Lord Xue Ying

Chapter 304: True Meaning of Only Me

Chapter 304: True Meaning of Only Me

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"They are actually so reckless? He did not lie at all." Chen Jiu frowned. He wanted to learn from the previous few teams as they tried passing through the last stage so as to improve the chances his team had in getting through it.


"Dong Bo Xue Ying, tell me in detail how he got through it," Chen Jiu inquired.

Xue Ying acknowledged him with an explanation.

Only with his Mirage Avatar would he be so reckless in observing the others. If it was anyone else, how would they possibly be able to observe what was happening? They would easily be discovered by the Stone Sculpture Protectors.

Xue Ying’s Mirage Avatar had many different transformations and could even turn into part of the Mirage! It was the Mirage, and thus, when the Stone Sculpture Protectors looked up, even if they could see through the Mirage, they would only feel that the Mirage Avatar was merely part of the Mirage and nothing more. Thus, as long as the Mirage Avatar did not move, the protectors would essentially not sense him at all.


Seconds passed by slowly.

Xue Ying’s team also proceeded cautiously. Along the way, there was no need for Xue Ying to act at all; they relied solely on Chen Jiu releasing an illusory dragon to attack from a distance, eliminating every single danger that was ahead.


"Jian Huang’s team has started moving." Xue Ying carefully proceeded, his Mirage Avatar observing what happened from afar.


The distance was too far, and he could only vaguely see what was happening. That team’s speed also suddenly exploded out. With the densely-located Stone Sculpture Protectors surging up violently forward, several Stone Sculpture Protectors even started flying and attacking from the sky; for a moment, all of them started charging from all over toward that team.

A strange-looking Dragon Turtle illusion appeared, protecting the entire team.

But within a few seconds, it was unable to withstand any further damage.

Under the frenzied attack by the dense crowd of Stone Sculpture Protectors, the Dragon Turtle illusion had crumbled apart almost instantaneously.


Following that, a dazzling sword light could be seen. It was so bright that within moments, the Stone Sculpture Protectors were either falling to the ground, falling backwards, or clashing against other Stone Sculpture Protectors. Regardless, there were many more Stone Sculpture Protectors attacking them in frenzy.

"Truly too many." Xue Ying shook his head,

The entire process took approximately five seconds.

Jian Huang’s team had also finally reached the Meteor Bridge. The moment they reached that enormous floating meteor, the Stone Sculpture Protectors would no longer attack them anymore.



In the Xia Clan world, on a piece of grassland.


There were currently many figures either seated cross-legged on the ground or on rocks or walking about. They were none other than the Qi or Magic Avatars comprising of the four teams, with some even having Demonic Energy within.

"Sister Xue Wei!" The golden-robed teenager Jian Huang was seated on a piece of big rock. It was originally very calm, but suddenly, his expression had a huge change as it was filled with disbelief and terror.

"Xue Wei!" The tall and big hunk by his side was also trembling.

"How could it, how could it be…" The golden-robed teenager Jian Huang collapsed to his knees, unable to bear the shock; his entire body was trembling too. "Why, just a little more and I could have saved you, but why…?"


Ever since they had been captured by the Temporal Temple and became Reincarnators…

Jian Huang was originally the weakest amongst the team. The enchanting woman, Big Sister Xue Wei who had just died moments ago, was a legend. It was she who favored Jian Huang, absorbing him into her team! She had also taken care of him. The two was as close as brother and sister and had a deep relationship. Jian Huang was someone who had been grabbed as a mortal; he improved since then to nearly be a Deity.

"Team Commander." The tall and big hunk was also in despair. He lightly patted Jian Huang’s shoulder.

"Why, why must it be like this? I was too arrogant and proud and shouldn’t have promised to enter Crimson Rock Mountain." Jian Huang was full of loathing. Even though he was mentally prepared for the entire team to be wiped, coming here to take on a gamble with their lives, the moment Sister Xue Wei, who had been through life and death with him, died in front of him, he couldn’t bear it.

Dying within Crimson Rock Mountain meant that even the Temporal Temple could not take away the soul of that person—that person would die permanently!

"You shouldn’t take the blame. No one is to blame; this has been agreed upon by all of us prior to coming. If you want to blame someone, you should blame the Temporal Temple." The tall and big hunk said in a grave tone, "It’s them who forced us to walk by the boundary of death time and again. If not for their direction and coercion, which team would ever be willing to enter such a predicament? In the end, we chose to come to Crimson Rock Mountain."

The golden-robed teenager Jian Huang stood up. Ultimately, he had experienced too many eternal partings and was currently forcing back his agony.

"Wu Huang." The golden-robed teenager Jian Huang looked toward the nearby Meishan Clan Master. "I truly admire you for you to dare take three consecutive hell-rank missions to finally rid yourself of the control of the Temporal Temple, regaining your own freedom."

"Let’s look forward to the future." The Meishan Clan Master looked toward Jian Huang, who stood before him silently.


Wu Ma Hai’s team lost Bo Bo. Jian Huang’s team lost the enchantress Xue Wei. This made the two other teams even more anxious.

Clearly, from what had happened, the usual Deity grade scrolls were quite limited in aiding them, especially those defense-related ones; they were futile in the current situation. As it had to protect the entire time, it could not withstand the all-around attacks by the densely-crowding Stone Sculpture Protectors for such a long period of time. Unless they were willing to use more than ten scrolls, they could not force their way through.

To rush through...

One way was to rely on power, and the other way was to depend on luck! If they could sneak through the gaps in between the Stone Sculpture Protectors’ surround attack within a short period of time, it would be enough for them to get through this stage. If they could not get through? Then the team was doomed.

The more people in the team, the bigger the target. Conversely, it made charging through the gap even harder.


But as each team had people like Chen Jiu, Jian Huang, Wu Ma Hai, and the Meishan Clan Master, their comrades were willing to advance together.


"The Meishan Clan Master and his team are beginning to move."


Xue Ying was observing from the side, describing the situation to Chen Jiu.

As they proceeded forward, Xue Ying’s distance was quite close to that of Meishan Clan Master’s team—within the five thousand kilometers range of influence! He was able to clearly see what was happening through the Mirage.


"I’ve discovered them too." Chen Jiu borrowed his own True Meaning domain region to scout out what was happening with the battle.


Xue Ying was suddenly startled.

The Meishan Clan Master’s team’s method of getting through was something that had startled Xue Ying, regardless of it happening after seeing the other two previous team’s methods.

His two arms lengthened—reaching about six meters long—and rapidly attacked every single incoming Stone Sculpture Protectors! Furthermore, the surrounding space was like a swamp, causing the speed of the incoming Stone Sculpture Protectors to become slower the closer they approached them. For a moment, the Meishan Clan Master had actually depended on solely his strength to obstruct the entire group of Stone Sculpture Protectors jointly attacking them!


Of course, the surrounding area could only be so big, and the Stone Sculpture Protectors were of the same height as ordinary humans, ensuring that only a few hundred Stone Sculpture Protectors could attack them at any one time!


But with the protectors attacking from all directions, a single pair of arms was not enough to block them all.

The Meishan Clan Master’s body was full of weapons–his head, his back, his legs… they were all being used to attack! And every single part of his body was truly tyrannical.


"The True Meaning of Only Me! And he also has a Deity armor?" Chen Jiu’s voice transmitted into the Mirage.


"The True Meaning of Only Me?" Xue Ying was similarly shocked.


Amongst the grade two True Meanings…


The True Meaning of Only Me was purely a fleshy body-related True Meaning! It did not have any offensive Profound Mysteries inherently within, and neither did it contain other sort of Profound Mysteries; instead, it did one single thing… It unleashed the fleshy body’s fullest potential! The True Meaning of Only Me recognized the body as the heaven, earth, and cosmos; it contained all sorts of inexhaustible Profound Mysteries. One did not have to care about other external objects and only needed to comprehend one’s own body, allowing one to similarly be able to become a Deity and be unparalleled.


That was the meaning behind Only Me!

Thus, those who had the True Meaning of Only Me would have a fleshy body that was truly tyrannical! For instance, his body was so much more terrifying than the demonic body of Lord You Lan and General Ku Meng’s demonic body.

It was purely an extreme fleshy body-related True Meaning!

"Only Me seeks perfection inwardly. Space seeks perfection externally! One within and one outside…this Meishan Clan master is truly formidable. And he has somehow obtain a Deity armor as well?" Chen Jiu transmitted over his astonishment.

Xue Ying was similarly startled too.

He understood…


Ever since Crimson Rock Mountain landed on the Xia Clan world, the price for Deities to send a Deity armor down into this world had rapidly increased! Those magnificent existences did not have an easy time sending Wu Ma Hai, Lord You Lan, and Chen Jiu. To send a Deity armor was similar to sending a Demigod at the level of Chen Jiu—they would certainly not be so willing to do so!

And within Crimson Rock Mountain, the Deity armor was advantageous in facing against any direct attacks. But should the attacks come from behind, there would be many ways those attacks could transmit through the Deity armor!

"I’ve heard that the Meishan Clan Master has long arrived on the Xia Clan world." Chen Jiu commented, "Thus, there’s no need to pay the price of sending him down. Ultimately, the Deity armor has a limited effect when met with certain unique attacks and would usually not be worth sending it down. But the Meishan Clan Master has the True Meaning of Only Me, and his body is originally very tyrannical. Adding on a Deity armor would make it extremely difficult for others to kill him. With the True Meaning of Space, his survivability is probably the strongest amongst all of us."

Xue Ying agreed with that.


Under the head-on protection by the Meishan Clan Master, the entire team made it onto the Meteor Bridge. It was also the only team with all members surviving.

"It’s our turn now." Soon after, Chen Jiu, Old Thief, Uncle Fu and Xue Ying began moving closer to the bridge.


There were tens of thousands of Stone Sculpture Protectors, filling every single direction.

There was practically no gap for them to tunnel through.


Xue Ying and the others had long discussed and agreed upon a plan.


"Mn?" Amongst the five hundred kilometers range that was filled densely with Stone Sculpture Protectors, they all suddenly turned toward a single direction—a similar amount of Transcendents were currently killing their way in. There were Mountain Lord He, Faction Head Si Kong Yang, Chi Qiu Bai, Elder Ao Lan, Demonic Faction’s three High Priests, Monarch Qing Yan, City Lady Bu, Xue Ying…and many other Transcendents.

Xue Ying’s nine Mirage Avatars had transformed into nine Demigods he recognized and were all walking within the Mirage. Naturally, they would be discovered by the Stone Sculpture Protectors too! That was because the Mirage Avatar’s bodies had long since coagulated into figures.

And Old Thief was even more formidable. He could use the Deity Heart condensed from the True Meaning of Illusion—which specialized in creating illusions—and had created a total of thirty-six Illusion Avatars! Every single one of them was at the peak stage Demigod realm and was at about the combat power Ghost Deity Knight Feng Dong had. Each and every one of them was unique, emitting unique auras as well. Most likely, these were Demigods that Old Thief himself had recognized.

"My Flying Sword Cloud Manor’s Demigods have arrived!"

The huge group of Demigods had suddenly charged toward the Stone Sculpture Protectors! But at this moment, Chen Jiu, Xue Ying, and the others were starting to get nervous for whether they lived or die depended on this short five hundred kilometers of distance! One had to know that even if the other teams’ methods were formidable, other than the Meishan Clan Master’s team, the other teams had similarly lost a single comrade.

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