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Chapter 563 - Chapter 563: 30. Kindness

Chapter 563: 30. Kindness

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A year later, Xia Ji had completed the task of imparting the Heavenly Constitution.

The Demon Venerable also withstood the pressure of the various sects. After all, even if he had a mystic skill without a fire seed, he still could not break free from the lifespan of mortals. It was just that the distance between mortals and immortals had narrowed a little.

It was winter again this year, so Xia Ji no longer needed to teach the Xuan skill himself. Gongyang Zhang had listened for a long time, so he roughly knew all the questions that others would ask and how the young mister would answer them. He could completely reply with his own words, and with some of his own understanding, it was enough to support the Ten Thousand Swords Temple.

However, the Xuan cultivation he taught had changed from the original Wan Jian House’s Xuan cultivation to the Heavenly Constitution, but the requirements for passing on the cultivation had not changed. The first thing to look at was one’s temperament, and the second was one’s aptitude.

The people of the Da Qi Imperial Palace were not fools. Gradually, they began to realize that the mysterious expert in the Imperial Palace was very likely not Commander Jin, but the Seventeenth Prince.

However, although they were aware of it, no one was stupid enough to say it. They were all pretending to be confused.

Finally, Qi Heng found Commander Jin for a long chat.

This time, Jin Batian finally let go of his burden and began to speak the truth. God knew how tired he was after carrying the pressure for so long.

He confessed.

Qi Heng understood.

But what Qi Heng did not understand was why his seventeenth brother was so powerful?

“Born to know?”

The monarch sat in his study, recalling thirteen years ago, when Fairy Bi of the five sects of Green Peak invaded, she captured everyone and gathered them in the square. Then, she suddenly died. At that time, the Seventeenth Prince was only six years old.

The Seventeenth Prince was only three years old when the investigating elder of the five Qingfeng sects and the original state preceptor died, right? He killed the Imperial Advisor and the Elder at the age of three, and killed a Level 13 expert silently at the age of six.

Qi Heng continued to ponder…

If he had also killed the golden-robed expert that the black flood dragon had dragged along that day…

If the Wan Jian House’s change in attitude towards the human dynasty was also caused by him…

This was…

Qi Heng couldn’t imagine it, but he thought about it for a moment. From the perspective of motive, the seventeenth brother would definitely do it.

In terms of ability, he felt that it was impossible.

However, was it possible to kill the state preceptor and elder at the age of three?

A child had done something impossible, so why couldn’t he do the second?

Qi Heng rubbed his forehead. He couldn’t figure it out no matter how much he thought about it. After a long time, he could only give an answer. Perhaps… Seventeenth brother was a natural born saint?

“First Commander, I will announce in the morning court tomorrow…”

“Your Majesty, this is great. I finally don’t have to bear the identity of this mysterious expert. It’s really tiring.” Jin Batian heaved a sigh of relief. He had already thought it through. Without this identity, he would relax and not act tough anymore.

“No, no, no, Grand Commander has misunderstood me.” Qi Heng laughed.

Jin Batian was speechless.

Qi Heng said, ” I mean to confer the title of Great General to the Great

Commander. However, the title of Great General has long lost its power.

However, it is an honor that belongs only to one person. It is much stronger than the title of Great Commander. In the future, no matter where the Great Commander goes to in the Great Qi, his carriage will be the same as mine. ” “Your Majesty…” Jin Batian said in a trembling voice. I am not that mysterious expert.”

“Then did my seventeenth brother ask you to say it?” Qi Heng laughed.

“I haven’t.”

Aren’t you afraid of offending him? ”

“Now that the Imperial Palace is quietly spreading the truth, what if Seventeenth Brother thinks that you deliberately spread it? Therefore, I gave you the title of Great General for your own good. It’s to tell others that this mysterious expert is actually you.” Jin Batian was speechless.

“Great General, you may leave.” Qi Heng said.


Qi Heng collected his thoughts and took a copy from the small mountain of memorials at the side and began to read them.

The candle flame swayed, and the deep winter snow was cold.

On the secluded path leading to the study, a eunuch carried a lantern and led a youth to the courtyard of the study.

The old eunuch didn’t step in. Instead, he said respectfully, “‘Your Highness, the king is waiting for you.”


Xia Ji nodded and stepped in. Seeing that the snow was flat and flawless, he went around the side to the eaves and knocked on the door. He only walked in after he got an answer from inside.

Qi Heng raised his head, put down his brush, ink, and memorials, and began to brew tea. He smiled as he brewed, “The tea in the mortal world can’t compare to the tea in the sky.”

It’s not good in the sky, ” Xia Ji said calmly. ” There’s nothing there. I still prefer the human world. ‘

Qi Heng’s body paused for a moment, and ne only said this.

He asked.

Seventeenth Brother admitted it.

That was great.

However, Qi Heng still did not believe him. He asked again, “The Green Peak

Five Sects…”

Xia Ji didn’t wait for him to finish and said, “”lt’s me.”

Qi Heng gulped, ” Wan Jian House…”

“It’s me.”

“They will come to massacre the city on that day…”

“It’s me.”

Qi Heng’s hand trembled, and the tea spilled out. However, it only spilled out, not onto the ground. Xia Ji waved his hand lightly, and the spilled tea returned to the cup.

Qi Heng seemed to have recalled many things and shook his head with a bitter smile.

“What did you think of, Eldest Brother?” Xia Ji asked.

Qi Heng said, ” It’s true that a sparrow doesn’t understand a swan, and a mayfly doesn’t understand a divine dragon. It’s funny that many of my younger brothers and sisters used to laugh at my seventeenth brother in the study. Many people even said that my seventeenth brother was a bookworm. Now that I look at it, I really can’t help but laugh. ‘

Seventeenth brother can now call me big brother. I will remember this for the rest of my life.”

” You’re too much, Big Brother, ” Xia Ji said. ” You and I are brothers. ”

Qi Heng’s eyes moved. He naturally knew that his 17th brother wasn’t from the Qi royal family. He was just an abandoned baby.. But the problem was, did his 17th brother know this?

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