Long Live The Emperor!

Chapter 17


“Report~~~ Reporting to the marshal, the refugees are flooding into the Imperial Capital in hordes and even the commoners have found out about the exotic tribes coming. It’s too late to escape. General Deng and city lieutenants from different parties are sending men to maintain order. Some of the young men among the commoners have volunteered courageously to defend the city. General Deng has made a special arrangement for this and has distributed weapons to them.”

Xia Ji’s voice was casual as usual, “Understood. Update me later on what happens next.”

“Yes, marshal!”

Beneath the roof.

The sky was dark.

Xia Ji took off his armor and placed the demon halberd against the corner of the wall. His prayer beads hung on a branch that was heavy with snow. He lit a candle and sat on the small purple sandalwood tea table while waiting for Xia Xiaosu.

Xia Xiaosu had yet to return when another elite guard in charge of updating the news came running from afar while holding onto a lantern.

“Report~~~ Reporting to the marshal, Guifang’s army is now thirty miles outside of the city, but there are still many refugees. General Deng wants to close the city’s gates, but many of the commoners are doubting him as they think he is planning to shut the remaining refugees out of the city and send them to their deaths. General Deng has executed a few dozen people before finally closing the city gates, but there are still many refugees who couldn’t make it into the city and those people have started cursing us from beneath the city.”

Xia Ji replied, “Understood. Update me again later.”

The elite guards hesitated before sighing and said, “Yes, marshal!”

Amid the snow stood Xia Xiaosu, who looked just like she did two years ago. She was holding a red, wooden rice box as she knocked on the door and entered with a smile. She sat down opposite her older brother and took out the mutton soup from the rice box, and two bottles of fine wine.

They had a very quiet meal.

They were halfway through the meal.

Another set of urgent footsteps arrived at the door, followed by a voice calling out, “Report~~~”

It was not long before another elite guard bearing news half-knelt in front of the door. “Reporting to the marshal, the exotic tribes… have started attacking the city. General Deng has yet to spot the Frost Giants, but these giants are good at hiding in the snowy winds and are unpredictable!”

Xia Jie drank a mouthful of hot soup and paused for a moment before replying, “Understood. Update me again later.”

The vague sound of people killing could be heard from afar. The entire Imperial City was in turmoil.

Some of the concubines had started lighting incense and praying to Buddha in the Imperial Palace while others were crying. Some wanted to escape but had to face the bitter reality after making a huge scene.

Xia Xiaosu drank her soup quietly. She raised her head to glance at her older brother under the candlelight. He was always so calm. Even if heaven and earth were about to fall apart, he would still be this way. Her heart quietened along with the peacefulness he brought about.


“Reporting to the marshal, Guifang has stopped attacking the city and has now made camp twenty miles away. However, one of their generals is standing firm with his sword and is inviting challengers to fight him right outside the city. Five of our army’s best generals have gone on to fight him one-on-one, but have all been killed and he left while roaring with laughter. The morale in the city has now gotten worse. General Deng has ordered for torches to be set up every one hundred meters outside the city to light up the view to prevent an ambush by the Frost Giants.”

“Understood. Update me again later.”

“Marshal, General Deng is asking when you plan to head to the city’s walls.”

“Tomorrow morning.”


“You may leave.”

“Yes, marshal.”

When the elite guard left, Xia Xiaosu said, “Big brother, why don’t you head there tonight? The morale of the frontliners are low, but if you appear, it will boost their spirits.”

“Xiaosu, do you think I should guard the city?”

“Isn’t that the reason why you stayed behind?”

“Xiaosu, let me ask you this. If the city is successfully guarded, what would happen to you and me?”


There was a perplexed look on Xia Xiaosu’s face as she started thinking about this. She had clearly not thought about this.

Xia Ji did not wait for her answer. He sipped the wine while saying soulfully, “The Imperial Emperor would return and I would give my life at the frontline. You would be married off to Tujue and no one would think whatever we did was significant or meant anything at all. The commoners and the soldiers, all of them would believe that they were the ones who had guarded this city.”

“Big brother, isn’t that a good thing?”

“No, it’s not!”

Xia Xiaosu, “…”

“You may think I’m cruel or selfish, but I’ve never planned to guard this city, nor do I plan to save anyone. If we stop the exotic tribes from killing, if the city doesn’t experience hopeless desperation, if blood does not flow like a river, how could anyone recognize my importance?”


“I don’t want fame and fortune, I don’t want the respect and fear of others. What I want is to use this city and change both our destinies. What has anyone else got to do with me?”

“Big brother…” Xia Xiaosu was shocked but after a brief thought, she realized that her big brother was just going to the frontlines as a mascot. She should let him boast all he wanted.

That was why she bit back the argument she wanted to make and simply smiled, “No matter what happens, I’ll stand by your side.”

Xia Ji gave a warm, gentle look at the young girl in front of him. He held her head with both of his and their foreheads touched close together as he whispered, “Goodnight.”

Xia Xiaosu had a million things she wanted to say but she voiced none of them. All she did was said quietly, “Goodnight.”

Morning arrived.

The Frost Giants did not attack the night before. Clearly, they had yet to arrive.

Guifang’s superior general, Chi Kui, rode a huge wolf as he continued his challenge outside the city.

This general spoke the language of the Central Plain as he bellowed, “Is the Shang Dynasty not a great and proud country? Isn’t there anyone who can take up my challenge? Good-for-nothings! You’re all just good-for-nothings!”

He raged at the opposition mockingly. The morale gradually dropped among the soldiers guarding the Imperial Capital as right outside the snowy grounds of the city were five heads brought along by Chi Kui.

All five of these severed heads belonged to great generals of their army…

They had all died in the hands of Chi Kui yesterday night.

Right then.

In the army’s tent.

Deng Jue had not slept for an entire night. He looked around. There was only silence.

Someone suddenly entered the tent as a trusted soldier sent word. “The master of the Lu family from the capital city, Lu Jiang, is willing to strike down Chi Kui outside the city.”

Lu Jiang was a renowned swordsman within the capital city. He was famous for the Purple Lightning Sword Technique and had killed many powerful bandits. He had even gained a strong reputation for winning many martial arts competitions.

When Deng Jue heard Lu Jiang’s name, he knew that it was a sign that well-known families hailing from the martial arts world were willing to help with defending the city. He got up in delight and quickly headed outside as he shouted from afar, “Master Lu, you’ve come from a long way. Welcome.”

Xia Ji had not only regained his spirits but was also in peak condition after enjoying the incense, taking a bath, changing his attire, and having a good sleep.

He gripped his eighteen-foot demonic halberd as he rode on a large horse and passed the streets. A thousand guards followed behind him in an orderly line. Xia Xiaosu followed on horseback beside him as well. She glanced at her older brother now and then. Somehow, this felt weird for her. She was still unable to connect her brother who studied Buddhist scriptures with this foreboding figure currently riding next to her.

A booming sound of drumming loud enough to make the heavens tremble could be heard from the front. It did not take long… before the drumming stopped. Following which the entire city wall fell silent once again. It was clear that another general sent out by the Shang Dynasty was slain.

The cursing and roaring laughter made by the exotic tribes could be heard from afar, but Deng Jue kept the gates shut and stayed in. He did not send anyone else to their deaths. Already nineteen were dead. Even the master of the Lu family was slain. A swordsman such as the Lu family master was obviously not used to the savage charge-and-kill style of his opponent. Even though the Lu family master had excellent sword technique, he was only able to endure three rounds of blows before being slashed in half by Chi Kui.

When Guifang had breached the city, they had seized many of the Shang Dynasty’s weapons that were used to attack cities. Right now, they had pushed out catapults obtained from Tongguan, placing them in formation from afar as they loaded the weapons with rocks and flung the projectiles.

Woosh, woosh, woosh!

At that moment, gigantic rocks flew through the air as they soared past the city’s wall, flying straight toward the Imperial Capital.




The rocks exploded within the city and created utter chaos as the commoners ran hectically deeper into the city like tides returning to the sea.

Suddenly, one of these gigantic rocks hurtled toward a street not far from Xia Ji.

Beneath the gigantic rock was a little girl who was sobbing loudly. It looked like she was separated from her family.

The little girl was about to be smashed into a lump of meat when a sudden dark figure zoomed past. The guards immediately noticed the Seventh Imperial Prince had vanished from his horse.

In one swift motion, Xia Ji grabbed the little girl who was scared out of her mind with his left hand as he rushed in at a rapid speed.

He placed the little girl down and tousled her hair as a woman came running toward them from afar, calling out “my little girl”. When the little girl heard the familiar voice, she turned to look at the voice. She broke out in sobs as she ran toward the woman and leaped into her arms.

The woman had not seen what transpired. When she saw the horrifyingly foreboding figure, she quickly carried her daughter and left in fright.

Unperturbed, Xia Ji returned to his horse. The situation was not tragic enough yet and he was not in a rush to exit the city.

Xia Xiaosu smiled. ‘Big brother, you said so yourself yesterday that you won’t care about saving people, yet you saved someone today. Do men often like saying things they don’t mean?’

Her big brother’s movements were truly quick, although being this fast would not be of much use. Even an Imperial Princess such as her was aware that the most important factor to have during a confrontation in battle was strength.

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