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Chapter 264 - Chapter 264: 173. Resurrection

Chapter 264: 173. Resurrection

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He turned his head again.

He looked again.

How was Su Tian still holding his left hand?

This was clearly a malevolent ghost that was looking at him with a sinister smile.

His face was pale and his eyes were drooping.

Long hair like withered grass,

Her facial features seemed to be stuck to her face.

His hair, eyebrows, eyelashes, eyeballs, nose, ears, and mouth were slowly flowing down.

The cold wind was bone-piercing,

Coupled with the terrifying atmosphere,

Anyone else would either scream in fear or let go of her hand and punch her.

Xia Ji glanced at it before continuing to walk forward with the ‘evil spirit’.

He could feel a sudden suction force on the sachet in his right hand.

That force was slowly guiding him in a certain direction.


An exclamation came from the right.

It was Su Tian’s voice.

The voice sounded shocked and panicked.

“Xiao Ji, you…Why are you running around…”

Xia Ji turned his head and saw that Su Tian was standing in front of him on his right, looking at his left in shock and horror.

“No, you can’t go with her. She … She is…”

At this moment, Xia Ji felt himself being dragged away.

A bright lamp flickered between Xia Ji’s brows.

Dipankara Zen, breaking all hypocrisy. Sure enough, although this skill did not have direct attack power, it was still very effective here. He quietly looked at the roaring evil spirit in the distance.

What poor acting skills.

I’ll only give you one point.

As he dodged the waves of the dead that came at him like a tide, he complained silently ,

I really didn’t expect that one day, I would be able to hold the hand of a ” devil ‘ and elope by the Yellow Springs.

The invisible suction force continued to pull him in.

Then, the two of them walked to a bridge.

The strength of his left hand was still pulling him forward.

However, Xia Ji sniffed and suddenly smelled a strange fragrance coming from his right.

The incense was a mixture of seven fragrances. The sandalwood Huo Jiangchen’s milk rested in peace. The mixture of the seven fragrances was still very easy to identify.

The light between his eyebrows flickered.

Then, he saw Su Tian standing on his right. She was signaling him with her eyes, as if she wanted him to let go quickly and run away. Xia Ji shook his head and opened his eyes again.

In the Dhyana Dipankara’s display,

It was still Su Tian.

A strange feeling rose.

Xia Ji looked to his left again. In the Dipankara Dhyana, this was still an evil spirit..

This evil spirit was pulling him to the other side of the bridge with a kind of power that was afraid that he would not leave.

Xia Ji was speechless.

The second and third taboos conflicted.

The second one told him not to let go, and the third one told him that Seven Fragrance was the real person.

What was the situation now?

Could it be that he had accidentally let go of her hand on the way?

After all, the ghost tide here was so turbulent and there were so many wandering souls. It was normal for him to accidentally let go when he was avoiding it.

What should he do?

How to break out of this situation?

Xia Ji’s expression changed, and he suddenly took a deep breath.

He shook his head.

He took out a judge pen from his mouth.

Then, he bit the Judge Brush with his teeth and began to draw talismans.

This strange operation obviously shocked “Evil Ghost” and “Su Tian”.

Xia Ji was trying his best.


He drew a Ghost Expelling Talisman.

Meng nodded.

The Ghost Expelling Talisman shot towards the cold ground beneath his feet.

Then,’Su Tian’ ran to Xia Ji and knelt down in front of him.

Xia Ji pondered for a moment before he willed it.

“Su Tian” shouted at the sky, “I’m just an old granny!!–”

The ” evil ghost ” in Xia Ji’s left hand was shocked, and it looked like it had seen a ghost.

Xia Ji didn’t even think about it as he pulled Left-handed Evil Spirit’s hand and ran across the bridge.

This bridge was the Bridge of Helplessness. However, Meng PO was not here, and the Reincarnation Stage was not operating. Countless souls had accumulated, and they were so dense that one could not see the end of them. The two of them walked along the Yellow Springs for ten days and ten nights.

I’ve seen gray villages, towns,

I’ve seen countless wandering souls,

He had seen all kinds of strange things in the Land of the Dead.

The two of them held hands the entire time.

Finally, a ghostly figure came from afar. That ghostly figure had his head lowered, and his hair was disheveled.

However, the ‘evil spirit’ beside Xia Ji suddenly grabbed her and shouted for the first time since entering the Land of Extremis, “”Su Linyu!”

The name caused the ghost to stand still in a daze, as if many memories were pouring into her body.

After a long time, she opened her eyes, her eyes still blank.

Su Tian grabbed her tightly. There seemed to be a five-colored ripple in her hand, causing this pure spiritual shadow to begin to grow a physical body… Then, he started to return to his original spot. Everything was going smoothly.

The three of them walked quietly for ten days and ten nights.

After passing through a layer of boundary membrane, he returned to the black canyon. After walking for a while, a terrifying rumble came from the end of the canyon.

Su Tian didn’t say anything and pulled the two of them away.

However, the rumbling sound was like a ray of light. It instantly emitted a shrill cry that resounded through the completely still world, causing people to be unable to help but be terrified from their souls to their bodies.

The light pierced through the realm membrane and turned into a black hand filled with death.

Upon closer inspection, the black hand was actually made up of countless souls. Every soul had their eyes tightly shut, as if they were sewn shut. Their mouths were terrifyingly wide open, letting out terrified roars.

This palm was thousands of feet large, and there were countless resentful souls screaming on it.

Every mouth that screamed was like the pores on a palm.

It expanded and contracted.

The black hand slapped towards the three of them. It was obvious that it did not want the dead to return.

Although the power contained within it was suppressed by the world and was only at the eleventh realm, it did not even have the “divine pulse” that Su Tian had mentioned. However, it contained a dense “death” power. This power was similar to the Death Talisman, but it was far from what the Death Talisman could compare to.

No matter what kind of living thing it was, as long as it was grabbed by this hand, it would die.

Xia Ji was so lucky that he threw Su Tian and Su Linyu away.

He flipped his left hand and held the Book of Life and Death.

His right hand grabbed the Judge Brush from the void.

His figure stood in the air,

It was as if Yama had descended.

In an instant, a strange Taoist Connotation was emitted from his body. It was like an invisible Qi that was instantly opened up and blocked the black hand

from below.

However, his black hand suddenly clenched, wanting to crush the ball.

Xia Ji looked at the Book of Life and Death with a calm expression and flicked his thumb.

Sanskrit music rises from all directions,

The golden Buddhist finger forcefully opened the third page of the Book of Life and Death.

At this moment, it was as if thousands of ghosts were wailing at the same time.

Xia Ji’s eyes snapped open as he stepped back. The Judge’s Pen in his right hand slashed across the ground, and a black and white line shot out like a splash of ink.

“Yin Yang Wall!”

The walls are twenty feet wide,

The black wall was in the middle and was yin. It could block all attacks from the ghosts of the netherworld.

The white wall was Yang and could block all Yang Realm attacks.

At the same time, a terrifying white jade bone dragon claw came from behind him. The powerful pressure was like a huge mountain piled up by corpses falling from the sky. Without a sound, it had already grabbed at the huge black hand constructed by the dark souls.

In the next instant.


The first loud bang.

The strange black hand that came from the land of peril hit the black wall and immediately became tired.


The second loud sound rang out.

The White Jade Bone Dragon Claw pierced through the white wall and brutally pressed the strange black hand to the ground.

The hare rises and falls,

Xia Ji had already flown far away and landed beside Su Tian and Su Linyu.

Su Linyu was looking at the two of them in shock. She still did not understand the situation. Or rather, she had never seen such a powerful force in her life. Su Tian was slowly withdrawing her right hand, her eyes cold and indifferent.


The white jade bone dragon claw returned to her hand. The bones without flesh and blood immediately began to grow meridians, veins, and flesh until it became a white and tender jade hand again.

Xia Ji glanced at her hand. The power of this hand wasn’t from the Yang Realm?

If he was touched by this hand, it would really kill him.

Su Tian also looked at him curiously. ” You still have the power of a Land of Extremis? If I had known earlier, I wouldn’t have made a move.’

Xia Ji chuckled.

Suddenly, his smile froze because he saw that Su Tian’s hair had turned white.

He recalled that she seemed to have just left the Six Paths of Despair, and her hair had already turned white.

Then …

Did she use up her lifespan in the Land of Extremis?

Was it to find Su Linyu among the countless wandering souls?

According to the degree of whiteness, it was probably more than ten years.


“I’m fine.”

“I mean, does this body of yours have a lifespan?” Xia Ji asked telepathically.

“I’ve already entered the tribulation stage again. Naturally, there will be.”

“What do you think?”

Su Tian looked at him and whispered, “”We’re even.”

“We’re even.”

Su Tian looked at the mountains on both sides of the black canyon. She seemed to have sensed movement. The human-shaped rocks were gradually expanding, as if they were crawling out from the middle of the rocks.

“Let’s leave this place first,” Su Tian said..

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