Long Live The Emperor!

Chapter 43 - Chapter 43: 43. The Cows and Snakes Should Jump Out, Right?

Chapter 43: 43. The Cows and Snakes Should Jump Out, Right?

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In the wee hours of the morning, a carriage stopped in front of Bi Manor. Although this manor was wealthy, it was not considered outstanding among the many “cowardly nobles”. It was neither superior nor inferior, and it belonged to the kind that no one would pay special attention to.

The sturdy servant hurriedly jumped down from the imperial platform. He supported himself with both hands and his knees went soft. He knelt on the ground and became the human stool for the dignitaries to step on.

The curtain of the carriage was lifted, and a noble in plain clothes stepped on his back and hurriedly got out of the carriage. His brows were tightly Imitted, and his expression was actually a little anxious. He had just received news that the boorish man was actually not dead, and was on his way back. This was a big matter!

As soon as he got out of the car, a figure suddenly flashed out from the shadows beside the door. That figure walked under the lantern of the Bi residence, and the red light shone on a smiling face. That person said, “Greetings, Sir Bi.”

The noble naturally recognized this person. This was Eunuch Mei, whom he had often mentioned these days. This person could actually find him?

“Eunuch Mei.” He cupped his hands and replied.

The eunuch revealed a relaxed and kind smile. ” I’ve been waiting for a long time. Sir Bi, can you treat me to a cup of fragrant tea? ”

Sir Bi was stunned for a moment. Although his tone was arrogant, he was good at playing tricks and guessing people’s hearts. When he saw Eunuch Mei’s expression and thought of the urgent report he had just received that the Seventh Prince was not imprisoned and was preparing to return, he immediately understood.

This information was fake.

But this message was urgent.

He was so anxious that his hidden sentry had no choice but to inform him immediately.

Eunuch Mei had used this to secretly track him down and find him.

Not bad.

He did not expect this eunuch to have some tricks up his sleeve.

With such methods, he might be able to become his ally in the Imperial Palace.

Who knew that this eunuch would not be able to become the Head Chief in the future and become the favorite of the Emperor?

Thus, Sir Bi cupped his hands and smiled. ” Eunuch, you are too polite. After the battle, I should have treated you to a cup of tea. It is still too late today.

Eunuch, please drink some tea. I will drink to apologize. ‘

When Eunuch Mei saw the other party’s expression, he immediately knew that he had understood the whole story. Everyone was smart, and they seemed to be kind. It was much easier to speak like this, so he said politely,”Sir Bi, please.”

The two of them looked at each other and their minds were connected. They had already reached a consensus before they entered the residence, so they laughed at the same time.

He who understands the times is a wise man, and a good bird chooses a tree to perch on.

Smart people were generally like this.

He was smarter than adults.

Eunuch Mei was the same.

A smart person meeting a smart person would naturally make them happy.

Then who was the fool?

Naturally, they were people who had different thoughts from them.

Of course, it was the ignorant people in the city.

Naturally, it was the boorish man with brute strength, the Seventh Prince who had appeared out of nowhere like a nouveau riche after enduring patiently, and now that he had exhausted his trump card, he was once again under house arrest.

Deep in the palace.

The night was cold to the bone.

The princess, who had not slept in the early hours of the morning, coughed twice. She rubbed her forehead with her pale little hand and continued to read the article.

“Examining whether there is something or not, and whether it is true or false, follow its desires to see its will. Dismiss his words slightly and refute them, in order to seek the truth, the most important thing is to get his intention. Close the door and open it to seek its own benefits. Or open it to show it, or close it to close it. Open it and show it to him, because it is the same thing. It is different from sincerity to close it…”

This was the second chapter of the [Power Path]. It talked about how to maneuver among different factions, play with power, and carefully observe the human heart.

She flipped through page after page, and the door suddenly opened slightly by the size of a fist. The night wind rushed in, causing the candlestick to flicker. Her face also alternated between darkness and light.

A few white figures scuttled in.

The door closed again.

Five white foxes appeared in the candlelight. The foxes were filled with demonic qi and exploded like black smoke. When they reappeared, they were tall and charming girls.

On the contrary, Hu Xian ‘er, who was only 1.2 meters tall, was barefooted. Her jade-like toes touched the cold ground as she looked up at the ninth princess behind the desk with a smile.

She leaped onto the desk and collapsed onto it weakly. Then, she introduced them one by one, ‘”‘This is Xiao Mei, Xiao Lan, Xiao Zhu, and Xiao Ju. They are all demons who have cultivated successfully in the northern fox clan. Little Princess, let them be palace maids. With these little foxes around, unless a great expert came, no one could get close to you.

“Next, the other demons will also come to the Imperial City one after another.

Let’s do as we discussed before…Hehehe…’

Hu Xian ‘er’s head suddenly turned 180 degrees, revealing her white fox face. She said hoarsely, ” Possession!!! ” As long as he knew the information and habits of these people, he could pretend to be them and take over the army and power…Hehehe… ”

She turned her head half a circle again, revealing her original charming face. She said gently, “Then the little princess will have her own power and can be a true empress. By the way, have you thought of the little princess’s emperor name? Also, the name Little Su is too soft. It’s not an emperor’s name. Should I change the little princess’s name? Hehehe…’

As soon as she smiled, the four vixens standing in the study began to giggle as well. Their furry big tails were exposed from their short skirts, and they swept each other with their tails, making slapping sounds.

“Quiet down!”

Hu Xian Er did not turn her head, but the fox face behind her suddenly let out a


The four little foxes immediately became tired and uneasily retracted their fox tails.

“Who wears short skirts in winter! You are humans now! Aren’t you cold?”

Hu Xian Er cursed again.

The four little foxes looked at their ancestor who was dressed so scantily and did not even wear shoes, so they felt very wronged…

However, their ancestors were very powerful, so they still obediently blew out clouds of black smoke. Then, they used fur to make the standard palace maid’s clothes, palace pants, and furry boots.

Xia Xiaosu put down the book. If a person had experienced life and death and despair, then their personality would change drastically. The princess’s personality did not change. She was just trying to put on a coat and put on a face. Her brother was right. She could not be a little girl anymore. The cold dagger in her arms reminded her,

To live or to die, it only took a moment.

The arrangement of the palace maids was something that had been discussed, so she nodded and then calmly said, “Before brother left, he said that he would be back in three days. Today is the fourth day. Do you know what happened?”

Hu Xian Er exhaled and said in a gentle tone, “Little princess, you might not have heard it, but three days ago, Thunder Sound Temple was filled with

Buddhist light and thunder. We know that it was Thunder Sound Temple’s Demon Suppressing Formation and Arhat Formation.

No one can leave under the double formation, so your brother must be trapped in Thunder Sound Monastery.”

Xia Xiaosu trembled. She clenched her left hand tightly, her sharp nails digging into her pale skin. The pain allowed her to remain calm. ” Is my brother dead? ”

“I won’t die. Those monks wouldn’t dare to kill a prince,” Hu Xian Er said gently.

She leaned on the desk and crossed her long, snow-white legs. Then, she looked at the princess and smiled. ” Don’t worry, we demons will help the princess. The princess only needs to trust us demons. ” With us here, your brother who is suppressed in Thunder Sound Monastery might not be unsalvageable.”

The light of dawn finally fell on this vast land.

After finishing his vegetarian meal, Xia Ji gave some instructions and rode his horse straight to the Imperial City.

Today was the fifth day. All the monsters and monsters should have jumped out, right?

If they were lucky, they might even be able to see some good shows.

It was time to put away the fishing line..

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