Lord of the Magical Beasts

Chapter 527 - It’s Difficult to Die

Chapter 527: It’s Difficult to Die

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The Seal Guards consisted entirely of two thousand Seal Warriors. They were extremely fast and had alarming stamina as well as immense strength. They also had powerful long-range attacks and were the elite forces defending Evil Demon Island. General Figo was not only adept in military tactics, but he also had abilities at the peak of Domain Expert. He had made many battle contributions for the Evil Demon Island.

After subjugating the soul of a member of the Sea Tribe and obtaining his memories, Yang Ling quickly understood the situation within the Seal Guards and gently knit his brows. It was not hard to kill General Figo leading the unit, nor was it difficult to defeat the Sea Guards, but it would be a little troublesome if he wanted to capture over two thousand Sealmen at one go.

As long as one of them managed to evade his capture, it might be extremely detrimental to his plan of launching a surprise attack on Evil Demon Island!

“Rodriguez, lead a team of Magical Beasts and confront them, retreat as you battle, and lure them all onshore!” Looking at the Seal Guards steadily approaching them, Yang Ling gave a terse order before capturing all of the excited captives of the Sea Tribes into the Wizard Pagoda’s Space. He ordered the demoness and Dark Dragon King to attack, rapidly killing off the members of the Sea Tribe on the island who were still stubbornly resisting him. He then kept the high-level Magical Beasts like the Dark Dragons and Twin-legged Flying Dragons, hiding the true strength of the Magical Beast Army.

“Yes!” The Corpse Wizard King quickly understood Yang Ling’s intentions, leading a team of Magical Beasts forward.

Thump, thump, thump…

The Seal Guards were getting closer and closer, all of them charging onto the beach under the orders of General Figo, pouncing toward the Magical Beasts led by the Corpse Wizard King without fear of death. Even though they were immensely shocked by the sudden appearance of a large group of Magical Beasts on the island, but as the most elite team on Evil Demon Island, each of the Seal Warriors were filled with confidence in their abilities.

Faced with their heavy rain of harpoons, even the great white sharks that lorded over the ocean cannot escape death. The Seal Warriors believed that the low-level Magical Beasts like the Horned Bee Beasts and spiders would not be an exception!


The Seal Warriors launched their attack when they were a full one hundred and fifty steps away, charging as they shot out their sharp harpoons, aiming them toward the snarling Magical Beasts. Raising their harpoons, taking aim, shooting them out… Their movements were fluid, each of their thrusts filled with considerable power. The low-level Magical Beasts like the Evil Eyes and spiders who were unable to avoid the attacks in time were either severely injured or died on the spot. Even the stones on the beach were pierced through by the terrifying harpoons. Their long-range attacks were far stronger than that of an ordinary member of the Sea Tribes’. They sure lived up to their reputation as an elite squad of the Evil Demon Island.


Under the command of the Corpse Wizard King, a team of Self-destructing Bats swarmed forward, charging straight for General Figo within the Seal Guards. A team of Horned Bee Beasts followed closely behind.

“Backup forces, await your orders on the beach. Vanguard and the rest of the army, all of you attack, go!” Seeing that the other party only consisted of a few low-level undead and low-level Magical Beasts, Figo quickly gave an order. He then waved his hand and conjured Wind Daggers out of thin air, slicing the Self-destructing Bats and Horned Bee Beasts charging toward him into shreds.

Did he learn both magic and close combat?

The Corpse Wizard King knit his brows, not expecting the other party to be this composed in battle, having left a team of soldiers back on the beach as a backup even though he had the upper hand. He also did not expect the other party to be that ferocious and possess such exceptional magic! He had to lure all of the enemies into the island and not reveal his true strength, yet also make sure that the casualties of the Magical Beast Army were not too high. This mission was rather troublesome, indeed!

“Rodriguez, I’ll capture the leader of the enemies, what happens next is up to you!” Yang Ling spoke as he formed a Wizard Seal, directly teleporting to the side of General Figo. He did not even have to use his dagger, directly planting his fist onto his chest.


The overbearing strength directly crushed the heavy black armor Figo wore, breaking through his physical defenses and breaking his ribs. After that, Yang Ling pretended to drag along his left foot as he ran away, luring the Seal Warriors to pursue him.

To an average person, a person at the peak of the domain level was a high and mighty existence. But to Yang Ling, they were so weak that they could not even stand one of his blows! Even an ordinary Mid-level Deity was not a match for him, much less a puny Domain Expert!

“Sir, Sir…”

“Quick, chase after him, quick!”

Just as Yang Ling had expected, the Seal Warriors became both alarmed and furious after seeing their general get injured and captured, roaring as they charged forward in pursuit without consideration.

“Hehehe, Continuous Corpse Explosion, explode, explode, explode!” The experienced Corpse Wizard King reacted quickly, rapidly killing the first wave of pursuers behind Yang Ling. Indeed, to save their general, the anxious Sealmen swarmed forward in unison, manically charging toward him. The crafty Corpse Wizard King pretended to be unable to defeat them all, instructing the Magical Beast Army to retreat gradually and luring the Seal Guards into the radius of their embattlement.

“No, retreat, retreat quickly…” Even though he was heavily injured, the experienced Figo quickly realized that something was off. Unfortunately, he had not managed to utter a complete sentence when Yang Ling tossed him fiercely onto the ground. Following that, the giant, smelly leg of the Giant Ape King crashed onto him, immediately rendering him unable to speak.

Even if he did not die from the impact, he almost lost his life after smelling the smelly foot of the Giant Ape King!

With the Corpse Wizard King luring them in, the Seal Guards unknowingly stepped into the ambush of the Magical Beast Army, and the outcome was obvious. In the blink of an eye, two thousand Sealmen became several hundred. They suffered heavy casualties and were unable to charge out themselves, much less save General Figo.

“General Figo, get your men to surrender. There’s no way they can charge out of the embattlement after being surrounded by the army of the Magical beast Territory!” Seeing that the Sealmen were still heroicly doing battle despite being heavily surrounded, Yang Ling nodded appreciatively as he got the Giant Ape King to shift his smelly feet over Figo’s mouth aside.

The Magical Beast Territory had a long coastline. The ocean around his territory would be much safer if he managed to get a team of battle-ready Sealmen to submit to him!

“Magical Beast Territory?” Figo took a breath with difficulty. He fought back the pain in his chest, “You… You are the lord of the Magical Beast Territory hailed as the Great Demon King?”

“That’s right. I am the lord of the Magical Beast Territory!” After taking a pause, Yang Ling said calmly, “Submit to me, under the combined attacks of the Sect of the Fire God, Bellimore family and the other major factions, the Sea Demon King will not be able to escape death. Evil Demon Island will be completely destroyed this time around. The evil Sea Demons are not worth you losing your lives for!”

Submit to him?

Seeing the fierce Giant Apes and Flying Dragons, seeing the blanketing number of Magical Beasts, then looking at his subordinates who were being torn to shreds by the Magical Beasts, Figo felt a pain in his heart. He would rather die in battle than submit, but he could not look on helplessly as his clansmen who had fought countless battles with him get massacred mercilessly!

Massacre, this is a one-sided massacre!

“Brave warriors, put down your weapons!” In order to prevent any unnecessary deaths and injuries, Figo had no choice but to fight back the pain and stand up, ordering the rest of the Sealmen to stop resisting. Under his command, the Sealmen who could not see any shred of hope had no choice but to stop. They tossed their sharp harpoons onto the ground in despair and allowed the spiders to trap them with their webs.

“Seals will only die in battle, and Seals will never surrender!” Seeing his subordinates put down their weapons indignantly, Figo muttered softly and let out a bitter smile. He did not expect that his clansmen would be forced to join the Evil Demon Island a few years ago, and now have no choice but to submit to Yang Ling. The awe-inspiring name of the Seal Guards back in the era of the Land-Sea War has long vanished.

After looking on with unjust toward the direction of the Evil Demon Island and recalling his relatives that were held captive on the island, Figo quickly picked up a harpoon from the ground and pierced it toward his already bloody chest.

The punishment of the Evil Demon Island was far more gruesome than any outsider can imagine. It was alright if they died in battle on the battlefield. Anyone who surrendered will have their loved ones who were held captive on the island suffer from inhumane torture. For the reputation and honor of the Seal Guards, for their loved ones on the island, they had no choice but to commit suicide!

To a general who had been defeated in battle, death was the best release!

“Sir, Sir…” Looking at the startling scene, the Seal Warriors shouted loudly, struggling with all their might, hoping to save their commander. Unfortunately, they were rendered unable to move after being tied up by the spider web. All they could do was look on helplessly as the harpoon pierced into Figo’s chest bit by bit.

“Ah…” After shouting loudly, Figo forcefully pushed on the harpoon in his hand, hoping that he would be freed from this misery as soon as possible. Unexpectedly, a hand suddenly extended out from the side and gripped tightly onto the harpoon. Figo was unable to force the harpoon in another inch, no matter how hard he tried.

“In front of a Great Soul Wizard, dying is not an easy thing to accomplish!” Yang Ling smiled, saving Figo, who had wanted to die, at the critical moment.

“Every team… Behind every team is an informant for the Sea Demons. You will not be able to hide the news of our defeat from the Evil Demon Island. Your Magical Beast Territory is powerful, but… There’s no way that you will be able to topple Evil Demon Island!” Perhaps it was due to the intense pain, or perhaps he had lost too much blood, Figo was pale, his voice getting softer and softer. “The Sea Demon King has brought away most of the elites, but… But merely the Sea Dragons defending the Evil Demon Island is not something you can deal with!”

Figo had once thought about resisting the bloodthirsty, violent Sea Demons, but Evil Demon Island had recruited too many monsters, all of them immensely powerful. At the very least, merely the tribe of Sea Dragons defending Evil Demon Island was enough to scatter any thoughts of resisting amongst the indignant Sea Tribes.

“General Figo, then we shall have you look at the true strength of the Magical Beast Territory!” Yang Ling kept the severely injured Figo into the Wizard Pagoda’s Space, handing him over to the six-winged Angel Leader Ophilia for treatment.

People usually speak kindly before they die!

Figo, who had been determined to kill himself, gave Yang Ling two pieces of bad news. He did not expect there to still be a tribe of Sea Dragons guarding the defenseless Evil Demon Island. He also did not expect the crafty, paranoid Sea Demons to be monitoring the troops under them at all times. Originally, Yang Ling had wanted to launch a surprise attack on Evil Demon Island after taking McKenzie Island. Now it looks like he had no choice but to change his plan from a surprise attack to a forceful invasion at the last minute!


The weather on the ocean was unpredictable. It had just been sunny, yet the sky became covered with dark clouds in the blink of an eye. The sky rumbled as deafening thunder descended. A supersized storm was about to arrive!

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