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Chapter 629 - Chapter 629: 48. Refine the Heavenly Snail Ring and Transform into the God of Light (6195 Words)

Chapter 629: 48. Refine the Heavenly Snail Ring and Transform into the God of Light (6195 Words)

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This villa existed on an Iceland in the North Sea and did not communicate with the human world. Even if the disciples went to the human world to train, they would hide their identities. They also silently completed the transition during the fire tribulation.

This could be said to be a real secluded manor with a rich heritage.

Later, after the Heaven and Earth were reorganized during the Mountain River Tribulation, the White Cloud Villa was wrapped in spiritual energy and entered the Weizhou Continent. Then, it established its status as one of the “Three Northern Sects” in the surrounding battles.

It could be said that without the Divine Court, the White Cloud Villa would be a major power that could compete with the demons and Buddhists.

Now, the experts of the White Cloud Villa had been massacred in the battle of the Divine Masters and divine sons. In addition to the ravages of the Tribulation Demons and various unexpected factors, although they had not declined, they had retreated into the crack, and the person in charge had become Madam Xue.

200 years ago, Madam Xue gave the position of the manor lord to her son, and she began to cultivate in seclusion in order to obtain more good karma.

Two hundred years later, Madam Xue came out of seclusion and became an ancestor.

She had already written her name on the book and directly broke through to the 14th level, becoming one of the best in the Human Religion Sect.

Madam Xue got off the flying chariot and arrived at the promised place. Her snow-white long legs were wrapped in a high-waisted gauze dress that was half-hidden and half-visible. The sapphire blue belt around her waist fluttered in the wind, and above that was a beige cloak. Her outstretched hands were still wrapped in ancient jade bracelets. A slight movement would make a crisp jingle.

Her face was exquisite and elegant, but not rigid. Instead, she had an otherworldly aura. Her long hair fell to her waist, and at the top of her hair was a golden cloud ornament. The womanly aura of a former wife had been fermented by time and cultivation, and was actually more charming than that of a young girl. “Forefather.”


A male cultivator and a female cultivator, both of whom were at the 14th realm, stood respectfully to the side when they saw Madam Xue leaving the carriage.

Madam Xue looked up at the cliff in front of her and said, “”Xiao Shan, Little

Jun, if I don’t come out in an hour, you can go back to the manor by yourselves.

Then, give this letter to the family head.”

As she spoke, she stretched out her snow-white arm and a letter slid out.

The female cultivator called Little Jun took the letter. She hesitated for a moment before replying, “Yes.”

Under their gazes,

Madam Xue lifted her little foot and stepped on the stone steps.

She didn’t show off and walked up the mountain path like an ordinary woman.

When she reached the entrance of the cliff, she raised her hands and said,” The

Xue family of the White Cloud Villa requests an audience with the Lord God of Light. ‘

She had already made a lot of preparations. After all, if the seventh god wanted to meet her in the mountains instead of in the palace, it would be a problem. Just as she was thinking about all the possibilities, a man’s voice came from afar.

“Come over.”

Madam Xue continued to walk forward. She saw a man wearing a mask lying in front of the cliff, as if he was sunbathing.

Madam Xue walked to his side. She had heard that the Divine Master was free to do whatever he wanted, and that he was unpredictable and reckless.

To some extent, she was already prepared to sacrifice herself.

If she could let the Religion of Humanity grow, then her sacrifice was nothing.

Moreover, if she came and was chosen, she could not refuse. Otherwise, it would bring disaster to the White Cloud Villa.

“Sit beside me,” said the seventh god.

Madam Xue smiled. She smoothed her dress with both hands and sat down cross-legged next to the man. She looked up at the clouds in the distance with him.

An hour later.

The flying chariot left the mountain.

There were only two people left on this quiet mountain.

The wind was blowing, and the yellow leaves were still hanging on the treetops, making a pleasant sound like wind chimes.

Madam Xue was patient and understood men. Since the Divine Master didn’t say anything, she wouldn’t break the atmosphere. She would try to blend in and make it harmonious.

At this moment…

It was harmonious.

The white-robed man wore a mask and looked up, while she gently sat cross-legged beside him. She also took out a mask from her bosom and put it on her face, laughing softly at the same time.

Her every move could stir up a man’s thoughts, and her soft laughter could lead a man to ask questions first. Then, the topic could begin.

Then, the God Lord opened his mouth just as she thought, but he didn’t ask the question she was thinking about.

“Long time no see, Nian Ying,” the God Lord said with a smile.

When Madam Xue heard this name, she couldn’t help but tremble. Then she asked hesitantly, “”Which senior brother is it?”

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