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Chapter 147 - Chapter 147:119. Ascending to See the Bright Moon

Chapter 147:119. Ascending to See the Bright Moon

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His entire body began to twist, and his long hair fluttered without wind. He was in a state of extreme contemplation, and then at the end of the six hours…


A great river flowed into the sea, and the turbulent waves collided with each other. A melodious sound like a bell rang out.

An even stronger aura spread out from his body, and the weakened dragon energy in his right palm rose another level.

However, Su Gu had already stopped talking. He widened his eyes and swallowed his saliva as he muttered softly, “Genius…Such a genius…”

He decided to ignore the ‘six hours agreement’. He wanted to see how far this disciple named Feng Nanbei could go and see if he could break the record of’ breaking through the sixth level in twenty-four hours’.


Suddenly, a disappointed roar came from afar.

“It still won’t work, it won’t work!”

The young man leaned back, his hands and feet hanging heavily on the ground as if they were filled with lead. His long hair, drenched in sweat, was spread out like an octopus’s loose claws. He panted heavily.

Su Gu heaved a sigh of relief. This was a sign that his mental energy had been completely exhausted. It meant that six hours to reach the fifth level was the limit of this youth. He walked over and said,

The young man bit his lip, his sharp eyes filled with disappointment. He tried his best to raise his left hand and spread his fingers across his face. ” Am I too weak? ”

Su Gu was speechless.

He laughed in his heart.

However, when she looked at the youth again, she saw tears flowing from his fingertips.

Su Gu suddenly felt a sense of sorrow from the ultimate top student.

“He did his best. He really did his best. Although he would get full marks, he only used five solutions to solve the final question. He had already collected the paper before he finished writing the sixth one.” There was nothing more painful than this in life…

This sorrow is real, not a pose,

He could not help but fall into a mysterious silence.

Did a person who had spent three months and eaten many pills before barely breaking through to the fifth level have the right to comfort a person who had “broken through to the fifth level in six hours”?

Su Gu decided not to comfort him. Instead, he said, “Brother Nanbei, you have done very well. Rest well first. The clan has its own arrangements for a genius like you.”

He changed the way he addressed her.

“Thank you,” Xia Ji said.

“You’re welcome. We’re from the same family, after all,” Su Gu said.

The flood dragon flew away in his chariot,

Tang Lan and Tang Hong hurriedly came out to help their exhausted master rest.

Xia Ji was helpless. He had to continue acting. Before he could confirm how strong the strongest genius was, he couldn’t overdo it. At this moment, he could only let the two beautiful ladies serve him.

“There’s no need to shower.”

“Don’t take off your clothes, don’t take them off. Hands, where did you put your hands?”

“Don’t take off your pants…Just help me to bed.”

” Yes, there’s no need to wait on me or massage me. Go and cook some soup to replenish your energy and blood. ‘

After a long time…

Tang Lan and Tang Hong went to make soup and porridge in confusion.

This was a little different from the miserable life they had imagined.

They should be the ones feeling ashamed and angry, but why was Master so nervous?

“Is it Master who can’t do it?” Tang Hong asked quietly.

Tang Lan shook her head and softly spat out two words…

Tang Hong’s cheeks were red like a burning fire cloud.

” We might have followed an extraordinary master, ” Tang Lan said. ” I’ve never seen a person with such great self-control. When they could do whatever they wanted, they still maintained their original habits. ” “Isn’t the Verdant King able to do it too?” Tang Hong asked.

“It’s different,” said Tang Lan.

“How is it different? The Green King didn’t do anything either.”

“Desire flashed in the eyes of the Verdant King, but he suppressed it. The

Verdant King was tempted, but his greater ambition suppressed his desire.

But Master…From the beginning to the end, his expression never changed.”

“But I see that Master drinks and enjoys himself every day. He looks like a prodigal son…”

Tang Lan pondered for a moment and said softly, ” This is called sincerity in the heart and outward. A gentleman must fear the gods and be cautious. ‘

“Break through the fifth level in six hours


“What’s his name?”

“Feng Nanbei.”

“If that’s the case, then we should take him in as a member of the Su family.

Then, he won’t be Feng Nanbei anymore, but Su Nanbei. I’ll report it first.”

” There’s actually such a person among the newly recruited disciples? ” “Eldest Princess, do you need to take another look?”

” There’s no need to look. Bring him to the Third Heaven. Such a person can only be in my hands. I’ll help him choose a good teacher. ‘


” You can’t be intercepted halfway. Immediately, immediately, bring him to the Third Heaven. If anything happens, regardless of whether it has anything to do with you, I will hold you responsible. ”


“Wait, after I bring him to the Third Heaven, I’ll give him my manor, so … Frost

Monarch and his men won’t be able to find anything.”


“You may leave.”

Su Yueqing rested her chin on her slender fingers. Her posture was like a swan bending its neck and singing. With a wave of her fingers, the luxurious hall was lit up. The light from the fire burned her snow-white skin. She was weak and boneless as she leaned against the long couch. A silver veil was faintly visible at the side of her long legs. She rested her chin on her right hand and wrapped her black hair around her left hand’s fingers a few times. Then, she let go and slowly flipped through the book in front of her…

She was the most beautiful woman in the Su family and the eldest daughter of the Su family’s patriarch. Here, the patriarch was the emperor, so the Su family called her Princess Ming Yue or the eldest princess.

Unfortunately, beauty couldn’t conquer everything, nor could it make everything submit to it. Instead, it would make ambitious people see beauty as a trophy and want to conquer it.

There would be conflicts everyvvhere, and the Su family was no exception.

Su Yueqing didn’t want to be the loser in this battle. She didn’t want to be conquered, so she had a brain.

Whoosh .

Whoosh .

The pages of the book flipped.

Su Yueqing’s red lips parted slightly as she muttered, “” Feng Nanbei, the son of the Northern Blade King, Feng Niuma. He cultivated hard in the mystic arts. After his death in the Imperial Capital, he came out of his seclusion and became a hero in front of the Tyrant’s Blade School with the Silver Dragon

Codex. He’s only eighteen years old. ”

“Only eighteen…ls this a gift from the heavens?”

The Su family was a blessed land. Living in it, one’s normal lifespan was 300 years. However, if one left this place and breathed in the air outside, their lifespan would be greatly reduced. Therefore, the Su family had a rule:After the age of 35, one could no longer go to the outside world.

However, the aristocratic families needed to control the outside world for some reason. Therefore, disciples under the age of 35 were very important, and the experts among them were even more precious.

Xia Ji lay on the cliff with his head raised, looking at the Moon Cage Cold Gauze.

After all the information he had obtained and all the investigations he had done, he already had some ideas and speculations about the aristocratic families.

The five great clans were actually five independent small worlds.

Because of the air, the people who lived here had a long lifespan. They could not go out at the age of 35 to prevent early death.

For some unknown reason, many of them were suppressed to the tenth realm. Even so, they possessed terrifying ‘mechanisms’ that far exceeded the tenth realm.

The night market was about to start. Su Yu had come to find him, and Xia Ji knew that among these so-called ” mechanisms there were ” mechanisms that could directly tear open space and throw you into the crack “, ‘ mechanisms that could write your name and you would die “, and all kinds of mechanisms that were beyond imagination. These mechanisms were built according to the small world, so they couldn’t be brought out. However, only two or three people knew how to activate the mechanisms.

Other than that, there might be parallel channels between the five great clans, and they could visit each other without going through the outside world.

Moreover, there might be a mysterious organization outside of the five aristocratic families. Everyone in this organization was a mystery, but their mission was to protect the inner disciples of the aristocratic families from harm.

Xia Ji finally understood.

This was a united whole.

This was an aristocratic family that was invincible in its territory.

He could swallow any chess piece first, but once he swallowed this chess piece, it was very likely that he would be discovered, and then…There was nothing

Either he didn’t destroy them, or he destroyed them. He had to destroy the five great families and the mysterious organization outside the great families.

There was only one chance.

If he lost, he, Xia Xiaosu, and everyone else would die, or even become slaves.

He crossed his legs and leisurely enjoyed the wine, looking up at the charming moon.

Right at this moment…

Under the moonlight, the Flood Dragon Flying Carriage came from afar and landed on the cliff. The man driving the carriage was still Su Gu. Su Gu said, “Brother Nanbei, come with me to the Third Heaven. You’ve been chosen by a noble..”

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