Lord of All Realms

Chapter 1509: Slaughter

In the Realm of Ancient Heights.

A glorious spatial rift slowly split open in the dark sky, as if the sky were cut open by some sharp blade.

Numerous multicolored lights could be seen flashing past within the mysterious opening.


In the next moment, Nie Tian and Pei Qiqi flew out of the spatial rift and arrived in the Realm of Ancient Heights.

“Life Detection.”

As soon as Nie Tian activated his bloodline talent, wisps of flesh aura that were as fine as hairs flew out to scan every inch of the Realm of Ancient Heights for living beings that carried flesh auras, as if they had their own awareness.

Detected by his life bloodline, all living beings in the Realm of Ancient Heights were mirrored in his mind, whether they were as small as flies or as large as low-tier Demons.

Life Detection was a bloodline talent he had awakened after entering the ninth grade.

Now, after activating Life Detection, he felt as if his life power had enveloped the entire realm.

The puny insects and huge low-tier Demons manifested in his mind as spots of light that were as small as grains of rice, or large clusters of light that shone brightly like suns.

“The weaker the flesh aura, the fainter the reflection in my mind. The stronger the flesh aura, the brighter the reflection!”

Nie Tian closed his eyes, and the living beings in the Realm of Ancient Heights, billions of them, morphed into countless stars that lit up the darkness before his eyes.

Fish that were swimming in the brooks, insects that were crawling underground, birds that were flying in the sky, and humans that had fallen prisoner...

“This is amazing.”

Nie Tian had a feeling that after he activated this bloodline talent while floating high in the sky, a distribution diagram of all the living beings in the entire Realm of Ancient Heights unfolded in his mind.

He could easily see where there were large numbers of powerful beings, and where weak beings were gathered.

The truly powerful experts shone brightly over his sea of awareness like suns. None of them could escape his detection!

Moments later, Nie Tian opened his eyes and said, “Grand Monarch Remote Demon isn’t here. Perhaps he left temporarily. There are two ninth grade Demon grand patriarchs in the Realm of Ancient Heights, along with nineteen eighth grade Demons and several hundred seventh and sixth grade Demons. I also sensed the existence of a few hundred demonic beasts at various grades. The spiritual energy of heaven and earth in the Realm of Ancient Heights has been transformed into Demon Qi by Grand Monarch Remote Demon using a demonic spell formation.

“Most of the human inhabitants have been cleaned out, with only a small number in captivity.”

After Nie Tian briefly explained the situation in the Realm of Ancient Heights, Pei Qiqi’s bright eyes shone with surprise. Nodding slightly, she said, “It seems that you’ve awakened new bloodline talents after your recent bloodline upgrade.”

With a smile, Nie Tian casually pointed in a direction and said, “Let’s go there. That deep valley holds the most raging Demon Qi. That’s where the two ninth grade grand patriarchs are hiding.”

“Sure.” Pei Qiqi summoned spatial power without hesitation.

Thick Demon Qi filled the deep, spacious valley.

After Pei Qiqi and Nie Tian appeared abruptly in the air over the valley, all of the Demons that were holed up in caves screamed in fear.

All of them were members of Grand Monarch Remote Demon’s clan.

They all recognized Pei Qiqi immediately, as she was the terrifying woman who had severed one of Grand Monarch Remote Demon’s arms and almost captured him alive.

As soon as Pei Qiqi flicked her sleeve, beams of sharp bright light shot out to slice and carry the surging Demon Qi in the valley into glorious spatial rifts.

As the blackish-violet Demon Qi faded, the whole valley was presented before their eyes.

Nie Tian narrowed his eyes, cold auras filling them like icy blades.

Countless human corpses were piled up in a corner of the spacious valley.

Low-tier Demons could be seen feasting on them, while flies and foul smells filled the air.

In another corner of the valley, several well-dressed high-tier Demons were sitting on a lofty platform, holding goblets that seemed to be filled with red wine. However, Nie Tian sniffed the air, and immediately realized that it was the blood of young girls.

The low-tier Demons feasted on older humans, while the high-tier Demons savored the blood of young women.

If this was the situation in the Realm of Ancient Heights, the other human realms that had been invaded by the Demons, Phantasms, and Fiends had probably suffered the same fate.

The weak were prey to the strong. This was how humans had been treated before they had developed their Qi refining techniques. How were they different from animals to these Demons?

After glancing around for a few seconds, Pei Qiqi found the scene too horrible to bear.

“They all deserved to die,” she said coldly. “I suppose the majority of the mortals that lived in the Realm of Ancient Heights died right after the Demons invaded and Grand Monarch Remote Demon turned the spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth into Demon Qi. Those who survived must have been Qi warriors. However, I doubt that their fates turned out any better.”

Nie Tian nodded. “This is how brutal and savage interracial wars are.”


In desperation, the two ninth grade Demon grand patriarchs morphed into two streaks of demonic light that flew off in different directions. However, they both slammed into spatial restrictions that felt like metal walls, and bounced back.

“Let’s kill them all.” With these words, Nie Tian summoned the Star Behemoth bone. However, he didn’t assume his enlarged form, but only unleashed his ninth grade flesh aura sea.

Pei Qiqi also launched attacks without holding back.

In the next moment, the deep valley was filled with extremely sharp spatial blades, beams of crimson light that flashed across, and the miserable wails of the Demons.

One Demon after another was reduced to chunks of flesh and spraying blood.

In less than a quarter of an hour, every last Demon in the valley was slaughtered by the two of them.

Then, they split up to ferret out and kill the Demons that were hiding in other parts of the realm.

As Nie Tian activated Life Drain, wisps of flesh power rose from the Demons and fused into his flesh aura sea, which looked like a vast sea of blood.

In a couple of hours, the entire Realm of Ancient Heights was purged of Demons.

The Life Detection bloodline talent allowed Nie Tian to find every living Demon, no matter how or where they hid.


Huge pitch-black stone columns that stood tall in different areas of the realm exploded.

They were key to transforming the spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth into Demon Qi. After they exploded, the spell formation ceased to exist. Therefore, the Demon Qi gradually dissipated into the starry river outside the realm.

Newly-generated spiritual Qi slowly rose from some of the spirit mines and mineral veins to wash this heaven and earth.

As a clear sky was gradually restored to the Realm of Ancient Heights, Nie Tian took a deep breath and assumed his enlarged form.


Wisps of residual Demon flesh auras then converged on him from different parts of the realm, fusing into his vast flesh aura sea.

His huge form slowly grew.

“I’m sensing unusual spatial fluctuations!” Pei Qiqi suddenly said vigilantly.

Hearing this, Nie Tian, who was gathering flesh power to make his purified body grow taller, was elated instead of nervous. “Is Grand Monarch Remote Demon back?”

“No, it’s not him,” Pei Qiqi said with a grim look in her eyes.

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