Lord Xue Ying

Chapter 1330 - Food

Chapter 1330: Food

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The party of cultivators flew up the city walls while being wrapped by the lightning ball.

“It seems they have brought the newcomer back?”

“Judging from the battle, he seems to be a Dao Cultivator.” The two sentries responsible for guarding the place looked at Xue Ying curiously.

“Younger Brother Flying Snow, it is Jun Qian and his buddy that discovered the disturbance and informed us earlier on.” That tall giant cast from stone chuckled out.

“Haha, it is our responsibility! I am Jun Qian, and he is Fu Shan.” Jun Qian’s aura felt vast and grand. Flames could be seen burning faintly in his eyes. As for the other sentry, Fu Shan, he was an old man wearing a golden band. The golden band had five colorful gems imbued within.

Xue Ying greeted: “This one is called Flying Snow. It is great meeting you, Brother Jun Qian and Brother Fu Shan.”

Jun Qian nodded with a smile.

Fu Shan similarly revealed a grin.

Even though they originated from different worlds, all of them were overlords standing at the peak of their own worlds. They had been through a period of loneliness before choosing to come here! But, even though this ‘Sacred World’ did not contain many experts, they were only considered average among those experts.

“Let’s not disturb the two of them anymore.” The cultivator with a giant tail, God Eagle Snake, said, “Younger Brother Flying Snow, come and follow us! You have just arrived at Scarlet Cloud City and there are many things which you do not know yet. Let us bring you around the place.”


“Younger Brother Flying Snow should not have eaten yet. Let us treat him to a meal.”

This team had a total of eight cultivators. Five of them simply left, leaving just three who accompanied Xue Ying with great enthusiasm,

The three that were accompanying Xue Ying… were respectively, the cultivator with an enormous tail, ‘God Eagle Snake’, the cultivator with the strongest body and had the most rudimentary combat style––that stone giant ‘Scarlet Demon’, and lastly, the cultivator who transformed into the lightning ball which ferried the team over, ‘Lightning Xiao’.

“Younger Brother Flying Snow, you don’t have to mind them. Those who could come to this Sacred World have extraordinary origins. All of them are Emperors and Ancestors back at their homeworlds. Some are cold and proud, while others are more aloof. Previously, they acted only because this is their job. Now that they have saved you, they naturally went back.” God Eagle Snake explained.

“I understand. We are already within the Scarlet Cloud City and there is no longer any danger here. Actually, there is no need for the three of you to accompany me either.” Xue Ying added.

“Haha… there are only so many cultivators in the Scarlet Cloud City. When a newcomer is here, we naturally are here to welcome you.” The tallest towering Scarlet Demon laughed.

“Let us go to the Scarlet Cloud Hall and handle the trifle tasks first for newcomers.” Lightning Xiao said, “Which basically consists of arranging for your accommodation and to formulate your new communication imprint.”

“Right right, let us pay the Scarlet Cloud Hall a visit first.”

Under the guidance of the three of them, they soon arrived at a palace located right in the center of Scarlet Cloud City, ‘Scarlet Cloud Hall’.

The entire Scarlet Cloud City was surrounded by tall walls. Nonetheless, the entire city did not really occupy a huge area. It was merely around 100,000 kilometers wide!

“Please select a cavern-dwelling, Dao Friend. These cavern-dwellings that are darkened do not have any owners.” The one responsible for handling these miscellaneous affairs within the Scarlet Cloud Hall was a beautiful female puppet. This puppet pointed out to a shrunken version of the city floating in midair. Within the city were many cavern-dwellings––counting more than 10,000 of them. Of which the majority half were darkened.

The size of the cavern-dwelling was similar; they occupied an approximate area spanning 500 kilometers long.

With more than 10,000 cavern-dwellings, they were like clusters of stars scattered in the city.

“Even though there are so many cavern-dwellings within the Scarlet Cloud City, we only have a total of around 3,000 experts.” God Eagle Snake chuckled, “The other cavern-dwellings are still left empty.”

“I shall choose this.”

Xue Ying swept across the shrunken city before casually choosing one. He then collected the order talisman for that place.

No matter how strong the cultivator was, the cavern-dwelling given to him would still be the same.

Following that, he branded a new ‘communication imprint’.

“Whenever there are something important, the Scarlet Cloud Hall will communicate to you, Dao Friend Flying Snow, through the communication imprint.” The beautiful puppet said.

“Go, let us hurry off and eat some good food!” The rock giant Scarlet Demon could not help but call out, urging the others over.

“Go go go!”

“Let us go to Fu’s Garden”

The three of them brought Xue Ying once again to a particular location in Scarlet Cloud City that operated a business selling delicious food––Fu’s Garden!

On the way there, God Eagle Snake even explained with a laugh: “The entire Scarlet Cloud City has only 3,000 experts or so. And out of them, there are only three who are willing to operate a business selling good food. Fu’s Garden is the restaurant with the highest and most profound culinary skills out of the three. You should know that it is very difficult to turn the meat of Innate Chaotic Origin Lifeforms into delicacies. It is impossible to cook them using most flames. And some of the stronger ones could burn the meat instead. Trying to keep the energy within the meat of those Innate Chaotic Origin Lifeforms while ensuring they taste great is challenging.”

“I must definitely experience it! I have never eaten food made from Innate Chaotic Origin Lifeforms.” Xue Ying’s eyes brightened. He looked forward to it.

How strong were the bodies of Chaotic Origin Lifeforms?

Every part of their body was manifested from laws.

To treat them as delicacies? Ordinary Final Realm Cosmos Gods could hardly do it. It’s only within this Scarlet Cloud City where the weakest were at least a Late Stage God Emperor, in addition to the bizarre laws of this Sacred World, that had forced Xue Ying and other cultivators to eat in large amounts. Otherwise, they would die of hunger! Hence, as the cultivators were compelled to eat the meat of Chaotic Origin Lifeforms, it was natural for experts with culinary talent to emerge and form ways of cooking them.

Not-Graden was a relatively peaceful garden.

Within the garden, there was a plump old man currently lying on his chair deep in sleep. There were also two puppets serving him by the side.

“Old Fu, we are here!”

“Old Fu, wake up! Eight out of ten times we come and you are always asleep. Why don’t you cultivate properly?”

The muscular stone giant Scarlet Demon shouted out after walking in. At the same time, Scarlet Demon arranged with great familiarity, “Brother Flying Snow, just take any seat.”

Xue Ying, God Eagle Snake, Lightning Xiao and Scarlet Demon found four places and sat.

The two puppets immediately rushed over and poured good wine for them.

Only then did the plump male wake up. He glanced at the four of them sleepily, speaking in a lazy tone: “I have long reached the Grand Perfection God Emperor Realm. Do you know how difficult it is to improve even the slightest? Right now, what we need isn’t bitter cultivation. Instead, it is comprehension and enlightenment. Scarlet Demon, do you understand that?”

“Less nonsense. Hurry up and prepare some food for us! Bring out all your specialties.” Scarlet Demon shouted.

Instead, that old man’s gaze landed on Xue Ying, chuckling: “Oh, newcomer? I am called Fu An. Since this is the first time we meet, I shall treat you today. As for you three… all of you should still have to pay up!”

“Old man, don’t be so stingy!”

“We are just eating one round of food!”

Scarlet Demon and God Eagle Snake shouted out. Lightning Xiao was clearly less talkative and merely smiled by the side.

“I am called Flying Snow.” Xue Ying added, “This time, it was Brother Scarlet Demon and the others who brought me back from outside the city. How can I let them treat me? Instead, I shall be the one to treat everyone else!”

Saying that, Xue Ying waved his hand, causing an enormous object to appear.

It was the corpse of a Shadow Reaper approximately 300 meters long. Fu’s Garden occupied an area of close to 50 kilometers. When this corpse was placed down in such a huge area, it seemed ordinary.

“Brother Flying Snow seems to be quite strong! You actually killed a Shadow Reaper.” The eyes of Scarlet Demon brightened, continuing, “The few of us usually spend quite a lot just for a single meal. But we still have a long time here in Scarlet Cloud City! Hence over time, the meat we need will be enormous. Brother Flying Snow, I suggest you to turn the remaining meat into ‘roasted meat’ after that. This is the simplest way the Fu’s Garden is known for, and you can exchange for quite a lot of the meat. It is very delicious too!”

“Alright, I shall listen to Scarlet Demon.” Xue Ying nodded with a smile.

At the same time, he felt rueful.

Innate Chaotic Origin Lifeforms in Broken Teeth Mountain Range were so much bigger––some even spanned hundreds of millions of kilometers!

Yet in the Lightning World, due to the suppression of laws, Chaotic Origin Lifeforms were much smaller.

And here in the Sacred World, the suppression was even more terrifying, resulting in the Chaotic Origin Lifeforms being smaller!

Like previously, his Illusory Realm Domain had covered an area of half a million kilometers. Xue Ying discovered a large group of Shadow Reapers! Quite a few of them had the strength of a ‘Grand Perfection God Emperor’. He casually just grabbed two that were the weakest––Middle Stage God Emperors––and were comparatively smaller.

The strength and size of a Chaotic Origin Lifeform was proportionate. In the past, those two terrifying Chaotic Origin Lifeforms that could injure ‘Yuan’, had incredibly huge bodies. They were approximately one-tenth the size of an Origin World! Those two corpses had even manifested the huge Broken Teeth Mountain Range World.

“It’s really fragrant!” As the four of them drank and chatted, they suddenly smelled something nice.

It was clear that the old man ‘Fu An’ was currently making good food.

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