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Chapter 272 - Chapter 272:176. Fighting Alone

Chapter 272:176. Fighting Alone

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Lu Bai was one of the managers of the Revolutionary Army General’s Estate. After hearing Yang Changxin’s words, he returned to the inner court.

He thought of the existence who had become one of the Seven Great Generals the moment he joined the Revolutionary Army, and he still felt a sense of reverence for him. This was because even he didn’t know the general’s true identity.

The seven colored flags of the uprising army were in the middle of each color, and the lower ones did not know the upper ones. This general was carrying a white flag, so he was also known as the White Flag General or the White General.

The White Flag General was often not in the mansion, and this time, Yang Changxin’s arrival was quite coincidental.

At this moment, Lu Bai was standing in front of a door and said softly,

“”General Bai, someone requests an audience.”

There was no immediate response from the room.

If there wasn’t a suitable reason to meet, the general wouldn’t even speak.

Rupert told him what had happened.

There was still no response from the room.

In the end, a voice was heard. ‘”What did you say his name was?”

The voice had been altered, making it hoarse and strange. It was impossible to tell whether it was male or female. “Xia Ji, use a black halberd,” Lu Bai said.

The room fell silent again.

General, if you suspect this person, we won’t see him, ” Lu Bai said. ” But he destroyed an island of the Wu family. I don’t think there’s a problem. ”

The general in the room was silent for a while. ” I know about this. Let Yang Changxin wait for a night. I’ll give him a reply tomorrow. ”


Spring rain falls in Jiangnan.

Xia Ji sat in the temple, roasting meat over a bonfire.

A thought suddenly came to his mind.

Hu Xian ‘er’s message came from the contract:

Master, the Empress Dowager asked if you’re coming home tonight? ”

“I’m not going back.”

The leather scroll contract instantly gave him another response: “The Empress

Dowager asked why you didn’t reply.”

“Is the Empress Dowager by your side?”


Xia Ji was speechless.

“Tell my mother that I have something to do outside. I’ll take care of myself.”

The beginning of the 12th tribulation was the time for everything to flourish. If he did not take advantage of this opportunity to re-establish the world’s structure and let the aristocratic families continue to control the human world, then he really did not want to live.

Su Tian had already made it very clear that there were only nine spots in the end, and the nine ancient monsters would definitely not be willing to have another powerful competitor.

They would not allow themselves to live.

If Su Tian did not share the same bloodline as her, she would not have changed her attitude.

Right now, Su Tian could still fool others by saying that Xia Xiaosu and Su Linyu were her toys. However, as time passed, everything would definitely change. If anything happened to her, her family would definitely not be able to escape.

As long as she died, Su Tian might not protect them and would stay out of trouble.

He picked up the bonfire in front of him.

The bonfire dispelled the cold of spring in the middle of the night.

It also reflected a lonely shadow.

The next afternoon, Yang Changxin returned. “Benefactor, the general is willing to see you.” “You’re willing to meet him just like that?”

“The general knows you.”

“Let’s go then…” Xia Ji took a few steps forward and pointed at the wild monkey that was following him. ” Take this child into the Revolutionary Army. He’s quite talented and might become a pillar of the Revolutionary Army in the future. ”

Yang Changxin naturally recognized this young man and knew his character. On the Wu family’s ” amusement island, ” they were neighbors, so he agreed.

“Benefactor, let me disguise you first.”

The White Flag General’s appointment with Xia Ji was at midnight.

The location was a quiet downtown area.

There were drunkards talking in their sleep on the streets, but there was no one else.

Yang Changxin led Xia Ji through the side door of the Revolutionary Army General’s Mansion, and Lu Bai came to lead them. He led Xia Ji to an inner door and pointed at the Lotus Breeze Building. ” The general is waiting for you. ‘

With that, he disappeared.

The entire mansion fell silent.

Xia Ji looked over.

This was a pond where lotus flowers were planted. It was early spring, and the lotus flowers had not bloomed yet, making it seem cold.

Ding dong.

The sound of the zither seemed to give all things color.

The four cages of white muslin in the pavilion also moved, and a figure could be vaguely seen playing the zither.

Xia Ji walked out of the pavilion.

The zither continued to play.

Xia Ji cursed in his heart. Was a talent show a necessary part of the meeting?

It was not until he finished playing that a faint voice came from the pavilion.”l’ve made King Shenwu wait.”

According to the routine, Xia Ji should have clapped his hands and expressed his opinion on the zither music, and then the two of them would have an in-depth exchange. In the process, the general would also get to know him.

Your comments are also your words, and they also hide your attitude towards life and the world.

However, Xia Ji said, “You don’t play well.”

The general was shocked.

Xia Ji took out a zither from his storage space and sat outside the pavilion. He placed his fingers on the surface of the zither and shook it.

The zither music suddenly sounded.

The zither music was mixed with his true qi and divine will.

The Genuine Qi and Divine Intent were condensed and gathered into a ball around him. Any insects that flew over accidentally would be bounced away by a gentle force.

At first, the zither music sounded like the chirping of insects as soldiers were deployed on the battlefield. Then, it sounded like the prelude to a storm, full of oppression.

Xia Ji looked at the pavilion in front of him. He suddenly put down his left hand and waved his right hand casually.

The ball of Genuine Qi that had already swelled up around his body immediately found an outlet to vent. It turned into a monstrous sound wave and directly blasted toward the pavilion.

Chi chi chi!

The white veil was torn..

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