver-armored swordsmen.

The silver-armored swordsmen wanted to kill Uncle Fu and Old Thief, but Chen Jiu was nearby. They naturally clashed!

Both sides were locked in battle.

The silver-armored swordsman were weakened in the Mirage, but in the realm world, their strength did not decrease. Every single time, they exchanged blows, Chen Jiu’s arms shook and reduced in length. For the moment, he could only barely do his best to tangle up two silver-armored guards. There was still another one attacking Uncle Fu and Old Thief.

Hua. On the surface of Uncle Fu’s body, a layer of flowing black light materialized, and in his hand, he grasped a shield.


Dang. He used the shield to block the silver-armored swordsman’s strike.

Using the force of impact, Uncle Fu actually borrowed the energy and flew even faster toward the end of the Meteor Bridge.

"You want to leave?" The silver-armored swordsman smiled coldly and chased after him. He once more brandished his sword. Although Uncle Fu did his best to block with his shield, the silver-armored swordsman’s sword laws were strange and unpredictable—as well as fast. Very soon, there were three swords slashing at his body, and the rippling protective black light began to tremble. After three slashes, the protective black light completely disappeared.

"Old Baldy." The mountain-goateed old man Old Thief switched positions with an Illusion Avatar, deliberately distracting the silver-armored swordsman.


It proved useless. The silver-armored swordsman was fixed on Uncle Fu and simply didn’t care about Old Thief.

Peng. The Demigod rank shield in Uncle Fu’s hands was sent flying away. His two hands were a little numb. Nothing could be done. Previously, his body had be struck by three slashes, but the shield had blocked more than ten of them. Every strike’s power was stronger than Chen Jiu, Lord You Lan, and the others combined. Thankfully, the strength displayed by Uncle Fu’s True Meaning was strong enough, and he could use the shield to consecutively block many attacks. But in the end, he could not endure.


Hua! Another strike sliced over!


Uncle Fu displayed a look of despair.

It was too fast.

It was too late to even use a Deity Scroll. One needed to bring out the Deity Scroll, rip it apart, and then use magic power to guide it! He was being suppressed by the successive, lightning-fast sword lights. The previous slash had sent his shield flying. Under the slash immediately following it, how would he have the time?

"Just dying like this? No, the Deity Scrolls are still on my body." Uncle Fu was anxious; he was the only Transcendent Mage out of the three team members.


"Uncle Fu." Chen Jiu anxiously rushed over, but there was no time.

"Not good." Upon seeing this, Xue Ying, who was inside the Mirage, also didn’t have enough time. After all, the battle was too fast.


Just at this time, a figure appeared in front of Uncle Fu.


It was the mountain-goateed old man!


Only he, with the help of the Illusion Avatars to instantly switch over, could rescue Uncle Fu in time.


He! The mountain-goateed old man Old Thief blocked the sword light with a lightning dagger in his hand.


It was blocked!

The waning moon-like sword struck upon that dagger, but the terrifying power contained within the bent blade erupted, immediately pressing down on the dagger and continuing to slash upon the mountain-goateed old man’s body. Although he wore a Demigod-rank robe on his body, the terrifying power contained by this slash…still pounded through the robe onto the mountain-goateed old man’s entire body. His body was sent flying backward, wide eyes as round as a ball.

This time, his true body blocked it. Because the illusion puppets absolutely could not block it.


Chen Jiu, who was rapidly rushing over, immediately waved his arms, angrily swatting at the silver-armored swordsman. The silver-armored swordsman blocked the eight arms with one strike yet was sent tottering backward.

At this time, Uncle Fu carried Old Thief and immediately fled toward the end of the Meteor Bridge. In this short instant, he had already escaped.

"Go." Chen Jiu also immediately flew away.


At the other end of the Meteor Bridge, they stepped onto muddy soil.


Xue Ying was the first to arrive. Immediately after was Uncle Fu, who held Old Thief.


"Old Thief." Uncle Fu held Old Thief in his arms, incomparably anxious.


"Old Thief, how are you." Chen Jiu rushed over.

The mountain-goateed old man smiled. "Help manor master…" Just after speaking these words, his entire body completely disintegrated, changing into nothingness. Under that fearsome strike, Old Thief’s body couldn’t hold on at all and was completely destroyed on a particle level. Only his formidable soul stubbornly let his body hold on, but once he opened his mouth, he collapsed and was destroyed.

"You, why are you so foolish." Tears pooled in the bald-headed old man Uncle Fu’s eyes. "You clearly knew you couldn’t block, yet you did! Old Thief, Old Thief!"

Old Thief grasped the True Meaning of Illusion.

This True Meaning caused Old Thief’s own power to not be too strong. His strength was not dominating and was just as weak as the Mirage was offensively. Although the Illusion was a bit better, it was still weak! Old Thief’s attacking power was only comparable with the Xia Clan’s top three ranks. Normally, his original body switched with his illusions, causing his survivability to be extremely formidable as well as his assassination ability.

"I know; I know that Old Thief recognized that because I am a Transcendent Mage, I’m more useful to manor master." Uncle Fu’s tears flowed. In the Flying Sword Manor, he and Old Thief were affectionate brothers


Chen Jiu’s eyes also faintly reddened.

Uncle Fu was his elder; Old Thief was also his elder.


He didn’t expect that they would die here! Damnit, if his strength was a bit more powerful, he would have been fine tangling up three silver-armored swordsman.


The following teams also arrived one after the other.

The Meishan Clan Master’s team was separated. The black-robed man used a Deity Scroll to move forward alone, successfully passing through. The Meishan Clan Master lead the white-robed young lady and also successfully passed through. Their team was still intact.

The golden-robed youth Jian Huang, alone, naturally passed through.

The last team—Wu Ma Hai’s team— lost his final companion, the tall and thin man Ba Han, who also died under the silver-armored swordsmen! After all, Wu Ma Hai was neither eight-armed nor skilled at ranged attacks, so he could only handle one silver-armored swordsman. Although the strength of that Ba Han was rather high, and despite almost being at the end of the bridge, he was still beheaded by a slash!

Four teams.

Meishan Clan Master’s team was in good condition.


Xue Ying and Chen Jiu’s team lost one person.


Wu Ma Hai and the golden-clothed youth Jian Huang’s teams only had one survivor.

"Everyone’s arrived."

The atmosphere was clearly rather depressing.

The Meishan Clan Master, the only one with an intact team, started to speak. "Everyone had understood that upon entering Crimson Rock Mountain, nine will die while only one lives. It’s a gamble of life! Now we’ve already passed the Meteor Bridge. In front of us…is the Sky-Reaching Vine’s foot. There, we should be able to obtain some necessities."

Crimson Rock Mountain’s master...

Originally in the Deity Realm, he used Crimson Rock Mountain to accept disciples, attracting numerous Demigods! This first part was actually a type of charity!

As long as Demigods with adequate strength, or perhaps good fortune, came, passing the Meteor Bridge would result in receiving some rewards and favors! As for the Sky-Reaching Vine…that was the real brutal screening.

"Let’s go." Looking at the gloomy earth in front, as well as the faraway lofty Sky-Reaching Vine of endless height, Xue Ying spoke up.


The Meishan Clan Master, Dong Bo Xue Ying, golden-robed Jian Huang, Wu Ma Hai, white-robed young lady, black-robed man, Uncle Fu, and others walked in the direction of the Sky-Reaching Vine. Although their losses were big, they had already anticipated this before entering the trials. Since it already happened, they had no choice but to accept the outcome! They could only continue to forge ahead!

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