Lord of the Mysteries

Chapter 855 - New Visitor

Chapter 855

: New Visitor

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As he returned from Saint Samuel Cathedral to 160 Böklund Street, Klein saw his white-gloved butler, Walter, walk up to him.

“Sir, someone delivered a name card. He said that his employer wishes to visit you from four to five,” Walter said with a staid expression.

Klein tried figuring out who the visitor was, but he had no clue. He nodded gently and said, “Who’s his employer?”

Walter darted his gaze around and saw that the other servants were rather far away. He then replied, “Baron Syndras.”

Baron Syndras… That millionaire tycoon who obtained his aristocratic title with the help of the Conservative Party and Duke Negan, and is also one of the most famous bankers and entrepreneurs in the kingdom? I previously helped Ma’am Mary purchase the Coim Company shares. The competitor happens to be him and his friends… He’s visiting me personally for that matter? It’s only a transaction worth about 13,000 pounds. It shouldn’t be something that requires him to go this far… As Klein’s mind raced, he walked to the staircase that led to the second floor.

Walter walked half a step behind him as he said, “Sir, if you don’t wish to meet Baron Syndras, I’ll inform him that you got caught up at Saint Samuel Cathedral, listening to the bishop’s preachings, and might return very late.”

In between the lines, the butler was saying that Baron Syndras was a believer of the Lord of Storms. It was impossible for him to head directly to Saint Samuel Cathedral to seek him out.

Klein thought and smiled before gently saying, “This is a noble who has immense influence in the banking industry. I’ll definitely come across him in the future, so I have to meet him.

“Hmm… Arrange the meeting to be at the small living room on the second floor where there’s the most sunlight.”

According to what Klein knew, Baron Syndras was the third-largest shareholder of Backlund Bank and the largest shareholder of Southville People’s Bank. In Loen Kingdom’s banking industry, he was definitely one of the few people with the greatest influence.

“Yes, sir.” Walter didn’t nag on.

At ten past four, Klein met the visitor who often appeared on the papers, in the predetermined living room.

The only thing that was different and deviated from his expectations was that Backlund turned cloudy after three. The weather had turned dark and began drizzling. It didn’t bring in the bright and warm sunshine.

Baron Syndras was identical to how he looked on the papers. He had black hair mixed with some white hair that was neatly combed backward, revealing his broad forehead and receding hairline.

His face was rather round, but it lacked the flesh needed to support it. His cheekbones were rather high, and his wrinkles were obvious.

Unlike most Loenese his age, Baron Syndras didn’t have any facial hair. He was clean-shaven, and his light-blue eyes were nearly colorless.

Beside him were a valet and bodyguard. They were the kind of people that didn’t attract much attention. The former’s greatest characteristic was his thin hair, while the latter had short hair if you didn’t count the thick beard that reached down from his ears.

“Good afternoon, Lord Syndras. It’s my honor to have you here as my guest.” Klein held his hand to his chest as he bowed.

Usually, a host would mostly lean their bodies forward and reach out their right hand for a handshake when greeting a guest, but at this moment, he was in front of a noble; thus, requiring him to be more courteous.

Baron Syndras nodded gently as he smiled in response.

“You’re being polite. I should’ve visited you a long time ago, Dwayne Dantès, an experienced gentleman who knows much about the Southern Continent.”

After exchanging some pleasantries, the two took their seats while the valets and bodyguards settled by the side.

Klein was just about to say something when Baron Syndras said with a genial tone, “Dantès, I’m really impressed with people like you. Not everyone can obtain riches from the chaos in the Southern Continent. This requires plenty of guts and the courage to face adversity, as well as stunning judgment.

“Back when I was facing bankruptcy, I had entertained the idea of starting anew in the Southern Continent, but unfortunately, I’m not a brave man.”

Although Baron Syndras later became a noble, he wasn’t a commoner in the true sense of the word. His great grandfather and grandfather had benefited from the development of the colonies, earning them plenty of money from the sea trade. They were rather successful merchants. As for his father, he had invested in industries, building up his reputation and acquiring several factories.

When it came to his generation, he blitzed into the developing banking industry with his sizable wealth, becoming one of the earliest millionaires in Loen.

During this process, Baron Syndras had suffered three failures, but he overcame them, one after another. The most harrowing incident was when the Southville People’s Bank he founded suffered from a reputation crisis. A bank run happened, nearly bankrupting him.

He keeps chatting about my experiences in the Southern Continent… Is he hinting to me that he has already discovered the problems with my background, and is using it as a warning? Heh, he probably never expected that the Southern Continent experience he keeps repeating is all fake… Klein scoffed inwardly, but he replied while looking absolutely normal, “That isn’t courage but rashness.

“Most people who head to the Southern Continent do have the spirit of adventure, but that’s all they have.”

Without waiting for Baron Syndras to continue, he smiled and said, “I nearly hired Mr. Rebach some time ago as my butler. He said that you were an excellent employer.”

Baron Syndras listened in silence before sighing.

“That is something that fills me with regret.

“Back then, I was very sincere in hoping that Rebach could continue being my butler, but he couldn’t overcome the conflict within our positions.”

Upon saying that, Syndras looked at the handsome and elegant Dwayne Dantès, picked up the black tea that had been served by a servant, and took a sip.

“I also sincerely hope that we can be friends. I hope you can transfer the Coim Company’s 3% to me.

“I will give you an offer you can’t resist.”

Here it comes… But I have a contract with Ma’am Mary… Klein fell silent for two seconds and said with a smiling sigh, “I deeply value my trustworthiness.”

Upon hearing such an answer, Syndras didn’t show any obvious anger. He smiled, curious and surprised, “Aren’t you going to listen to my offer?”

Klein deliberately spread out his hands with a wry smile.

“I’m afraid I will find it irresistible.”

“Haha.” Syndras immediately laughed and slowly stood up. “You’re as humorous as they say. At the same time, you have a firm will that the rumors fail to mention.”

He looked at his bodyguard and valet before saying to Dwayne Dantès with a smile, “Being a partner with you is definitely better than being a competitor. Alright, it’s time that I leave. There are many things that require my attention.”

Is this sincere praise, or a veiled threat? Klein wasn’t a Spectator, so he wasn’t able to interpret the subtleties. All he could do was shamelessly reply, “Likewise. I look forward to having the opportunity to cooperate with you in other domains, Lord Syndras.”

Dressed in a formal suit and a tie, Baron Syndras smiled and nodded. Without saying another word, he was led out of the main door by Dwayne Dantès and his butler and valet.

As he watched the luxurious carriage disappear into the distance, Butler Walter suddenly said, “Sir, should I hire some temporary bodyguards?”

Ah? Klein nearly failed to understand his butler.

Seeing his employer’s expression remain unperturbed, Walter added, “At times, competition in business can endanger one’s personal safety.”

Mr. Butler also noticed the veiled threats by Baron Syndras? Klein curled the corners of his lips and said, “I’m not too worried because this is Backlund.”

Because my name is known at the Church of Evernight. Because I’m about to cooperate with the military… Therefore, I’m not afraid of suffering any form of retaliation in the Beyonder domain, and I’m not afraid that matters will develop like with the Intis ambassador. Besides, Baron Syndras is a successful man with status and power. He won’t be that rash… Klein thought inwardly.

When Walter attempted to continue, Klein chuckled and said, “However, being careful is forever a good habit.

“Hmm… You can hire two bodyguards. Let them secretly provide me with protection. Try to not have them be discovered by the servants at home.”

“Yes, sir,” Walter immediately replied.

Klein thought for a moment and said, “Make a trip to Member of Parliament Macht’s place. Invite him to dinner at the Intis Srenzo Restaurant tomorrow along with his wife and daughter. If they have a prior commitment, we can postpone it to another day.”

He planned on informing Macht that he planned on taking the military’s test and completing the small arms deal.

The most convenient method was to visit Macht at his residence and mention it in passing, but considering how there might be a demigod of the Marauder pathway around Hazel, any close contact might result in the aura of the gray fog on him being detected. Therefore, Klein changed his plans and decided to have the venue to be at a restaurant.

This way, based on his judgment, the demigod which had failed to parasitize Hazel was unlikely to accompany her.

Xio hid in the shadows of the woods as she watched a brown carriage slowly drive past and turn into a particular street in Empress Borough.

There was an obvious coat of arms on the carriage. It was mainly a flower and two rings. They belonged to the captain of the Loen Kingdom’s royal guards, Viscount Stratford.

Realizing that she had made zero discoveries, she gloomily left her hiding spot and took a nearby public carriage. She returned straight to the Backlund Bridge area and walked into East Borough.

Upon coming to the Dharavi Street’s bar, Xio easily walked to the bar counter as the drunkards avoided her. She directly asked the bartender who was wiping a cup, “Any new jobs?”

The bartender immediately smiled.

“Yes. Butler Walter, who previously offered a 200-pound bounty for a few cheats, has offered a new job. It’s very simple. Secretly protect his employer for a few days. The payment will be discussed face-to-face. It will definitely be a handsome reward.

“He was very pleased with your efficiency during the last mission. He requested that we give you priority.

“How about it? Are you interested?”

Xio had a rather deep impression of the butler and his employer because they had spent 200 pounds to seek out cheats who had only scammed 1,000 pounds of cloth.

Very generous, and he’s quick to pay… Xio did a slight recall before nodding and saying, “Alright.”

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