Lord Chu’s Wife is Wild

Chapter 431 - Qing Yi and Lan Yi

Chapter 431: Qing Yi and Lan Yi

“She’ll stay there in the future.”

Chu Sihan, who was silent at the side, suddenly spoke.

Lu Sheng was stunned at first, then she rolled her eyes at him.

Ning Xiang and Ren Xu looked at each other and could not help but purse their lips and chuckle.

“I’m ashamed to say this.”

Ning Xiang looked at Lu Sheng and said, “May I know your name, Miss?”

“My surname is Lu, and my name is Sheng. The Sheng’s spelled with the meaning of singing.”

Ning Xiang did not know which Sheng it was, but Ren Xu, who had read before, knew.

He whispered into his wife’s ear and Ning Xiang nodded.

“So your surname is Lu. I’ll remember that!”

She looked at the two of them and smiled. “It’s getting late. We still have to rent a cart, so we won’t stay any longer. Miss Lu, Lord Chu, we’ll meet again if fate allows. Goodbye!”

Lu Sheng nodded. “Goodbye!”

The couple smiled and nodded before leaving.


Lu Sheng sighed and turned around to ask Chu Sihan, “Lord, what should we do next?”

Chu Sihan said coldly, “It’s already spring. We can farm again soon. Let’s first open the warehouse to provide relief. We’ll talk about the rest later.”

“About the weapons…”

Lu Sheng raised an eyebrow.

“This matter involves the Crown Prince. I’ll get someone to investigate it before informing His Majesty.”

He could use this opportunity to pull the Crown Prince off the throne.

“Oh right!”

Recalling what had happened previously, Lu Sheng hurriedly said to Chu Sihan, “Previously, I helped a child settle his soul. That child’s father said that the sounds of wheels rolling and weapons were often heard at the back of the mountain of Chen Village in the middle of the night. Perhaps, it has something to do with this.”

“Chen Village?”

Chu Sihan frowned slightly. “Is it the village near Huang Yang Town?”

Lu Sheng nodded. “Yes.”

Chu Sihan nodded slightly. “I’ll get someone to investigate.”

He looked at Lu Sheng and said in a low voice, “Let’s go and see General Tang first.”


The duo had just entered the crowd and was about to head to the inn when a carriage suddenly stopped in front of them.

The duo took two steps back warily. The coachman suddenly looked up.

After seeing the coachman’s face clearly, the duo’s expression paused and they looked at the coachman in surprise.

“Your Highness, Miss Lu.”

“Tianxi, why are you here?” Chu Sihan raised his eyebrows slightly.

The coachman was Netherworld himself.

The corners of Netherworld’s lips twitched. “The King and Peak Master Lu asked me to wait for the two of you at the government office. I didn’t expect the two of you to come out as soon as I arrived.”

“How did they know…”

Halfway through her sentence, Lu Sheng suddenly remembered that her master was not an ordinary person. She could only stop abruptly.

Then, she changed the topic. “Where are they now?”

Netherworld said respectfully, “King and Peak Master Lu are waiting at the inn ahead.”

Lu Sheng looked at Chu Sihan. “Lord, shall we meet my master and the rest or General Tang first?”

Chu Sihan said, “Let’s go and see General Tang first.”

He had seen the Demon King and Lu Zhou before, so there was no hurry.


Lu Sheng nodded and asked Netherworld, “My master and Uncle Demon King should be fine, right?”

“I think so.”

Netherworld nodded slightly. “Last night at midnight, when the King and Peak Master Lu returned from drinking, they discovered a large lot of carriages entering Huang Yang Town. After careful investigation, they realized that there were weapons mixed in the grain pouches, so they confiscated the items and arrested the people.”

“After an interrogation by Lord Fu and Peak Master Lu, some people said that the weapons came from Yong Fu Town. As to who made them and what they were used for, they don’t know.”

“We know who those weapons belong to.”

Lu Sheng said to Netherworld, “We’re going to see someone later. That person knows where the remaining weapons are. When you go back, tell my master and Uncle Demon King to find us at Tian Ya Inn, Tian Zi Number One.”

“Tian Ya Inn, Tian Zi Number One, right?”

Netherworld nodded. “I’ll remember.”

Chu Sihan said coldly, “Then, we’ll go over first. Go back and bring Uncle-Master Lu and the Demon King over.”

Netherworld nodded. “Take care!”

When Lu Sheng and Chu Sihan reached the Tian Ya Inn, the shopkeeper suddenly looked at Chu Sihan in surprise.

“Lord… Lord, why are you here?”

Lu Sheng raised an eyebrow. “Shopkeeper, you know our Lord?”

“Of course!”

The shopkeeper looked at Chu Sihan again and said agitatedly, “Why didn’t Lord say anything when you came to Yong Fu Town?”

Chu Sihan frowned slightly. “You are?”

“Look at me!”

The shopkeeper knocked his head and hurriedly introduced himself. “My name is Du Wen, and I’m the shopkeeper of Tian Ya Inn. You might not know me, but I’ve followed my father to the Chu Mansion before and had the honor of meeting you once!”

Chu Sihan raised his eyebrows. “Your father is…?”

Du Wen hurriedly said, “My father’s name is Du Cui. He’s the shopkeeper of Yong Fu Town’s Tian Xiang Restaurant.”


Chu Sihan nodded indifferently.

“Lord, are you staying here?”

Although Chu Sihan’s expression was faint, it could not extinguish the shopkeeper’s enthusiasm for him.


Chu Sihan said coldly, “To find someone.”

“So you’re looking for someone!”

The shopkeeper smiled. “I wonder who Lord is looking for?”

Chu Sihan said coldly, “The person staying at Tian Zi Number One.”

“I see!”

The shopkeeper hurriedly gestured. “Lord, please!”

Chu Sihan nodded at him before going upstairs with Lu Sheng.

General Tang had been uneasy ever since he entered town.

Especially after he received the news of ‘Magistrate Zhuo”s death.

Three thousand soldiers had died in Chu Sihan’s hands. If he sneaked out to meet the Crown Prince, he would probably die.

Chu Sihan must have expected this, which was why he left him here alone.

Just as he was thinking about how to protect himself and his family, someone knocked on the door.

He shuddered and stood up from his chair.

“Who… who’s there?”

Although he was a general, he had never been on the battlefield.

The title of ‘general’ was given to him by the Crown Prince at the last minute. Therefore, compared to other generals, he was naturally afraid of death.

Lu Sheng said in a low voice, “General Tang, it’s us.”

General Tang heaved a sigh of relief when he heard Lu Sheng’s voice.

He went forward to open the door and hurriedly invited the two of them in. He poked his head out and only closed the door after seeing that there was no one else.

Seeing his actions, Lu Sheng could not help but raise her eyebrows. “General Tang, what are you looking at?”

“Ah, nothing.”

General Tang smiled awkwardly. “Please take a seat.”

After the two of them sat down, he hurriedly poured tea for them.

“May I know why the two of you are looking for me?”

Chu Sihan took the teacup and looked up at him. “Bring us to the weapon creation place tonight.”


General Tang swallowed. “Lord Chunyu will be here tonight.”

“Lord Chunyu?”

Chu Sihan narrowed his eyes. “The magistrate of Yang Cheng Mansion, Chunyu Dong?”


General Tang nodded repeatedly. “This person has a strange personality and is extremely skilled in martial arts. The scariest thing is that he has a strange person by his side called Xiahou Tang. It’s said that he’s the Crown Prince’s teacher and he knows how to control beasts.”

General Tang couldn’t help but shiver when he thought of the scene with crawling snakes and rats.

“Xiahou Tang came to Yong Fu Town too?”

Chu Sihan frowned. “When did he come over?”

“It hasn’t been long!”

General Tang said in a low voice, “Just half a month ago. I heard he came to recuperate.”

Speaking of Xiahou Tang, Lu Sheng suddenly remembered that when they were leaving, they wanted to see the State Minister. However, Ye Luo said that the State Minister had gone to Xiahou Mansion.

Could it be that the State Minister did not meet Xiahou Tang when he went there?

Lu Sheng narrowed her eyes and pondered for a moment. Then, she suddenly said, “Lord, can you inform the State Minister to come here?”

Chu Sihan shook his head slightly. “I can’t inform the State Minister, but Uncle-Master Lu should be able to.”


Lu Sheng nodded. “Then, tell Master to inform the State Minister later.”

General Tang’s mouth dropped open, and he could barely speak.

He was already shocked to see Chu Sihan. He did not expect them to want to inform the State Minister.

One had to know that meeting the State Minister was equivalent to meeting the Emperor. To a small character like him, this was simply a blessing accumulated from ten lifetimes.

Although he worked for the Crown Prince, he had yet to see his face.

However, Chu Sihan and Lu Sheng continued chatting as if they did not notice his shock.

“Why did you suddenly want to invite the State Minister over?” Chu Sihan asked with narrowed eyes.

He had not forgotten Lu Sheng’s expression when she first saw the State Minister.

“Didn’t he want to settle scores with Xiahou Tang?”

Lu Sheng smiled and said, “Now that we know Xiahou Tang is here, we naturally have to invite him over to deal with him.”

Chu Sihan was speechless.

Where did the girl place him?

Where did she place Lu Zhou and the Demon King?

With so many people present, why would they be afraid of not being able to deal with Xiahou Tang?

At this moment, someone knocked on the door.

Lu Sheng’s eyes lit up. “It must be my master and the rest!”


Seeing that she was about to get up, Chu Sihan hurriedly pushed her back onto the chair.

Chu Sihan looked out the door and said softly, “It’s not them.”

“It’s not them?”

Lu Sheng frowned slightly. “Who would knock at this time?”

“I’m not sure.”

Chu Sihan looked at the nervous General Tang and said in a low voice, “Find a place to hide first.”


General Tang hurried to his feet. After a moment’s hesitation, he decided to hide under the bed.

Lu Sheng blinked and asked softly, “Lord, can we open the door now?”

Chu Sihan nodded slightly. “Go ahead.”

Lu Sheng stood up and walked to the door. She yawned, rubbed her eyes, and opened the door unhappily. “Who’s that?”

When the people at the door saw that it was a girl, they were stunned.

“Ah… Miss, you live here?”

“Is there a problem?”

Lu Sheng frowned and her attitude was not good.

The duo looked at each other and apologized immediately. “We have a friend who is staying in this inn. We thought that he was staying in this room. We walked into the wrong room. Please don’t blame us.”


Lu Sheng yawned again and waved her hand. “If there’s nothing else, I’ll close the door.”

“Sorry for disturbing!”

Lu Sheng nodded and closed the door.

“How is it?”

Chu Sihan raised his eyebrows and asked.

Lu Sheng explained softly, “Two men came. One was dressed in green, while the other was dressed in blue. The man in green looked pretty good, but there was a small red mole between his eyebrows. The man in blue did not speak from the beginning to the end. His expression was very cold, and a soft sword was wrapped around his waist.”

“Qing Yi and Lan Yi?”

General Tang crawled out from under the bed, his face full of fear.

“What’s wrong? Are they very powerful?” Lu Sheng was curious.

General Tang said in a low voice, “They are Lord Chunyu’s right-hand men. They also know witchcraft like Lord Xiahou.”

“They know witchcraft?”

Chu Sihan and Lu Sheng glanced at each other and asked General Tang again, “What witchcraft do they use?”

“I once saw that man in green transform into an Azure Dragon and swallow all the refugees within a hundred meters.”

“Azure Dragon?”

Lu Sheng was shocked.

She was so close to them just now, but she did not smell any demonic aura at all.

Unless they were not demons.

Chu Sihan seemed to have seen through her confusion and replied, “They’re not demons.”

Lu Sheng frowned. “If they’re not demons, could they be Mythical Beasts?”


Chu Sihan said coldly, “If I’m not wrong, that man in blue should be transfromed from a Kirin.”

“Mythical Beast?”

General Tang shook his head. “They’re definitely not Mythical Beasts.”

How could Mythical Beasts eat humans? Weren’t they gods?

At this moment, the two men in green and blue who had just come downstairs paused in their tracks when they saw the carriage parked outside the inn.


Lu Zhou, who had just lifted the curtain and alighted, happened to bump into the duo.

He raised his eyebrows slightly and asked the two of them, “Aren’t these the Mythical Beasts of our Immortal World? Why are they here?”

“Who’s that?”

When he heard Lu Zhou talking to someone, Shangguan Dian hurriedly jumped out and asked.

He sized them up and raised his eyebrows. “Oh, you two old friends are here too. What a coincidence. Shall we sit down and have a drink?”

The expressions of the duo in green and blue were somewhat ugly.

They pursed their lips and looked at the duo coldly.

Back then, Azure Dragon and Kirin colluded with some demons in the Demon Realm to destroy Shangguan Dian.

Unfortunately, Lu Zhou and Shangguan Dian saw through them. After a huge battle, Azure Dragon and Kirin were defeated and sent to the mortal world.

Lu Zhou sized the two up and tsked. “It seems like not only did you not turn over a new leaf in the mortal world, but you’ve even committed more sins.”

Qing Yi’s expression changed slightly. He clenched his fists but did not dare to attack rashly.

When they were banished to the mortal world, more than half of their magic power had dissipated.

He was not their match even in his golden age, what more now?

“Seeing the two of you here, I presume that person is here too?”

Lu Zhou said lightly, “Ask him to come and see me when he has the time. I’m curious how he’s been doing in the human world for so many years.”

Qing Yi said coldly, “Our master is doing well. There’s no need for you to pretend.”

“It’s not that I miss him.”

Lu Zhou said calmly, “He borrowed my things. It’s been years. It’s time to return them.”

As he spoke, his gaze landed on Lan Yi.

Lan Yi’s gaze flickered and he lowered his eyes, not daring to look at him.


Lu Zhou raised an eyebrow. “After acknowledging someone else as your master for decades, you’ve forgotten about me, your previous master?”

“Stop trying to cotton up to him!”

Qing Yi stood in front of Lan Yi and glared at him angrily. “When he made a mistake back then, why didn’t I see you plead for him? If my master hadn’t saved him, you probably wouldn’t even be able to see him now.”

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