Lord Xue Ying

Chapter 1325 - Arrangements

Chapter 1325: Arrangements

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Outside High Mountain City, deep in the Great Wilderness.

God Emperor Fire Phoenix stood by the side watching the battle. She was currently spectating the two––a white-robed male and a white-robed female standing in confrontation! Xue Ying and Cloud Phoenix City Master were both in white, just that their temperaments were entirely different. Cloud Phoenix City Master was currently emitting a vast aura that covered the world and suppressing everything. Even the world was trembling under her aura. As for Xue Ying, his aura felt illusory. At the same time, it made others revere him. After all, Xue Ying’s soul was unparalleled amongst all beneath ‘Chaotic Origin Experts’. Under this full-blown release of his aura, it gave off a sense of reverence.

“God Emperor Flying Snow, I hope that you can use your full strength. Ever since I reached my current realm, it has always been me bullying others in the Divine Realm. Never had there been another person who could threaten me at all.” Cloud Phoenix City Master was filled with fighting spirit.

“I’ll certainly not disappoint you, Cloud Phoenix City Master.” Xue Ying was similarly excited to battle.


The eyes of Cloud Phoenix City Master sharpened, causing everything across a region of several million kilometers to distort. A terrifying fluctuation pervaded through every single part of this area.

Xue Ying heard an ear-piercing chirping sound as if it was a bird calling out! This chirp caused the world to distort. It also permeated into the body of Xue Ying, shaking his soul, his organs, and even made his muscles and bones shake. For a moment, Xue Ying could not control as his body softened down. This startled him greatly: ‘The moment this domain is executed, it actually caused my strength to drop by half? If she killed her way over, I might die after two to three moves!’

Compared to a true Grand Perfection God Emperor, his fleshy body was much weaker.

Cloud Phoenix City Master

‘Using her bloodline energy, she altered the laws of the world with her domain.’ Xue Ying thought.

The body of any Innate Chaotic Origin Lifeform contained the manifestation of laws.

Hence, as long as these Grand Perfection God Emperor underwent the Ultimate Awakening and turning back through their ancestral roots, they would also become a member of the Innate Chaotic Origin Lifeforms. Because their control of their bodies was stronger, they would immediately become ‘High-Graded Chaotic Origin Lifeforms’ the moment they broke through! And their Chaotic Origin Lifeform Body was like a ‘world’. For instance, the Broken Teeth Mountain Range was in actual fact, created from the corpses of the two huge Chaotic Origin Lifeforms.

With a world as their body! They could naturally call down laws in their domains.

The strongest Innate Chaotic Origin Lifeforms could even injure ‘Yuan’. The body of these lifeforms was comparable to an Origin World.

Clearly, the domain released by Cloud Phoenix City Master at this moment had manifested part of the laws inherent in her bloodline! She had a great chance of undergoing an ‘Ultimate Awakening’ as compared to the other Grand Perfection God Emperors.

‘Mirage and Illusory Realm.’ With a thought, Xue Ying brought down a huge illusory realm that tried pulling the soul of Cloud Phoenix City Master within.

‘Mn?’ The expression of Cloud Phoenix City Master changed slightly. She immediately used up 70% of her heart force in resisting against this illusory realm, ‘What a formidable soul technique.’

Having to divert most of her heart force in resisting against the illusory realm, she was left with just 30% that could be used in battle. Hence, her strength had immediately started reducing.

The originally terrifying domain immediately dissipated!

Because this domain itself required Cloud Phoenix City Master to use 20% to 30% to maintain it. She naturally gave it up and focused more on exerting her own strength.


Cloud Phoenix City Master flew into the sky. Her hands swept out like wings.

The world split into two!

A black spear appeared in the hands of Xue Ying. Spinning his spear, Xue Ying formed layers of maelstroms that continually defended against the incoming blades produced by Cloud Phoenix City Master.

‘Fortunately.’ Xue Ying sighed in relief. When the domain dissipated, he could maintain his peak combat strength. As Cloud Phoenix City Master could only use 30% of her heart force, she could barely control just half her peak strength. This was comparable to the standard of Iron Dragon City Master.

Once the gap in their strength became this tiny, the profoundness of the realm and techniques could be used to easily cover it.

“Hong hong hong~”

The battlefield between both parties turned dark.

The strongest two existences in the Divine Realm were currently battling.

“Sister’s strength has actually dropped by such a huge extent?” God Emperor Fire Phoenix watched from afar with astonishment, “What a terrifying God Emperor Flying Snow. His soul technique is this frightening?”

Both parties fought to an equal.

The speed of Cloud Phoenix City Master was outstanding. Her techniques were beautifully executed too. Both her hands were like her wings, fleeting and sharp.

Nonetheless, Xue Ying was much more unpredictable. The surrounding space around him stacked up in layers under his control. As he wielded his spear, the surrounding space would occasionally be pressed down into a piece of paper! It would occasionally turn into a bubble prison! At times, it would even stack up in layers. Even though both parties seemed to be separated by an inch, they were as far as heaven and earth. As a result, Cloud Phoenix City Master could not touch Xue Ying at all!

And Xue Ying’s offense naturally became greater once they were executed in combination with many of these profound techniques.

Even though Cloud Phoenix City Master’s techniques were enchanting, she was still weaker by a level. She relied on her overwhelming strength to force the battle into a stalemate.

“Be careful!”

“Zhi Ya, what a close shave!” As God Emperor Fire Phoenix watched, she became nervous, “This God Emperor Flying Snow is simply too cunning. Fortunately, Sister’s body is strong enough.”


This battle persisted for an hour.

Only then did both parties stop.

To Xue Ying, the gains could be neglected! Because he had fought with other Grand Perfection God Emperors before, and the majority of those battles were conducted without the presence of the soul technique. The moment he unleashed his soul technique, the other party would immediately admit defeat.

“It has been so long since I was injured.” Cloud Phoenix City Master looked at Xue Ying with a rueful look, “Today, I have been injured several times by God Emperor Flying Snow.”

“Such injuries to City Master could be disregarded.” Xue Ying chuckled. Previously during the battle, Xue Ying had sensed that the body of Cloud Phoenix City Master was the strongest out of all Grand Perfection God Emperors he ever met. Even Iron Dragon City Master had a weaker body as compared to Cloud Phoenix City Master.

“Being injured by God Emperor Flying Snow shows that my techniques are not perfect.” Cloud Phoenix City Master commented happily.

She was unlike Ascendants.

Ascendants comprehended the Dao.

And she cultivated by digging out the potential of her bloodline energy. Once she reached grand perfection, she would then begin delving into the ‘laws’ inherent within her bloodline, applying them in battles. She even comprehended that terrifying domain and many other killing techniques! Nonetheless, during this battle, she discovered many of her flaws. Naturally, she sought to cover them.

And this process was also a process of improvement.

“Cloud Phoenix City Master, I have a matter which I have to trouble you for.” Xue Ying asked.

“Oh, do say.” Cloud Phoenix City Master answered.

“I hope that my disciple, ‘Imperial Wind Qing Yin’, could become your disciple.” Xue Ying was direct. He originally planned on leaving this world stealthily after his disciple reached the Early Stage God Emperor Realm. But now that his name had spread far and wide, it would definitely be better if he arranged things before leaving in case some enemies targeted his disciple.

“Imperial Wind Qing Yin?” Cloud Phoenix City Master was stunned momentarily. She looked at Xue Ying, “God Emperor Flying Snow, unless you are leaving this Divine Realm too?”

“Leaving?” Xue Ying was stunned.

Cloud Phoenix City Master continued: “In the history of the Divine Realm, there had been many Grand Perfection Ascendant God Emperors. But the moment they appear, they would disappear soon after. Reaching this level, it is impossible for them to die silently. There is no need for the three Chaotic Origin Ancestral Gods to kill them either. I guess it must be they who left this world. God Emperor Flying Snow, you are an Ascendant too. Furthermore, your attainments in the Dao of Soul have reached an unfathomable level. I feel that you are much more amazing than all other Grand Perfection Ascendant God Emperors! And I find it normal that the three Great Chaotic Origin Ancestral Gods would bring you away from this world.”

Xue Ying was silently startled.

He had guessed that this might be the case.

He could easily deduce it from various clues dispersed around the world. After all, there should have been Grand Perfection Ascendant God Emperors emerging in this world!

This time when so many experts came to visit him, Xue Ying had interacted with them and naturally understood that his guesses were right! Because these Grand Perfection God Emperors once fought with those terrifying Grand Perfection Ascendant God Emperors before.

‘Leaving this world? The three Great Chaotic Origin Ancestral Gods?’ Xue Ying felt fear inwardly.

If he wanted to leave this world, he would prefer leaving himself.

Letting the three Great Chaotic Origin Ancestral Gods bring him away?

Perhaps the three Great Chaotic Origin Ancestral Gods might not have any unkind intentions and were simply helping him.

But they could possibly have some ‘plots’! And he would be doomed then! Comparatively speaking, Xue Ying trusted Luo City Lord and ‘Yuan’ more!

“The three Great Chaotic Origin Ancestral Gods have never once contacted me before.” Xue Ying said, “But I still have to make some preparations. I am not assured about my disciple. Hence, I hope to gain your help, Cloud Phoenix City Master.”

“This is a minor matter.” Cloud Phoenix City Master said, “But I do have ambitions too. How about this, why not let Imperial Wind Qing Yin take my little sister, Fire Phoenix, as her teacher. My little sister isn’t a Native of the Divine Realm, and is an Innate Chaotic Origin Lifeform! Even though she could only execute a strength at the Grand Perfection God Emperor Level, her survival capabilities are much stronger than other Natives of the Divine Realm. Furthermore, she would not leave this Divine Realm.”

Xue Ying immediately revealed a joyous look: “Good good good! I wonder if God Emperor Fire Phoenix is willing to agree to it?”

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