Long Live The Emperor!

Chapter 300 - Chapter 300: 187. If You Want To Fight, Fight. Why Should I Be Afraid Of Others?

Chapter 300: 187. If You Want To Fight, Fight. Why Should I Be Afraid Of Others?

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She stood there.

Absorbing the power of the past, This was…He had succeeded.


Xia Xiaosu laughed at herself.

However, she stopped in her tracks.

She had only walked half the way.

She had a premonition that every step she took next would be accompanied by countless memories.

Bilt after all this. would she still he her?

But if she didn’t finish walking, why would she be her?

She closed her eyes, but the scenes of the past eighteen years appeared in her mind.

She carefully lived in the palace, but she could still be warm every day because her brother was as gentle as the sun.

Even in her darkest days, she had never been completely hopeless.

The happiest days were those days when she cooked for her brother every day, cooking mutton soup and worrying if the mutton soup would get cold.

Although the entire palace was huge and the entire world was huge, she felt that her brother was the only family she had at that time.

If she finished walking, she would definitely know all the answers.

However, would her heart be filled with other things?


Of course he would.

If she was done, would she need to complete other missions?



How big was a person’s heart?

It was just enough to hold a person and an event.

Xia Xiaosu closed her eyes.

Her brother’s words flashed through her mind when Daoist Jingming appeared and insisted on taking her away.

She stood there for a long time, like this for decades, centuries.

Then, she turned around. She would not continue walking.

At this moment, all the ” golden spheres ” had completely entered her body and were transforming it.

When she walked back to the finish line, which was also the starting point.

The power absorption was complete.

Her soft, yellow hair turned black and reached her ankles.

His pale skin became crystal clear like white jade.

Her petite body was still soft and weak. It didn’t grow or change, but it was filled with an indescribable terrifying power.

“This is my avatar?”

She mumbled as she read the understanding in her mind.

Then, he stretched out his right hand and pressed his five fingers gently into the deep pit.

This gentle pressure caused the airflow in this area to form a giant palm of air, crushing all the ruins of the giants into pieces.

He pinched his fingers.

The airflow immediately began to contract.

It was as if a gale from all directions had brought the corpses of the giant servants to the center.

In Xia Xiaosu’s eyes, it had become a towering grave.

Xia Xiaosu used her left hand to pull at the wall. With a gentle pull, she easily pulled out a huge rock. She wrote three words on the rock with her finger,”Heroic Soul Tomb”. Then, she grabbed the huge rock with her right hand and gently pressed it into the tomb.

She took out three incense sticks from her storage space.

Ignite it.

He bowed three times.

The entire space was suddenly filled with a gust of cold wind, and then it crazily rushed towards the tunnel that they came from.

Everything returned to normal.

Xia Xiaosu thought of the person who had once said to her, “Farewell,

Emperor.” She closed her eyes and whispered,”Goodbye, everyone.”

After doing all this, she stood quietly on the spot and thought.

His body began to transform.

Anyone who attempts to reach the peak with supreme mental energy and supreme strength can form a second body in the eleventh realm…” She mumbled as she read the memories in her mind. “The second body can transform into any body, any object.”

Xia Xiaosu hesitated.

“I can finally grow taller.” He suddenly smiled.

She had already made up her mind.

She would never tell her brother that she was not related to him by blood.

Family was still family, brother was still brother, that was enough.

She suddenly felt relieved. Everything had returned to its original trajectory.

When she walked back to the tunnel, the shadow was gone, leaving only a rotten root.

Xia Xiaosu recalled what the black shadow had said when she had entered this place. ” This old servant will send you here. The road ahead will have to be walked by the Emperor himself.

She was silent for a long time. Many memories in her mind had a home.

She Imew that the tree root could no longer hear her, but she still said, “I will continue.”

Then, she pushed the root behind her and gently sent it into the “Tomb of Heroic Souls”.

He turned around and left without looking back.

The pathway was very long. When she reached the end, she took a step forward. The scenery changed, but it became the appearance of the Imperial


This was the courtyard of her bedroom.

In the courtyard, an old tree had died. The dark hole in the tree had already decayed.

The bird’s nest on the tree lost its support and fell to the ground. The nestling chirped in it.

A tall and cold girl picked up the bird’s nest and placed it on another tree. Then, she turned around and was about to leave the palace.

Suddenly, she stopped.

She raised her head and looked at the sky leisurely for a long time. No one knew what she was thinking about. Then, her figure changed. When she returned, she was already pale and petite.

A wind suddenly blew between heaven and earth.

Xia Xiaosu seemed to have been affected by this power, and her temperament had changed. She was no longer weak and strong, but now she had a bit of arrogance. She said lightly,

“If you want to fight, then fight. Why should I be afraid of others?”

Outside the palace, Ning Xiaoyu was leading the Imperial Army in an anxious search for the missing Empress.

She was filled with anxiety as she ran around.

“Xiao Yu.”

Suddenly, a voice transmission made her completely calm down.

A look of surprise appeared on her face. She turned around and saw the Empress, who had been missing for several days, standing in the ruins and walking towards her.

“Your Majesty!” Ning Xiaoyu shouted.

The Empress smiled and nodded.

However, for some reason, Ning Xiaoyu felt that the empress’s aura had changed a lot. As she walked, it lingered…The rolling aura spread in all

directions without any concealment, maK1ng people uname to help but reel reverence and awe in their hearts..

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