Long Live The Emperor!

Chapter 15

The Only Way to Change One’s Destiny is by Desecrating Etiquette and Law

The dark energy evaporated from the Imperial Armory. The beast-themed chain armor had vanished from the metal hanger and had encompassed itself on Xia Ji. The size was just right, fitting him snugly.

This demonic armor and dark halberd were clearly not categorized as common weapons—they belonged with the Immortal Weapons of Misfortune of this world.

Xia Ji had read about this in an ancient book. It told of how these Immortal Weapons of Misfortune were different from common weapons because most of them had developed embryos of intelligence, as if they were fetuses growing in a mother’s womb.

A fetus would absorb nourishment from its mother’s womb in the first ten months of development. Similarly, the intelligence contained within these Immortal Weapons of Misfortune was not born out of thin air, for they needed ‘nourishment’ as well.

However, most of these weapons did not receive enough nourishment, therefore, they could not be ‘birthed’. After all, most of those in this world who had their hands on these Immortal Weapons of Misfortune were mere ‘mortals’. How could common men such as these be worthy enough to lay birth to the intelligence of a divine demon?

That was why the masters of these Immortal Weapons of Misfortune kept changing hands, which resulted in the embryo of intelligence gaining minimal nourishment.

The corruption of heart and mind that assaulted these men were merely symptoms similar to ‘fetal movement’. The fetus was hungry and was reminding its ‘parents’ that it needed to be fed.

However, most warriors were spiritually weak. How were they capable of enduring the weapons pleas?

After a few changes in masters, most Immortal Weapons of Misfortune would either be lost in the rivers of history or sealed shut in a location where the sun does not shine. With that, the embryo of intelligence would end up in a deep slumber.

Right then…

Xia Ji had awoken both the Great Darkness Halberd and the demonic armor that had been bound and sealed by the fourteen Golden Sanskrit Chain.

He searched through his memory for the information of how to get the weapon to recognize its master from the ancient book he once read: To possess, bond through blood.

To put it simply, one would need to possess it first and later get it to recognize its master through blood. Clearly, it was not easy to possess such a weapon. Take the Great Darkness Halberd for example, if it was not for Xia Ji’s Trailokya Dhyana that bestowed powerful spiritual strength, he would have been incepted by the demonic energy. The same could be said of the mysterious demonic armor.

Xia Ji flicked out two drops of blood.

Whizz! Whizz!

A drop of blood was shot toward the beast-themed chain armor. It was absorbed quickly, like water soaked up by a sponge. The dark smoke drifting around the demonic armor completely vanished and it turned into an incredibly mighty and sturdy-looking armor. It had recognized its master.

The other drop of blood was absorbed by the tip of the dark halberd, but the dark halberd made no change at all. All of a sudden, Xia Ji felt a strong suction on his right finger where it was bleeding. It felt as if something was trying to suck his blood dry, and the source of it was coming from the dark halberd.

“How dare you!”

He grunted coldly as his right hand shot straight toward the dark halberd. As he grabbed it, his palm grew a few times larger, once again demonstrating the Eighteen Levels of Hell Suppression Form, where the night was haunted by a hundred parading ghosts.

However, he had just managed half a grip on the dark halberd when the sensation of the suction suddenly disappeared. The demonic energy had been completely restrained and the Great Darkness Halberd’s ‘head’ slumped to the side, falling into the arms of Xia Ji obediently. It had recognized him as its master as well, and transformed into a dark, ice-cold halberd of eighteen feet.

“We have news…”

A loud voice making an announcement came from afar.

When Xia Ji walked out of the Imperial Armory, an elite guard was already half-kneeling near the entrance of the courtyard. There was a letter held in his hands.

The guard heard the movement and raised his head to look toward the door. An exceptionally majestic looking man was walking out from the door. His dark hair was dancing behind him and there was a look of calmness in his eyes. He was clad in a beast-themed chain armor while his hand gripped the gigantic, black halberd which was eighteen feet long. He exuberated an aura that was strangely contrasting. It felt like he was Buddha, yet also demon-like. He looked like a vicious general of the ages, but he was also an Imperial Prince kept hidden deep within the palace. It was a contrast that had brought upon a shocking sensation and the guard was left dumbstruck from it.

It was only when Xia Ji came near toward him that the guard gave a start and quickly said, “Reporting to the marshal, there is news from the frontline.”

Xia Ji grabbed the envelope, tore it open, and glanced at it. He kept the letter and said lightly, “You may take your leave. Give an immediate report on news of the battle at the frontline.”

“Yes, marshal!”

The shock experienced by the guard had yet to subside. He lowered his head and bowed as he slowly retreated until he reached a corner before rushing off quickly.

“They’re already within three hundred miles. That last barrier at Tongguan would probably only last half a day at most.”

Xia Ji silently calculated the time and walked alone toward the Imperial Harem. The Cloud Palace located within the Imperial Harem was a place of heavenly bliss on earth. Generations of Imperial Emperors of the Shang Dynasty had implemented many ‘fantastic ideas’ into Cloud Palace, as they spent time there extravagantly. It was a place of play and pleasure for the Imperial Emperor and his concubines, and was a forbidden area for all outsiders, including Imperial Princes.

The Eunuch in charge of guarding the front of the palace had not sensed anything amiss when he saw someone coming. He called out in a bemused tone from afar, “Seventh Imperial Prince, you should not be here. Many of the Imperial Concubines in the Imperial Harem may not have left with His Highness, but they are still your elders. You need to properly greet them when you see them. Moreover, only the Imperial Emperor is allowed into the Cloud Palace. You being here does not fit eti…”

Before he could finish his sentence, a sudden slash appeared on his neck.

Xia Ji pulled back the dark halberd and did not glance at the eunuch guarding the entrance. He walked past him in large strides while the wound on the eunuch’s neck suddenly made gurgling sounds as fresh blood spewed madly from the wound.

Why did the blood flow out in such an aggressive manner?

It was because the dark halberd had produced a strong suction.

It took just a few steps before the eunuch was lying in a pool of blood. The quintessence blood within his body transformed into a red snake as it slithered from his neck and leaped through the air to be absorbed into the dark halberd. When the halberd had a taste of its wonderful flavor, it actually let out a gentle moan that was jumbled up with the sounds made by the wind and snow.

Xia Ji stood at the entrance of the Cloud Palace. The door was made entirely of glaze and the engravings on it emphasized its wasteful extravagance. He glanced at it briefly and pushed the door open.

The only way to change one’s destiny is by desecrating etiquette and law.

A group of beautiful palace maids was arranging flowers and conducting canvas drawing in the Cloud Palace. When they heard the commotion and saw someone entering, they went pale with fear.

Xia Ji said directly, “Fill the heavenly pool with warm water and light thirty thousand sticks of sandalwood incense.”

The palace maids were aware of current conditions and immediately pulled themselves together. They did not dare say much and quickly lowered their heads as they obeyed his instructions.

The ninth dragon’s head started bubbling warm spring water. Not long after, all three thousand sticks of sandalwood incense were also lighted one by one.

Xia Ji took off his armor, but it mysteriously transformed into dark smoke as it lingered around him. Xia Ji could not help laughing.

“This truly is a demonic armor that has been channeled with intelligence. Stay here on your own for now,” he patted the beast-themed chain armor and spoke to it as if it was a fellow human being.

It was only then that the demonic armor retreated on his own and turned into a whiff of dark smoke as it went toward the sidelines of the Ninth Dragon Heavenly Pool. The dark halberd was also left at the side.

The thirty-three prayer beads were also placed together. He had not expected for the dark smoke to push them away upon placing it down. It made sure that they were far away from the demonic armor and the dark halberd…

Xia Ji bathed in this extravagant heavenly pool as he completely relaxed his mind and spirits. He had read many books in the past two days and had cultivated many skill type skill beads, which now appeared slowly within his primal spirit.

Many of the skill beads were white and green. Only a few were blue.

Most of these skill beads were second or third-rated skills in the martial arts world. Even if he achieved the ninth level with them, it would be worthless.

The skill beads formed a tidy line as they floated in the air one by one.

They crisscrossed.

Xia Ji went through every skill bead. Some of the beads sank while others continued floating in the air.

An hour later, Xia Ji had a rounded number of one hundred skill beads in his primal spirit.

The young Imperial Prince took a deep breath and all of a sudden, all thoughts were lost within his spirits. All preordained fates and the upcoming battle left his mind and went to a faraway place. A supreme meditative mind escalated within him. A spiritual strength as wide as a river filled him with indescribable wonder and mystery. It felt like God, and it felt like the demon.

As his spiritual strength achieved its climax, he used these one hundred skill beads.

After the white, green, and blue skill beads were crushed open in his primal spirit one by one, they were supposed to flow all over his body and allow his heart, his skin, bones, muscles, and every internal organ within him to accept the transformation brought upon by the ninth level power of the skill beads.

However, that did not happen.

It was because, at the point of being crushed, three huge Buddha forms had suddenly appeared around him, surrounding him in a triangular formation. All three of the Buddhas pointed with their hands toward the center, right between the eyes of the Imperial Prince. The past, present, and future, great wisdom and deeper mediation. It propelled the numerous crushed skill beads between his eyes to be guided by this strong spiritual strength, and they started to slowly fuse.

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