Long Live The Emperor!

Chapter 257 - Chapter 257: 170. Was It a Success?

Chapter 257: 170. Was It a Success?

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“Master, I … Am I really going to be free?” “The aristocratic families are willing to let us return to the human world?”

“How is this possible? How is that possible?”

“Wake me up. Am I dreaming?

There were cries and laughter mixed with panic and uneasiness.

However, all the magic tools that could control the life and death of the servants in front of the manor had been removed.

The explosive dog collars on all the servants were gone.

In addition, everyone received a certain amount of compensation, which was the “Divine Marrow Pill” specially made by the aristocratic families. This pill could cleanse the human body’s aptitude and greatly increase it.

Before leaving, all the servants could enter a library in the First Heaven of the aristocratic family and choose a cultivation technique to take away.

However, no servant dared to enter the library. Everyone stood outside the library, afraid that it was a trap.

Finally, the first person who dared to eat crabs appeared. He rushed into the library while cursing and chose a good cultivation technique. After that, he was blindfolded and brought out of the aristocratic family.

The others saw that he was fine, so someone made up his mind and ran into the library pavilion.

It was a death sentence.

Moreover, these days, they had seen their master fly into a rage and be flustered and exasperated.

All these signs indicated that everything was real and not a dream.

Although they didn’t know what had happened, they seemed to be free.

More and more servants rushed into the library pavilion and quickly rummaged through the high-grade cultivation techniques in the pavilion. Then, they hurriedly left the Su family, afraid that the Su family would regret it.

Many people clenched their fists tightly.

Gratitude was impossible.

The humiliation she had suffered in the Smiths.

He had to pay back double!

Sooner or later, he would kill everyone in the aristocratic families. He would let these people taste the taste of humiliation. He would make all the women in the aristocratic families become bitches and then drag the men of the aristocratic families to fight dogs.

These thoughts flashed through their minds, but no one dared to show it.

At this moment, in the cultivation chamber.

Su Tian opened her palms.

His ten slender fingers elegantly held the golden crystal ball.

The crystal ball floated in the air.

Green-white demonic flames slowly flowed out from within.

It followed Su Tian’s palm and entered her body.

If there were other people in the cultivation room, they would have noticed that there were already three empty golden crystal balls stacked in the corner. In other words, Su Tian had already absorbed three balls of Undying Demon


This was the fourth group.

The airflow around her seemed to have turned into a puddle of water, but this water became deeper and deeper.

Every time she moved her fingers, a bottomless vortex would form in the air.

The whirlpool swirled and returned to its calm appearance.

Only shallow water can make waves.

It was always the foam that would make a ruckus.

When .

The fourth golden crystal ball fell from the sky with a crisp sound.

The flames in the crystal ball had been sucked dry, and the entire ball had a hair-thick crack pattern. It was obvious that it could not be filled with tinder for the second time.

Su Tian waved her hand casually. Without a sound, a powerful ocean current with an aura like the undercurrent of the deep sea instantly destroyed the four golden crystal balls into dust.

She stood up, tall and charming.

The peaks and valleys are graceful, and the skin is as white as snow.

His eyes had no breath of the mortal world, and time had flowed for thousands of years.

Her delicate body had the vitality of a nineteen-year-old, but her every move was filled with a terrifying explosive feeling.

It was like a shriveled balloon that was suddenly filled with air and gradually recovered its original expansion.

Su Tian looked at her hands. They were crystal clear and cold, without any dust on them. As she clenched them, there was a faint five-colored dragon coiling around them.

“It has finally begun to recover…” She muttered to herself and suddenly took out a checkered apron from her storage space. She wrapped it around her waist and muttered with a smile, ” I don’t even have servants anymore, but I have to eat by myself. ‘

How many years had it been since he had cooked?

She tilted her head and thought for a while, but she really couldn’t remember. ‘ I hope I haven’t forgotten…” After all, she would have to cook often in the future. She couldn’t let him cook, right? He doesn’t look like he can cook.”

Su Tian walked out of the secret room and into the empty kitchen. She took out a piece of dragon meat that had been sealed for more than 3,000 years from her storage space.

I don’t know what kind of preservation method it is.

Golden dragon blood was still flowing from the dragon’s broken mouth. The density of the dragon meat was extremely high, and a flick of his finger fplt liltp hitting thiolc niprp of Qtppl

The echo was short, light and heavy.

All of this seemed to indicate that this dragon was definitely not an ordinary person when it was alive.

Its meat must be very difficult to cut!

Thus, Su Tian flipped through the pages and grabbed a similarly golden giant saber. There was a spine that looked like a dragon bone swimming on the back of the saber, making it seem extremely domineering.

“As expected, I still need the Dragon Slaying Demon Saber to cut dragon meat.”

She hummed softly and sliced the dragon meat with the Dragon Slaying Demon Knife. Then, she cut it into shreds and placed it in a bowl to marinate.

Then, he started to heat up the pot and cut some other ingredients.

Soon, a pot of green pepper and shredded pork was served.

While she was cooking, Su Tian used the Dragon Slaying Demon Knife to cut a few apples and cut them into slices.

Because of the characteristic of this magic knife that was not stained with blood, there was no need to be afraid of the problem of whether eating meat and vegetables would cause diarrhea.

In the kitchen, Old Ancestor Su was enjoying this interesting time.

His mind was thinking about the plan for the next 9,000 years.


It should have been a layout of 5,500 years, because the remaining 3,500 years were purely the era of darkness and slaughter.

Outside the kitchen.

In the spring of the manor, the willows in the pool hang their ribbons, and the swallows fly in the water..

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