Long Live The Emperor!

Chapter 134 - Chapter 134:114. Wielding a Sword and Flirting in the East Sea Metropolis

Chapter 134:114. Wielding a Sword and Flirting in the East Sea Metropolis

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The Palace of Darkness was compressed on a flat piece of paper and did not exist in this world.

Two blurry figures appeared.

“My men have seen him. He has broken through to the 11th realm. The time is not right yet, but he can actually break through to the 11th realm. If such an anomaly is allowed to grow, the consequences will be unimaginable.”

” Lifespan is a major limit. Can he live for more than five hundred years to the next killing tribulation? ”

“I think he can live…lf he really did survive and treats us as his enemies, will it be troublesome?”

‘ Don’t forget the Great Emperor who once shattered mountains and rivers, collected the weapons of heaven and earth, and forged the Eighteen Men of Gold. Don’t forget the War Buddha who split open the sky and overturned the galaxy with a single rod. They were all abnormal and almost killed us. ”

“That’s true. What should we do? Now was not the time. Sending anyone would be sending them to their deaths. Raising an anomaly was not the right way to kill him. If you want to kill him, kill him once and for all. Kill him when he’s not prepared and when he doesn’t expect it. ‘

“It will still be some time before the Heaven-Connecting Divine Fire Pillar can be used, and the first killing tribulation of this era is about to begin. The true alien races are about to invade. At that time, a large number of humans will die, but after a hundred years, they will counterattack.”

‘ What we need to do is to define the strongest human in each killing tribulation as an anomaly and then kill them so that they won’t be able to survive the next killing tribulation. They won’t pose a threat to us. Xia Ji is such an anomaly. He has already become such an anomaly before the 500 years have even begun. He’s extremely threatening and must die. ‘

“We have five hundred years to kill him.”

“We have to kill him as soon as possible. The later we go, the harder it will be to kill him.”

“How do we kill them now? With the Imperial City around, at least he still had a stronghold. If you really forced him into a corner and he went to the desolate mountains and rivers, you wouldn’t even be able to find him. Help him grow?” “I have to slow down his growth first. He’s too fast.”

“Then … Didn’t his sister say that she wanted to see Huang Yan’s portrait? Ask the Duke of Cheng to send it over, and then ask a few northern dukes under our control to send over the portraits of their most beautiful daughters. She wants to marry them by marriage, and she won’t marry anyone other than Xia Ji. If she doesn’t marry them by marriage, then let them all go to the Third Prince.” “If Xia Ji doesn’t agree to these marriages, then he’ll feel guilty towards his sister.lf he agreed to these marriages, he would be dragged down by women.lf he agreed to these marriage alliances but did not touch those women, then he would be guilty to others. This question has no solution. If he is an emotionless person who doesn’t care about the above and thinks that the Great Dao is heartless, then it’s even better. This shows that his potential is limited and he can’t turn the world upside down.”

“Only the Great Oblivion can be achieved. This sentence has helped us eliminate many possible anomalies.”

‘ Pay attention now. I suspect that Xia Ji might be looking for us too. ”

” Then tell all the disciples of the clan to come back, including those seeds that were left outside. Call them back. Don’t leave them outside. ‘

‘ Alright, let’s do that. As long as no disciples are left outside, he will be untraceable. We will kill him when the time is right. ‘

‘ Perhaps we don’t need to kill them. When the killing tribulation arrives, the Outsiders will become so powerful that it will make people despair in the first hundred years… ”

“When the time comes, I will send an assassin to kill him from behind at the critical moment.”

“Alright, hurry up and do it. I’ll pass on my opinions to the Wu family, the Lu family, and the Shen family.”

“The Su family…Where is it?”

Xia Ji placed the cold dragon jade in his palm and looked at it carefully, thinking.

The inheritance of the seven masks seemed to be limited by some law. After accepting the inheritance of one mask, he could not inherit the other. However, he did not immediately give one to Xia Xiaosu because he was not completely sure if there was any danger in it.

The seven masks led to seven different places, and it seemed that due to the disappearance of the evil soul, the ” transfer station ” could be set up a second time.

Xia Ji set up a transfer station in the secret chamber of the imperial palace and told Xia Xiaosu,”lf you encounter any difficulties that you can’t deal with, go to the secret chamber of the imperial palace and knock on the leftmost bookshelf three times.” This way, no matter what happened, he would be able to return immediately.

After that, he sat quietly in the netherworld.

The biggest advantage of this space was its safety. It was almost equivalent to disappearing from the world.

The biggest disadvantage was that it was not conducive to cultivation, because there was almost no qi here. In other words, it was almost impossible to replenish it once it was consumed.

But for Xia Ji, flipping through books and carving magic tools was enough.

At this moment…

He was thinking about how to enter the Su family.

“Since Feng Niu Ma can be enlightened, then he is very likely a descendant of the Su family who is wandering outside. Then if I pretend to be his descendant and use his Lifeless Saber, the Silver Dragon Codex unique to the Su family, at a place extremely far from the Imperial City, and then become famous, will I attract the attention of the Su family?”

The East Sea Metropolis in the North was about 20,000 square kilometers. It looked like a giant dragon that had just emerged from the sea. It laid its head on the river, looking ferocious and terrifying.

The center of the city was unusually noisy at this time. People were bustling around, but today, there were many martial artists running towards the east.

There were no clouds in the eastern coastal waters.

Under the blue sky, the Tyrant’s Blade School’s forty-three sword towers towered over the land. The innermost tower overlooked the entire East Sea Metropolis and was called the Heavenly King Tower. The six smaller towers were called the Heavenly Wind Tower, and the thirty-six were the Sword

Servant Towers..

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