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Chapter 281 - Chapter 281: Ignoring the Outside World

Chapter 281: Ignoring the Outside World

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Five days later.

Xia Ji had already flipped through five ancient books.

He read each book a hundred times.

He received five light red Skill Orbs:

[Five Elements Water Dragon Dao], [Five Elements Water Form Dao] , [Water

Element-Hundred Rivers],[Water Element-Creation],[Water Element-Supreme Kindness].

The water dragon took the water in the world and transformed it into a dragon.

The water form had three forms of water, and it could change endlessly.

Hundred Rivers was an extremely powerful attack technique. It could gather all water currents and turn them into an extremely powerful attack, especially in rainy and snowy weather.

Creation was a healing mystic technique.

The Supreme Kindness was a spiritual mystic technique in the form of water. Compared to the spiritual imprint of the Three Lifetimes Buddhist Dhyana, it was more inclined to perceive external objects. This mystic technique focused on oneself, making one’s spirit as gentle and calm as water.

When all five Skill Orbs were produced,

A feeling of being blessed arose in his heart.

Xia Ji followed this feeling and combined the five Skill Orbs into one.

Immediately, a dark red Skill Orb formed.

This was the second time Xia Ji had obtained a crimson Skill Orb other than the [Three Lifetimes Buddhist Meditation].

One had to know that the initial form of [Three Lifetimes Buddhist Zen] was red. To a certain extent, this skill was even stronger than [Three Lifetimes Buddhist Zen].

And this Skill Orb only had two words:

[Water Channel].

Xia Ji’s perception of the surrounding water had reached its peak. However, the source of this technique was still his own power and not his bloodline. In other words, his [Water Path] was only at the ninth level.

According to Su Tian, all cultivation techniques had 22 levels, vaguely corresponding to the 12th tribulation.

Xia Ji did not give up. He continued to search through the ancient books in the Golden Jade Lane Daoist Repository, hoping to find a book that contained the black Skill Pearl.

At this moment,

Light footsteps came from the stairway.

A beautiful figure appeared in front of the door.

The golden light from the ring window shines on the figure of the person,

It was a young girl, graceful, passionate, and slender, like a lotus swaying on the blue waves in midsummer.

Black hair fell down from her cheeks, unmade, but unearthly.

His eyes were filled with determination to pursue the Dao.

With just a glance, one would think that the fairy was just like this.

This girl was Qing Xia. She had come under her master’s orders, but she did not immediately speak. She looked at the youth quietly flipping through the book in the sunlight.

The young man’s name was Ji Qi. He must have noticed her, but he did not look up at all. It was as if the beauty in front of him was not as beautiful as the

d11cue11L DOOK.

Qing Xia had originally come to give a perfunctory report, but now she was a little interested. She stood quietly for a long time.

After a long time, Xia Ji raised his head, looked around, and asked curiously,

‘”‘There are still a lot of empty seats here.”

“Can Junior Brother understand this ancient book?” asked Qing Xia. ‘ I only know a few words, ” Xia Ji said. ” Try reading it. ”

“Then can Junior Brother write the words out?” Qing Xia asked.

Xia Ji had received the favor of the Golden Jade Workshop, so he was naturally willing to leave something behind. Moreover, this was not for him to translate the ancient book, but to compare some words. Therefore, he nodded and said, “Alright.”

After saying that, he lowered his head and continued reading.

Qing Xia was stunned, but she did not intend to disturb him. She had many young talents who pursued her. She was not so infatuated that she would want to become dao companions when she saw a decent youth.

She turned around and left. When she reached the fifth floor, she explained the information to her teacher.

“Qingxia, go and keep an eye on him in a few days.”

“Alright, Teacher. It’s just that …”

“What’s wrong?”

“I feel that in Ji Qi’s eyes, there is no difference between me going and others.”

“This…” The figure was slightly stunned before nodding. ” Understood. I’ll get the others to go in a few days. Qingxia, prepare well. In a few days, we’ll also need to go to the Fire Tribulation Land to seek opportunities. ‘

“Yes, teacher.”

The beautiful figure turned around and left.

The figure stood under the sunlight, revealing a face as white as jade. His half-foot-long beard drooped slightly, showing a bit of the demeanor of an immortal. He stroked his beard and muttered softly,”Could it be that this child is not deliberately mystifying things?”

“Reverend Water Count, why don’t you go and take a look at him tomorrow?” someone behind him said.

“Good,” said the white-faced and long-bearded Daoist.

Xia Ji didn’t care what the others were thinking or preparing to do.

He focused on the book and read it hungrily so that he could extract the Skill Orb.

Because in his heart, he could not defeat the nine ” people ” who had survived the ancient times. Not to mention nine, he probably could not even defeat one of them. Moreover, this group of people had countless forces.

He calculated in his heart.

The five great clans were united with the nine great powers of Buddhism,

Taoism, Confucianism, Righteousness, Evil, Devil, Demon, and Land of Extremis. Each of these nine great powers had countless direct and indirect subordinates, and they even covered the entire world.

This was simply a world that was suppressed by layers of mountains. It was impervious to water and impossible for any anomaly to turn around.

This was a trap set up by nine monsters who had lived for tens of thousands of years and survived the catastrophe for three thousand years.

Unless they were nine idiots.

Otherwise, how could they fight?

But would they be nine idiots?

Unless he was an idiot, he wouldn’t think so.

Moreover, if he didn’t have a chance of winning and went to challenge her and revealed his strength, Su Tian might not be able to protect him anymore. At

that would kill him.

He was able to read books here because this place was very far from the Central

Plains, and the Taoists had never seen his appearance before. Also, although King Shenwu was an anomaly that had to be eliminated, there were no anomalies that were enough to attract their attention..

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