Long Live The Emperor!

Chapter 150 - Chapter 150: 121. I Still Have Not Forgotten My Original Heart

Chapter 150: 121. I Still Have Not Forgotten My Original Heart

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The night market.

It was completely different from what Xia Ji had imagined.

He vaguely remembered his previous life.

At the night market, they would eat barbecue skewers. If they saw good food, they would touch their pockets to see if they were short of money. As long as they had a few coppers, they would go in and be a foodie. However, the night market here was not like that.

The night market was located in Second Heaven.

The Flood Dragon Flying Carriage brought the two of them through the narrow path of heaven with space slits on both sides and landed at the entrance.

Looking down from a high place, one could see green mountains and water here. The long lights turned into a long dragon that coiled around. The night market sold a lot of “things”. You could think of anything you wanted.

Beauties with clear prices and experts for the disciples of aristocratic families to gamble with each other were everywhere.

Of course, regardless of whether they were beauties or powerhouses, they were still ” fresh ” and hadn’t been trained well. The sellers wanted you to see the stubbornness and dignity of these beauties and powerhouses before they were trained, commonly known as ” freshness.

‘ Come, come, come. This is the 25th place on the Hundred Flower List, Fairy Iris. Look at this. It’s very fresh. We can negotiate the price. ”

“Everyone, come and take a look at this sword. This is the treasure of the Dark Thunder Manor. The Dark Thunder Manor has promised that whoever finds this sword will not only be able to get a million taels of silver, but they can also marry the little princess of the Dark Thunder Manor. This sword is your best choice. The price is negotiable.”

“The demoness of the Soul Eroding Sect has cultivated the Soul Sucking Art to the eighth realm. She’s truly a beauty in the world. She won’t suffer a loss or be tricked when she brings her back. The price can be discussed.”

” The Fourth Young Master of the Blood Shadow Tower is bent on revenge and has extraordinary talent. If you can help him get promoted, the Blood Shadow Tower will be your personal property. If you like it, just take it away and sell it at a low price. ”

Xia Ji followed Rene into the night market.

The shouts were simply terrifying..

Su Yu suddenly asked,”Nanbei, why do you feel strange? Do you not like them?”

Don’t worry, I’ll buy you two bills today, hehe.”

Xia Ji felt a chill run down his spine as he walked through this place. He had already felt a chill run down his spine when he saw Long Elephant Lord and Tang Lan. Now that he saw these people who had yet to be trained and still had their dignity locked up in cages, the chill in his heart doubled.

He would not accept this kind of thing, nor would he get used to it. This was his bottom line as a human.

“Rene, they are also humans.”

Rene was at a loss. Then, the corners of her mouth curled up. She let out a mocking laugh and was about to laugh.

Before she could laugh, Xia Ji had already walked away.

Xia Ji was not walking slowly. He was afraid that if he was slow, he would not be able to control himself and kill someone.

Su Yu caught up and said, ” Nanbei, let me tell you. It’s a killing calamity outside now. If they stay outside, there’s a high chance that they will either die or be injured. But here, as long as they are obedient, they might be able to live for another one or two hundred years. ” If one’s aptitude was good and met a good master, they might be able to live longer. Then tell me, is this good or bad?”

“If they had a choice, they wouldn’t choose to be locked in a cage for trading.”

“Nanbei, you’re different from everyone else. No one from the Su family would speak like this here.”

“Is that so?”

Xia Ji asked,

The white saber in his hand danced on his shoulder as he walked forward.

Su Yu looked at his back in a daze. Finally, she clenched her fists tightly and muttered, “Feng Nanbei, I was kind to you, yet you actually treat me like this…” Xia Ji walked in front.

He met Xin Wangshu, who had come with him. Xin Wangshu was laughing beside another member of the Su family.

He met Daoist Cherry, who had already adapted to his superior status.

He met Yan Ling again. Yan Ling looked like she was not used to it, but she was trying her best to blend into the atmosphere.

He suddenly felt a sense of loneliness in his heart.

It was as if he was standing on an isolated island. There were people coming and going around him, but they were all currents that never returned. They were not on the same path.

“Big Brother Feng!”

Just as he was thinking about it, a familiar crying voice came from somewhere.

Xia Ji was stunned.

“Is that you, Big Brother Feng?” The voice sounded again.

After confirming the direction, Xia Ji turned his head and saw that there was a sea of people outside.

In a cage with talismans pasted on it, a young girl was standing on her feet and waving her hands, crying and calling out to him.

It was Guan Chun.

In the same cage, Guan Sun was sitting in a corner. His face was pale. It was obvious that he had been injured after fighting with someone.

The merchant in front of the cage was shouting, “The biological brother and sister of the first place on the Earth Board. They can warm the bed and look after the house.”.

“He’s only ranked first on the Earth Board. He’ll die soon if he’s brought out, won’t he? I’ll buy this woman.”

The merchant said, ” This is the first on the Earth roll who hasn’t learned any Xuan cultivation. He’s quite talented. He’ll become stronger after he goes back and practices Xuan cultivation and is fed some pills. ”

Xia Ji turned to look at Su Yu.

Rene also noticed this strange situation.

Their eyes met strangely.

What Xia Ji meant was, ” Help me buy Guan Chun and Guan Sun. ‘

What Rene meant was, ” Oh, I’m your acquaintance. Didn’t you still want to buy it? Why are you treating me like this? Say a few good words and apologize to me. ‘

“Senior Sister Su,” Xia Ji called out.

Rene pretended not to hear him.

Xia Ji didn’t say anything else and walked toward the merchant. Merchant Su looked at him and said, “You can take it with 50 points.”.

“Can I owe you?” Xia Ji asked.

The merchant of the Su family was not harsh to his own people. Moreover, he saw that this youth seemed to be familiar with the two of them, so he hesitated.

Su Yu frowned as she watched from behind. When a woman gambled, if you didn’t comfort her, she would turn from a gentle lady into a crafty shrew.

However, Xia Ji didn’t intend to comfort her. He didn’t have a deep relationship with Su Yu, and he didn’t intend to have any relationship with her. If he didn’t want to help her, so be it.

Just as they were in a stalemate, a hearty laugh suddenly came from not far away.

“I’ll pay for him. I’ll pay for all his expenses at the night market today.”

Everyone looked in the direction of the voice and saw a handsome man with a feminine face standing at the entrance of the night market.

His posture was extraordinary, and his entire body was filled with a huge aura. With each step, he was like an ice dragon soaring in the nine heavens. His temperament was cold and arrogant, and his aura was majestic. It made people fear him, but they could not help but admire him. “Frost Monarch!”

Everyone in the night market exclaimed and bowed.

Although the family forbade private fights, Frost Monarch couldn’t kill a disciple in public.

However, as the only Emperor of the Su family, “Frost Emperor” Su Bingxuan was still respected by many.

Wherever he went, everyone lowered their heads.

His body emitted a powerful aura, which forced the experts in the cage to

quieten down.

Frost Monarch walked over.

The noisy night market suddenly quieted down.

Frost Monarch walked in front of the young man in the night market and said, “”Feng Nanbei! ”

“Su Bingxuan.”

‘ You are interesting, ” Frost Monarch said. ” But don’t be nervous. I’m here to make friends with you.

As he spoke, he walked to his side and said softly,”You’ve only been here for a few days. You shouldn’t have chosen your camp so quickly.”

‘ When you’re done playing, I’ll get someone to pick you up. I’ll treat you to a

drink, ” he said loudly after he walked past.

Xia Ji couldn’t refuse, and he had no reason to. Frost Monarch had already left.

He then looked at the merchant in front of him. The merchant said directly,”l’ll send it to Brother Nanbei after three months.” ‘ No need, ” Xia Ji said. ” Just open the cage. ‘


The merchant wanted to say, ” That’s against the rules. ” However, he remembered that this young man was worthy of Frost Monarch’s payment. He was really extraordinary, so he changed his mind and said, ” Then we won’t train. After the night market is over, I’ll take them to go through the procedures. After I mark them, I’ll send them over. ‘

Xia Ji knew that this was the greatest compromise he could make. He looked at the two people in the cage and said, ” I’m sorry.

“Thank you, Brother Feng.” Guan Yun clenched his fists and said in a deep voice.

Guan Chun rubbed her tears and said with red eyes, “”Thank you, Big Brother Feng.”

“Brother?” The merchant mocked. Big brother? Is that something you can call him? Call me master instead.’

“Let’s talk when we get back,” Xia Ji said to the two of them telepathically.

After that, he left.

He walked around and didn’t see anyone familiar.

Rene didn’t follow him anymore. It seemed that their relationship was broken, either because of her anger or Frost Monarch.

If it was outside, Xia Jits words of comfort would be very simple, but in the Su family…He didn’t want to get too involved with unnecessary people, so it was best if Su Yu didn’t come.

He would always remember that the reason he could be here was because he used a fake identity. In the real world, he was defined as an anomaly and was completely opposed to the aristocratic families. This could never be forgotten just because of some harmony on the surface.

Walking out of the night market,

He sat by the lake.

The starlight is noisy, the moonlight is lonely.

The white saber was stuck in the soft soil beside him.

The difficulty of this trip had far exceeded his expectations.

But he suddenly felt a sense of pride.

Even so, so what?

He couldn’t contact Xia Xiaosu, and she probably couldn’t contact him either.

Then .

Just trust each other.

Xia Xiaosu was his sister, not his pet.

Only pets needed to be carefully taken care of for a lifetime.

He believed in his sister, and believed that a queen who desired the ” Harmonious World ” would not be a pet.

Not long after, the nine black flood dragons landed behind him, pulling a luxurious flying carriage. The one in charge was a woman in black.

“Frost Monarch asked me to pick you up.”


Xia Ji stood up and dusted himself off.

“Do you know why you’re important?” The black-clothed woman suddenly asked.

Without waiting for Xia Ji’s reply, the woman said, “”Because you’re eighteen.”

“Remember, there are many people here who are stronger than you, but there are some things that only young people can do.

It’s good to be young, but don’t be arrogant. You still have more than half of your life to live here. Don’t hold your head high when you should lower your head.

The reason why you can stand in front of some big shots is because you’re young.”

“Are you stronger than me?” Xia Ji asked.

The black-robed woman smiled. Her expression was filled with confidence. This confidence had already given her an answer.

The two of them suddenly fell silent.

Both sides saw the saber at each other’s waist.

They were all machetemen.

There was no second saber.

The two of them met a second time.

The moment their eyes met, the saber had already been unsheathed.

There was no Dharma, no Genuine Qi, and no force. This was the purest form of speed.

At this level, speed depended on the heart.

If one’s heart had no distracting thoughts, one’s saber would be fast.

On the contrary, it was slow.

Between fast and slow was death.

Between life and death, it could be 0.001 seconds.

The black-robed woman’s saber was still in the air, but Xia Ji’s white saber was already pressed against her neck.

This wasn’t a life and death battle, so Xia Ji and the woman slowly withdrew their blades.

The two of them met again.

The saber light was like a splash of snow. The extremely powerful Genuine Qi mixed with the saber and drew two completely opposite trajectories before disappearing into space.

After a thought, the two blades collided.

The thunderous sound was so loud that it almost pierced through one’s eardrums!

The white blade appeared in Xia Ji’s hand.

The saber in the black-robed woman’s hand had already been sent flying.

Whoosh whoosh whoosh .

The saber spun a few times in the air and landed on the ground. The saber could not withstand the tyrannical force and emitted a crisp sound. Cracks appeared and it was completely shattered!

The black-robed woman stood rooted to the ground, the confidence in her eyes shattered.

Xia Ji walked past her and boarded the Nine Flood Dragon Flying Carriage. He

said softly, ‘”‘Thank you..”

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