Lord Of The World: I Become The Lord Of The Desert From The Start

Chapter 1063 - 1063 Chapter 591: The Crimson Moon Shattered, the Ancient Ones Awakened, and the Twilight Gods! [2/3]

1063 Chapter 591: The Crimson Moon Shattered, the Ancient Ones Awakened, and the Twilight Gods! [2/3]

Richard was silent.

He raised his head and looked at the magnificent battle scene in the void again. His expression was rather complicated.

How should Twilight City handle such a situation?

His gaze regained its determination after a short moment of contemplation.

Fighting spirit reignited in his heart.

He went through many difficulties. How could he be afraid of this one?

He had long worked hard and laid out many plans to deal with this!

He firmly believed the tide would not wash Twilight away no matter how the situation changed.

Twilight was the place to ride the waves.

The air gradually quieted down. Neither Richard nor Windsor spoke. They silently watched the vast battle in the void.

The visual impact of this was mightier than any blockbuster or sci-fi movie.

However, he did not have the calmness and composure to watch a show since this war was closely related to him.

Butler Karu clenched his fists and watched everything nervously.

He was afraid that something unexpected would happen.

Richard and Windsor stood in the hall and watched silently for three days.

They didn’t leave for even half a minute except for a meal, washing up, and going to the toilet.

July 18th, evening.

The sun sank into the yellow sand, and the two moons rose in the sky as usual.

Windsor leaned back on the chair with a relaxed expression. The fire-dragon-rabbit-fur cushion was soft and warm.

She didn’t lift the teacup in her hand and silently sipped. She didn’t turn to look at Richard beside her.

Butler Karu and Dark Valkyrie could sense that this terrifying existence with supreme authority seemed to enjoy the silence with Richard.

They could only look away and pretend not to see anything.

Richard took a deep breath as he looked at the battle scene no different from a few days ago.

His spirit was still high, although his body was a little tired.

No lord could remain indifferent to this war. That would determine the future.

At this moment, a ray of crimson moonlight quietly shone into the room through the window. That gently sprinkled on Windsor’s body.

Windsor relaxed her expression. She narrowed her eyes and slowly sat up straight. Her eyes emitted an incomprehensible light.

She released a long breath. She softly said, “Lord Richard, I have accumulated enough rule force.”

That lifted Richard’s spirits. He instantly broke free from his fatigue. He turned his head and stared at the bright as the stars’ pair of eyes.

“Is it about to start?”

The corners of Windsor’s mouth curled up slightly. She revealed a perfect smile.

“I once said that I would make all gods a thing of the past.

“Now, it’s time to fulfill it.”

She finished speaking and stood up. Her body emitted a light that was the same as the Crimson Moon hanging in the sky.

That happened simultaneously.

All the players watched the live stream and realized something must have coerced them into a remarkable live broadcast room.

They could still enter this live broadcast room even if they logged out of another live broadcast room.

Richard would find that the live broadcast was of the battlefield he and Windsor had watched for three days if he turned it on now.

“Why did you pull him directly to this live broadcast room? F*ck, this scene is so terrifying! Was that a forbidden spell? That even vaporized the angels!”

“Hiss, this battle scene? The alliance of gods and the crusade against the Crimson Moon?”

The players discussed fervently, and they suddenly realized that the camera in the live broadcast room moved up.

Then, they gradually pulled out of the battlefield and even appeared outside the Crimson Moon.

One could see an enormous Crimson Moon floating in the cold, pitch-black, and endless void.

They could no longer see the troops on the ground. Soldiers moved slowly and formed countless mosses. That is all the players could see.

“What’s going on?”

“Did we miss the Crimson Moon?”

The players in the live broadcast saw this scene. The scene puzzled them.

The billions of people in the live broadcast room suddenly saw it.

Cracks suddenly appeared on the enormous Crimson Moon.

The cracks spread like glass that hit the ground.

The Crimson Moon in front of them cracked in just a few breaths.

This scene made everyone’s guts split. Their minds fell into extreme fear.

“What was happening?”

They were about to return to their senses.



A dull and explosive sound spread through the endless void.

That shattered and collapsed the Crimson Moon.

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