Long Live The Emperor!

Chapter 294 - Chapter 294: 185. Identity in the Mist

Chapter 294: 185. Identity in the Mist

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I have to run,

If he didn’t run, he would have to take the things at the bottom of his chest.

It was simply a sin for one’s own family to consume one’s own trump card. Therefore, she stabbed the Demon Summoning Banner into the ground to maintain the demon race’s offensive.

At the same time, he crushed the Thousand Mile Dragon and flashed rapidly, fleeing a thousand miles away.

In an instant, she appeared beside a stream.

By the stream, it was a sunny day. There were a few scholars and talented women reciting poems. When they saw this beautiful woman who had suddenly appeared, they were all dumbfounded.

Su Tian silently counted the time in her heart. Then, she crushed the ” Dragon’s Thousand Miles ” again and returned to her original spot. She grabbed the Demon Summoning Banner with her right hand and continued to wave it.

With this shake, another gust of demonic wind swept over.

It formed another dragon-like demon tide.

And because the Demon Summoning Banner was here, demons would come endlessly. Powerful demons and demonic beasts might be able to resist, but they would also run over to take a look out of reverence and curiosity.

It could be said that with this demonic banner, slaughtering the imperial city was really incomparably easy.

Xia Ji sighed in his heart. No wonder the Patriarchs didn’t care about the powers of the mortal world at all. This treasure was able to play such a role even under the suppression of the world. As the world opened up, he didn’t know what would happen when the suppression was gone.

He put on a show,

He sent two more Buddha mountains in Su Tian’s direction.

Su Tian instantly fled a thousand miles away.

Buddha Mountain pressed down on the Demon Summoning Banner, but there was no reaction.

At this moment, the two dragons formed by the fairies were still attacking him.

Its attack power was very strong.

Every time, Xia Ji had to use Buddha’s Kingdom or Buddha Mountain to defend himself.

Only then could balance be achieved.

Although the demon tide was strong, it could not withstand the consumption of the Buddhist Kingdom in the Palm. However, Xia Ji had gone easy on them, and the old tide was gone, and the new tide was born.

As he used the Buddhist Kingdom in his Palm, his spirit was also rapidly consumed.

At this moment,

As time passed, more and more demons arrived. The number was ridiculous. The world was filled with dragons formed by the demon tide.

Xia Ji even received feedback from the leather scroll contract in his mind.

“Master, I can’t control myself anymore. I’m running from the Imperial City, and I seem to want to attack you.” Hu Xian Er shouted nervously. Black Fox King is beside me. She doesn’t know what’s going on either. She just wanted to come and beat you up.”

“It’s fine,” Xia Ji said.

As soon as he finished speaking, he launched another series of attacks. When Su Tian returned, he sent a voice transmission, “It’s almost done. Get ready to go through the stage.”

After saying that, he suddenly grabbed the Great Dark Heavenly Halberd with one hand and shot it in Su Tian’s direction.

Su Tian smiled faintly and pulled open the Mountain River Map with her left hand. However, she immediately thought about what she would use after she took away her family’s weapons. Thus, she quickly rolled it up again after pulling it halfway and used the map as a weapon to hit a home run.


The Great Dark Heavenly Halberd flew out.

Black smoke dispersed.

It was as if a large dye vat had been overturned, dyeing the air black.

At the same time, Su Tian threw out the red embroidered ball in her right hand. The seven dragons flew together and smashed the ball at Xia Ji.

Xia Ji felt the force and gritted his teeth, preparing to take it head-on.


Xia Ji felt his entire body and soul being torn apart.

It was too f * cking painful!

He spat out a mouthful of blood from the beating and even his spirit was a little shaken. It was obvious that Su Tian had gone easy on him.

His avatar was almost shattered.

The golden body cracked and the light dissipated, revealing the giant’s appearance covered in cracks.

The rain had stopped.

The Buddha sat in the muddy ruins after the rain. The black halberd surrounded him. However, the demon tide surged wildly and had already turned into an airtight well. He was trapped in the well.

The nine-foot-tall giant Dharma Idol said hoarsely, ” I will definitely avenge today’s humiliation in the future! ”

“If you dare to escape, I’ll kill your family,” Su Tian said coldly.

“How dare you!”

“I dare.”

A disdainful smile appeared on Su Tian’s face. She pushed her palm and the red embroidered ball flew out again.

And amidst this laughter, a low roar that was just right froze the laughter.

If you dare to kill a single person, I will exterminate your entire family!! ‘

After saying that, he had already pinched the Curse Diagram. Although the Curse Diagram was on the verge of collapse, it would not be consumed at all under the use of his avatar.

An extraordinary pulling force appeared, and the nine-foot golden body disappeared from where it was.

Su Tian stood where she was with a cold expression. She put away the Demon Summoning Banner and turned around to head towards the Imperial City.

It was time to bring Su Linyu and Xia Xiaosu back.

The Empress stood in the ruins of the palace and watched this scene quietly.

Many doubts and emotions surged in her mind. These doubts and emotions eventually turned into a sigh.

“No matter what I did, it was useless.

Whether it was the Black Emperor, the current Su Daji, or her brother… Actually, we can destroy all of them.”

As time passed,

The country grows bigger,

There will be more soldiers.

But was it useful?

The Empress asked herself.

It was useless.

This was because those who stood at the top would go faster and further than the country and its soldiers.

And even if there was a possibility of a strong person among the ordinary people, would they still have the intention to die for the country?

“I was too naive.”

At this moment, the Queen underwent a second transformation. For the first time, she had turned from a little girl who loved to cry into a diligent and benevolent queen.

This time, it made her understand that in this world, the strong would become stronger and stronger, so strong that even if the weak united, it was impossible to defeat them..

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