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Chapter 428 - Chapter 428: 253. Growth Ring

Chapter 428: 253. Growth Ring

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“So uncomfortable, so uncomfortable – What’s going on? Why do I have this reenngr

Concubine Wu knelt on the black ground, her fingertips piercing deep into the unknown material of the underworld, but they were slightly bent by the hard ground.

Her entire body was trembling as if she was having a relapse.

“What exactly is this mask? Why did you say that there was a problem? Why should I be careful?”

Wu Ji’s breathing became rapid. ” Where are you? Where are you? There were more nightmares these days. Could it be a method of possession by an evil soul? But I’m from the Wu family. Why?”

Words fell one after another.

Concubine Wu was half-lying on the ground, her entire body tensed up. Her black boots were lifted up by the soles of her feet.

She was like an injured mother beast as she continued to speak illogically.

These words came one after another, but they could not be coherent.

Xia Ji quietly hid behind the stone wall.

After the time it takes for half an incense stick to burn, Concubine Wu disappeared from the netherworld again, and Xia Ji returned to Mirror Lake.

The next day.

Lu Miaomiao had prepared rice paste early in the morning and was putting on cat slippers to paste the word ‘Blessing’. Her white ankles were wrapped in silk stockings, and she kept going in and out of the slippers, running around with the sound of footsteps.

Seeing Xia Ji, she turned to the side and waved, making a cute face. ”

“Good morning, Uncle

With that, she picked up the ” blessing ” character and the hot rice paste and ran over. When she reached another door, she began to brush the rice paste.

Then, she raised her hands high and began to paste the ” blessing ” character.

The manor in Mirror Lake was very large. It was obviously a big project to paste the word “fortune” and couplets on all the houses. Xia Ji quickly finished his breakfast and went to help out. The light of winter morning is warm and soft,

Although the wind was cold, it was clean and fresh.

Soon, it was almost noon.

Lu Miaomiao breathed and rubbed her small hands. Her cheeks were flushed. She turned to look at the silver-haired man who was also busy and shouted from afar, “Uncle, it’s almost noon. I’m going to cook. What do you want to eat?”

“There are only two of us. We can just make something.”

“How can that be?”

Lu Miaomiao said, ” Forget it. I’ll see for myself. ‘

She changed into an apron and started to get busy in the kitchen.

At this moment, the ancestral hall outside the mirror lake was filled with incense, painting the afternoon with a serene Zen atmosphere.

Many people who had come from afar burned incense at the center of the lake.

Then, they bowed or kowtowed, shouting words like ” Happy New Year to the Headmaster ‘

Xia Ji looked behind him and immediately understood.

The smoke rising from the kitchen announced that he had returned to the island.

Therefore, those who came to the Headmaster’s Temple to make a wish came to pay their respects to him.

He smiled and felt the movement in the kitchen. He felt a warmth in his heart.

Speaking of which, Lu Miaomiao had been by his side for eight years. Other than Little Su, the time they spent together had already exceeded that of others.

Xia Ji couldn’t help but laugh and shake his head.

Men were really deceiving themselves. While talking about topics that required rationality, they really felt that warmth, but they would also lose their rationality. It was really ridiculous, but they were willing to be ridiculous.

No matter what, at this moment, he was like a traveler who was chased by a tiger and jumped into a dry well. There were poisonous snakes in the dry well, and he grabbed the green vine that was about to break and clung to it in the air.

On the green vine, a drop of morning dew was condensing and dripping. Therefore, he raised his head and temporarily forgot about the tiger and the snake, and concentrated on enjoying the sweetness of this drop of dew.

This drop of dew suddenly transformed into Lu Miaomiao’s appearance. She was like an elf, walking out of the mysterious fog and entering a world that was also foggy.

In the end, the two of them actually did not understand each other at all.

There was no secret exchange.

Even their personalities were completely different.

From a rational point of view, they were not a compatible couple at all.

However, emotions had never had anything to do with rationality. At this moment, Xia Ji understood.

He was even a little afraid, so he temporarily suppressed this feeling and sat cross-legged at the long table with Lu Miaomiao.

Outside the Mirror Lake, in the Master Temple, fireworks exploded into a garden in the sky.

Colorful purple and red, blooming in the depths of winter, It was bright and beautiful, but it was short-lived. “Uncle, are you watching the fireworks?”

“Are the fireworks beautiful but short-lived?”

“I don’t think so, because…Every year, we can see fireworks. Beauty temporarily adorns our lives, but it’s not everything.”

Oh, Miaomiao, you’ve become very philosophical today. What do you think life is all about? ”

“I don’t know either, and this is exactly what Uncle and I need to explore together.”

Xia Ji smiled. He didn’t want to define life. If he defined life, he would fall behind.

“Let’s eat!”


“Uncle, do you want some wine? I’ll drink some too.”


“Uncle, shall we take a walk after dinner?”


“Uncle, you have to absorb the green fire seed as soon as possible, okay?”


“Uncle, can you wear a couple’s outfit with me?”


No matter what Lu Miaomiao said, Xia Ji nodded gently.

“Cheers I hope uncle can break through to the eleventh realm soon.” Lu Miaomiao’s cheeks were flushed red as she looked at Xia Ji gently with her mischievous eyes.

Xia Ji even had the urge to tell the woman in front of him that he was already at the peak of the eleventh realm and had a thousand years of lifespan. He hoped that she could improve faster and break through as soon as possible..

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