Lord Of The World: I Become The Lord Of The Desert From The Start

Chapter 1109 - 1109 Chapter 613: The Battle for Authority [1/2]

1109 Chapter 613: The Battle for Authority [1/2]

“My Lord, can Fina get the power of music and dance?”

Vale’s aura was cold. He stared at the figure who sat at the head of the long table and sipped tea.

Richard’s temperament made his heart beat faster.

He knew he couldn’t get enough of it, although he had seen that face countless times.

“Our actions are so obvious. If the gods hiding in the dark know about it, will they…”

He stopped before he could finish his sentence. The second half of his sentence was self-explanatory.

Richard slowly put down the porcelain teacup and turned to look at the young man who held the Violet Merchant Association Chamber of Commerce’s power and was already quite famous in Solan City.

“We’ve planned this for so long. How would we know the effect if we don’t try it once?

“As for what the others think… It’s not significant.

“There are many people who miss us. We’re good in this part.

“Be it gods or demons, Twilight City is no longer the same as before.

“Whoever dares to stretch out their hands, cut off their claws. It’s that simple.”

The confidence and indifference in his words made Vale’s heart beat faster, although his tone was calm.

No one could reject a man of the opposite sex who had overwhelming authority and extraordinary martial prowess.

Power was a man’s best coat. This sentence was never false.

He calmed down, and he spoke in a hoarse voice.

“My Lord, can we succeed? Would authority be transferred because of the worship and prayers of believers?”

Richard shook his head, and his eyes were deep.

“No one can determine the outcome, but we can try.

“Once we succeed, we will reap generous benefits. We can still afford it even if we fail.”

Not everyone had such excellent conditions.

Fina’s reputation rose astonishingly as the Elven Music Box. It had become a must-have item on the streets.

More importantly, he had planned this a year ago.

It wouldn’t be easy for outsiders to imitate him if he took it out now, even if he achieved results.

He already had the upper hand.

Richard seemed to have thought of something as he waved at the maid outside the door and called her in.

“Where’s Fina? Tell her to come see me.”

The maid immediately went down to summon Fina. A night elf wore a black openwork dress. It had an elegant and noble aura as she walked into the room.

“Lord, Fina salutes you.”

There was no doubt about the elves’ beauty. The night elves were not as pure as the surface elves. They had an additional charm that made people reluctant to look away.

Richard nodded slightly.

“You sold the Desert Hymn. Did you feel the prayers of the believers?”

Music and dance were second-class authorities. One gave rise to them only born after the reproduction of intelligent life.

It wasn’t death. Life was a high-level authority that appeared at the birth of the world. It was not about how arduous it is to achieve it. It wasn’t that much of a concern.

Richard chose these two authorities as test subjects. He had made much consideration.

Fina shook her head.

“Lord, Mister Vale had previously instructed me to experience it seriously. I’ve stayed in the room to comprehend it since yesterday, but I didn’t hear the believer’s prayer you mentioned…”

Richard narrowed his eyes.

“Didn’t he?”

His thoughts sank into his mind.

Countless emotions surfaced.

“Great Lord, your devout believer, Raul, prays to you.

“God of the desert, eternal existence, praise you.

“Great Lord, please look at your humble believers. My mother needs treatment…”

They praised his greatness and his past. They begged the gods for gifts to obtain strength, wealth, and health at the same time.

The prayers of countless believers surged like waves, and it was difficult not to sense them.

Richard withdrew his thoughts and fell into deep thought.

Was his method wrong? Were his believers poorly devout? Perhaps he had spent too much time praying. Too few believers?

However, there were a few information. One cannot judge.

He looked at Vale and said in a deep voice.

“Let’s proceed to the second step. Play the pre-recorded Elven Video in the Desert Church of Solan City. Choose a group of the most faithful believers to watch it and let Fina appear in front of everyone.

“Let everyone know what the god of music and dance they believe in looks like.

“At the same time, transport the carved statue of Fina to the Desert Church and set it up so that the believers have someone to pray to.”

He had already made arrangements, so he naturally couldn’t have one plan. The follow-up arrangements were also crucial.

Vale bowed.

“Your will is above everything else.”

Richard waved his hand and let Fina leave first. The night elf and the maid disappeared. He turned his head slightly and whispered to the empty seat behind him.

“Loreinna, return to Twilight City and pass the order to Karu. The transformation will activate the god’s ancient tree soon.”

“I want to see the god’s ancient tree of Darkness Sect become the only orthodox sect in the underground world in the shortest time possible.”

Fina’s attempts were on the surface, but in the dark, the god’s ancient tree of Darkness Sect that he supported had not been idle.

Half a year of development had passed, and they already had the foundation for large-scale preaching.

Moreover, the god’s ancient tree controlled 16% of the rotten authority.

A reply came from the void, and Loreinna’s aura disappeared. Richard opened the system panel again.

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