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Chapter 607 - Chapter 607: Afraid of Death, But Not Cowardly

Chapter 607: Afraid of Death, But Not Cowardly

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Just as the black shadow was about to reach Su Ying, Su Ying suddenly opened her two eyes, grabbed the electric baton beside her, and stabbed it into the black shadow.


The black shadow toppled over onto the campfire as if it was frozen. The fire burned his skin and emitted a pungent scorched smell.

The campfire in the room was extinguished. Su Ying turned her eyes and saw several black figures scuttling in from the windows and the door.

“Who are you? How dare you trespass into the northern wilderness?” One black figure glared angrily at her.


The flames still burning on the black-clad man’s body illuminated Su Ying’s icy face. “You people came to my territory and have the guts to ask me who I am? How ridiculous!”

“Your territory? Do you know where this is? You don’t know what’s good for you. Take her down!”

The men in black swarmed forward.

Su Ying lifted the black-clad man, who was engulfed by the fire, with the tip of her foot and kicked him towards them.

The black-clad men quickly dodged when they saw this, but just as they were dodging, Su Ying was already right in front of them.

Before the black-clad man could even catch his breath, Su Ying’s baton smashed viciously onto his head.


The black-clad man fell to the ground with a cry of pain and was unable to get up again.

The black-clad men realized that Su Ying wasn’t easy to deal with, so they exchanged glances with each other to indicate launching a sneak attack. However, before they could do anything, they felt their backs go numb. Their eyes widened in shock, and they turned around to come face to face with Su Ying’s two frosty eyes.

In the blink of an eye, more than a dozen black-clad men fell to the ground. The remaining people saw that the situation was not right and wanted to flee. Su Ying gave a scornful sneer and darted forward to block the door.

“Tiger Base is not a place where you guys can come and go as you please.”

The black-clad men were so frightened that they backed away repeatedly. “Who… who are you?”

Su Ying slowly raised the electric baton in her hand. “Someone who’s here for your lives.”


Screams rang out from the room again and again. In less than 15 minutes, the room returned to an eerie silence.

The only remaining black-clad man was forced into a corner. Terror swept over him instantly when he realized that death was only three steps away from him.

“Tell me. Who sent you dogs?”

“Just… just kill me. I… I will definitely not say… Argh!”

Su Ying’s foot slowly stepped on his shoulder and then she gradually increased the force on her foot.

The black-clad man could hear the sound of his bones shattering. He was in so much pain that he broke out in cold sweat all over.

“I don’t have much patience. I’ll give you one last chance. Who is your master?”

“Heroine… heroine, please spare us. Please spare our lives. We are… we are from the Jin State.”

“What are you doing here?”

“I don’t… don’t know the details. I only heard that a mine was discovered here. The northern wilderness is a territory with no ownership, so whoever snatched the mine will own it. So… so they told us to stand guard here. If we discover anything unusual, we are to send a message to them.”

“We… we are… we are from a martial arts sect in the Jin State. We take people’s money to carry out tasks for them. We… we don’t know who paid this money.”

Su Ying’s foot slowly moved to his other shoulder and gently tapped it. “When you guys came, where were the people in the Tiger Base?”

“Don’t… don’t know. When we came here, this place was already in this state. We… we found out that the array formation outside the gate showed signs of having been destroyed so we set up a new array formation. After we arrived here, we have been staying here. Our mission is to guard this place. We really don’t know anything else… Argh!”

As soon as the black-clad man finished speaking, his neck snapped under Su Ying’s foot.

Su Ying straightened up. When she was checking the Tiger Base during the day, she had sensed that there were still people here. However, she did not immediately make a move. Instead, she wanted to know what the other party wanted to do.

Nonetheless, she did not expect that these were just low-level minions.

Chu Yun’s letter to her wasn’t particularly detailed. He only said that many factions were coveting the mine they had discovered, but as for who they were, he didn’t go into detail.

Moreover, from the letter he sent, it could be seen that when he wrote that letter, his thoughts were already very chaotic.

In Su Ying’s impression, Chu Yun was a person who never panicked when he encountered problems. Unless the situation had genuinely spiraled out of control, he would not lose his rationality.

This was also the reason she was in such a hurry to come here.

When Su Ying was inspecting the Tiger Base during the day, she discovered that many belongings in the houses were relatively tidy. Although there were traces of things being rummaged through, the items were relatively orderly. The items in the houses didn’t seem to have been looted, but rather, they were packed and taken away by someone.

Meng Zi was a brave and resourceful person. Perhaps he had sensed the danger earlier and led the people to leave Tiger Base.

With this thought, Su Ying didn’t delay any longer. She took out her motorcycle and prepared to rush to Sky Alpha City overnight.

At dawn when the sky was about to brighten, it was still so dark that one could not even see his fingers in front of him.

As she neared Sky Alpha City, Su Ying stopped and put the motorcycle back into her interspatial store.

In the darkness, there was only the sound of the gusting cold wind. There was no movement around her.

The walls of Sky Alpha City towered into the clouds in the darkness. As soon as she went near, she felt an invisible pressure assaulting her.

Su Ying wasn’t in a hurry to enter. Instead, she went to the entrance and gathered some firewood to start a fire.

As long as the security was not lax, the guards would soon notice her fire.

Su Ying leaned against the foot of the wall next to the fire. Sure enough, before long, she heard a slight movement.

“Fuck these damn bastards. Are they done or not? I must kill them today!”

Cursing and swearing could be heard from within the city walls.

Soon, Su Ying heard rumbling sounds as a crack appeared on the city wall. A figure on a horse rushed out of the darkness with a flourish.

“Bastard! I’ll take your dog life!”

Su Ying raised her eyelids and bent down to grab a ball of snow. As the figure rushed towards her, she kicked up a shower of snow to extinguish the fire.

The surroundings instantly fell into endless darkness.

The man didn’t seem to expect Su Ying to suddenly extinguish the fire. He became even more wary at once and didn’t immediately go near Su Ying.

Su Ying gave a contemptuous laugh before raising the snowball in her hand and flinging it at him.

The person felt a strong aura sweeping towards him. He clearly felt a dangerous aura. He wanted to dodge, but his body seemed to be frozen by something. He could not move at all.


The snowball brushed past his shoulder, almost scraping off his armor in the process.

The person realized that the other party was a tough nut to crack and reflected ruefully on his recklessness in rushing out in this fashion.

However, he could not show fear. Death itself was not scary. Cowering in fear of death was the most cowardly!

“Little bastard, let your grandpa teach you a lesson today!”

Su Ying weighed the snowball in her hand and flung it again when the other party got closer.

This time, it brushed past his face.


“Of all places, why did you have to hit my face? You’re courting death!”

Su Ying gave a scornful sneer.. “It’s still not certain who’s the one courting death!”

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