Lord of All Realms

Chapter 1409: Origin of the Realm Sea

Several hundred meters under the surface of the Seven Stars Realm Sea.

Pei Qiqi was transparent like an immaculate crystal. Even her robes were semi-transparent.

Eyes narrowed, Nie Tian examined her with rapt attention, and found that he could even see her veins, bones, and internal organs with great clarity through her exposed skin.

He didn’t know what had happened to her.

The inner space of Pei Qiqi’s acupoints had been expanded with the help of his Blood Essence before.

Therefore, she still had his life aura inside of her.

Through those wisps of life aura, he felt that her spatial bloodline was growing more and more active, as if it was going to advance again soon.

“The portal at the bottom of the sea was forged by Voidspirits.” Pei Qiqi’s soul voice came through. “In fact, not only the portal, but even this entire Seven Stars Realm Sea was created by Voidspirits instead of forming naturally. They established a spell formation with seven stars in this area to drain them of all of their power.

“All of these stars were originally full of life and rich in power of different attributes, which made them ideal cultivation locations, even more so than the Realm of Divine Seal, the Realm of Jade Billows, and the Realm of Looming Shadow.

“With their unique profound measures, the Voidspirits made this Seven Stars Realm Sea at the price of those seven stars.

“After the Seven Stars Realm Sea came to form, it started channeling all sorts of energies that were drifting in the starry river in the Domain of Heaven’s Boundaries and even farther domains.

“That includes powers from the shattered domains of human cultivators and the scattered flesh aura seas of deceased outsider and Ancientspirit experts. These energies should have slowly dissipated in the starry river. However, if they weren’t too far from the Seven Stars Realm Sea, they would be attracted and pulled into it.

“You were in the Realm of Maelstrom of the Domain of Heaven Python before you came to the Seven Stars Realm Sea, right?”

Nie Tian nodded with an attentive look in his eyes, signaling for her to continue.

“This Seven Stars Realm Sea created by the Voidspirits can not only absorb energies from the shattered domains of human cultivators and the scattered flesh aura seas of deceased outsider and Ancientspirit experts, but also fragments of their souls and memories as well.”

With these words, Pei Qiqi frowned as a spark of spatial power suddenly burst forth with dazzling light in her heart.

It was branded with fragments of memories she had obtained from the portal.

“The Seven Stars Realm Sea was created a long time ago, so much so that it was shortly after the Ancientspirits and the outsiders discovered the Mortal World. In fact, they didn’t even call it the Mortal World back then, but rather the ‘New World.’ At that time, humans were still weak, and enslaved by Ancientspirits and outsiders.

“However, the Seven Stars Realm Sea had already existed then. Ancientspirits and outsiders shipped their respective human slaves to the new heaven and earths they had discovered that suited their needs, and had the humans plant herbs and mine minerals for them.

“Back then, the Ancientspirits and outsiders viewed this ‘New World’ as their battlefield as well.

“Many fierce battles broke out between them here. The enormous bodies of those who died in battle drifted in the boundless starry river, their scattered flesh aura seas absorbed by the Seven Stars Realm Sea.

“Later, after humanity rose to prominence, we drove the Ancientspirits and outsiders from this world. Then our wise ancestors renamed it the Mortal World.

“During the eras that followed, Ancientspirits and outsiders invaded repeatedly through the secret portals they had left in our world. However, their every invasion was frustrated by powerful experts from the four great sects. All three sides suffered casualties. We lost Saint and God domain experts as the Ancientspirits and outsiders lost grand patriarchs and grand monarchs.

“As that happened, the Seven Stars Realm Sea continued to gather dissipating power from destroyed flesh aura seas and shattered domains.

“Over time, the Seven Stars Realm Sea accumulated a vast variety of energies, which became chaotic and deadly.”

Nie Tian took a moment to ponder before asking with a wisp of his soul will, “So why did the Voidspirits build the Seven Stars Realm Sea in the first place?”

“The Netherspirits, Devils, and Bonedrudes of the Void World asked them to build it,” Pei Qiqi said. “They reached an agreement with them, where it stipulated that they make such a Realm Sea. The chaotic mixed energies in the Seven Stars Realm Sea were organized by the Voidspirits so they could be used to power the portal at the bottom of the sea. After all, it requires a terrifying amount of power to open and keep the portal accessible.

“As for the portal, it was forged from the body of a Stone Golem patriarch named Patriarch Red Bronze.

“Originally, the three major races of the Void World planned to march directly into the Mortal World through the portal at the bottom of the sea, so they could avoid fighting through the region that separates the two worlds.

“But later, the Voidspirits had a falling out with them for some reason.

“They somehow became sworn enemies. The Netherspirits, Bonedrudes, and Devils even hunted Voidspirits all over the Void World. As a result, a large amount of Voidspirits were forced to leave the Void World to live in the Spirit World and Mortal World.

“I have a feeling that it was a Voidspirit who established the Void Palace Sect in the Realm of Split Void.

“Another result was that the Voidspirits unilaterally shut down the portal they had forged for the three major races of the Void World to enter the Mortal World.

“Stone Golems were able to travel through it because one of their ancestors’ bodies was the main material that was used to forge the portal.

“I can travel through it thanks to my unique bloodline. But the fact that you were able to enter the portal first with the help of those evil gods is a bit confusing. Normally speaking, the portal has to be opened with a special method.”

After pondering a while, Nie Tian asked, “The Voidspirits built the Seven Stars Realm Sea and the portal for the three major races of the Void World to use, right? So it’s possible that they informed the Netherspirits, Bonedrudes, and Devils of the method to open the portal long ago.

“And since the evil gods used to be Netherspirit nobles, perhaps they learned how to open the portal.”

Pei Qiqi pondered for a while before nodding. “That’s a possibility. From the bloodline imprints the Voidspirits intentionally left in the portal, I’ve learned the reason why this portal was built and some of the wonders of my spatial bloodline. I suppose it'll help me break through into the ninth grade within a short time.”

“Congratulations!” Nie Tian said in elation.

After a moment of pondering, Pei Qiqi said, “It’s really amazing that you can extract the energies you need from the mixed chaotic energies in the Seven Stars Realm Sea.

“Go ahead. I guess it won’t be a bad thing even if you take such a great amount of energies from it that there isn’t enough left to power the portal.

“Without energy to support its operation, it’ll be as useful as a stone gate.

“Stone Golems won’t be able to pass through it, and neither will I.”

After finishing explaining the origin and meaning of the Seven Stars Realm Sea, she prepared to leave.

Right before she did, she said, “You seem to be able to gather wisps of soul power from the sea. If so, you don’t need the soul crystals yet. The same goes for the Soul-cleansing Origin Elixir.”

“Give them to Dong Li and let her distribute them,” Nie Tian said.

“Dong Li?” Pei Qiqi said. After taking a moment to think, she added, “Sure. We’re in an unfavorable situation in the human world. The wonders of Soul-cleansing Origin Elixir can help make new God domain experts. Or it can be used to help experts like Yu Suying, Ji Yuanquan, and Ye Wenhan enter the middle God domain. Perhaps Fan Tianze will be able to seek his breakthrough into the late God domain with its help.

“But are you willing to give it away? There isn’t much Soul-cleansing Origin Elixir to begin with.”

Nie Tian weighed the matter for some time before saying, “Yes, I don’t need it yet.”

“Alright, I’ll put it in Dong Li’s hands.” With these words, Pei Qiqi seemed to sudden remember something. “Also, I learned a secret from the Voidspirit memories I acquired from the portal.”

“What secret?”

“That dark stone isn’t originally from the Mortal World or the Spirit World.”

“So it’s from the Void World?”

Pei Qiqi’s expression grew grim as she said, “That’s right. According to the Voidspirits, that dark stone was one of the eyes of a perished Devil grand monarch, who was referred to as the Dark King. Like Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit of the Netherspirits, he had also transcended the bloodline limits of the tenth grade.

“However, the two of them didn’t live in the same era.

“No one knows how the Dark King died. Even from the imprints the Voidspirits left in the portal, I can only see that his eyes turned into two dark stones after his death.

“One of them remains in the Devils’ hands, while the other somehow ended up in the Demons’ Sixth Demon Realm, and made Grand Monarch Utter Darkness.

“Now, that eye of the Dark King is Dong Li’s possession.”

Nie Tian gasped. “The Dark King?! A mighty leader of the Devils that had transcended the bloodline limits of the tenth grade as Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit had? The dark stone is one of his eyes, and there’s another one out there?!”

“Yes, the Netherspirits, Bonedrudes, and Devils of the Void World have all seen such mighty overlords in their long histories,” Pei Qiqi said. “Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit of the Netherspirits, the Dark King of the Devils, and the Bone Emperor of the Bonedrudes are those we know.

“But those three transcendent leaders didn’t live in the same era.

“Some of our late God domain experts and the Ancientspirits’ and outsiders’ late tenth grade experts try every possible method to cross the region that separates our worlds from the Void World when they approach the end of their lifespan. I guess the reason why they want to go to the Void World is because they hope to find a method to transcend their limits.

“After all, the Void World has produced mighty existences like Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit, the Dark King, and the Bone Emperor...

“Okay, that’s all I have to tell you.”

With these words, Pei Qiqi flew out of the Seven Stars Realm Sea.

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