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Chapter 125 - Chapter 125: 109. Killing on a Rainy Night

Chapter 125: 109. Killing on a Rainy Night

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“Turkic envoy, Tao Rurui requests an audience.”

The voices came from afar and drew closer one by one.


Xia Xiaosu was wearing a dragon robe and sitting in the middle of the hall.

Hu Xian Er, disguised as a eunuch, stood to the side with her head lowered.

Because of the arrival of the envoys, the nine tribes and some of the officials appointed by the emperor all stood in two rows in the hall.

Outside the hall, a scholar strode in. When he reached the hall, he bowed slightly and said, “Foreign minister Tao Rurui greets Your Highness.”

Hu Xian Er glanced at him and transmitted a message to Xia Xiaosu,”This person doesn’t know martial arts.”

Xia Xiaosu knew what was going on. She looked at the scholar sternly and said, “Speak.”

Tao Rurui gritted his teeth. ” Last year, our Tu Jue and Great Shang had a marriage alliance. Today, the Tu Jue King has sent a foreign official here. I hope Your Highness can continue with the marriage alliance. ‘

“I didn’t agree to this marriage,” Xia Xiaosu said. “Naturally, I won’t carry it out.

However, in view of the friendly relationship between Great Shang and the

Turks, I am willing to listen to the true intentions of the messenger.”

Tao Rurui couldn’t help but be stunned. This princess was a sensible person. He lowered his head, his eyes flickering.

“There’s no turning back. I’ll only give you one chance,” said Xia Xiaosu.

Tao Rurui narrowed his eyes.

At this moment, a scholar at the side of the hall stepped forward and said, “Please report.”

“Please speak, Minister Wen.” Xia Xiaosu glanced at him.

“I suggest that Your Highness appoint a marriage partner. This way, the name of the marriage will be fulfilled and Your Highness’s difficulties will be resolved,” the scholar said.

Xia Xiaosu glanced at Tao Rurui and said, ” I will choose a beauty for marriage. When the time comes, I will acknowledge her as my sister and give her the surname Xia. How about that? ”

“I’m not the one in charge of this trip. Please report back tomorrow morning,”

Tao Rurui said.

“That’s tine. It you agree, I’ll prepare a portrait and have the messenger bring it back,” said Xia Xiaosu.

Tao Rurui hurriedly nodded and replied with a “yes”. Then, he said, “I’ll take my leave.” Then, he lowered his head and left.

As soon as he turned around, a cold glint flashed across his eyes.

Xia Xiaosu glanced at his back and felt a little cold. She looked up and looked into the distance worriedly.

“Big brother…Do I have to rely on you again?”

After the court session ended, she went to the inner palace.

Ning Xiaoyu was drinking fruit juice. She was currently a secret weapon and had yet to be conferred a title, so she did not attend court. She was only in front of the harem master. ” Something will definitely happen tonight. Why don’t we make a fake and hide quietly? ‘

“I’m going to the west gate tonight. I want to stand by my brother’s side,” said

Xia Xiaosu.

“Then wouldn’t you be a burden?”

“Advisor Jun, you…” Xia Xiaosu was shocked by the military counselor’s honesty, but she had to admit that she was a burden. ” Then I will wait for the battle report from the front line in the main hall tonight. “How many soldiers can Your Highness mobilize to keep watch tonight?” “Five thousand,” said Xia Xiaosu after some calculations.

“Then let 5,000 soldiers guard the palace. I … Consider it the second wall.”

“I heard that when you Eight Wonders use troops, you have to expend your lifespan.”

“Who said I only know that one move?” Ning Xiaoyu smiled.

She looked at the shadows of the trees outside the door. The tender green branches were being hit by the rain and kept moving up and down. Her expression was solemn and serious as she said softly, “It’s raining tonight. I just hope I’m not right.”

Rainfall Imperial City.

The sky gradually darkened.

Tao Rurui returned to the Turkic diplomatic mission and reported the situation. As a result, the Turkic diplomatic mission requested to stay at an inn for a night of discussion. Naturally, no one could refuse such a request.

However, they could only stay in the inns outside the ‘boundary’ drawn by the halberd.

No matter how much they struggled, Xia Ji just sat quietly in the rain and drank.

However, no one saw him holding an invisible judge pen in his right hand and drawing on the ground.

As he drew, talismans rose up one after another.

He had been drawing for an entire day.

There were more than 300 talismans hanging around him, but no one could see them.

Night fell.

The red lanterns on the street lit up, illuminating the path red.

The swordsmen who had been standing in the restaurants on both sides gradually dispersed. In their view, the Turks had admitted defeat and had chosen to stay in the inn.

Late at night.

The spring rain became more intense, and many red lanterns were extinguished.

The street was empty, but there was still one person.

At the end of the street, there was also a person sitting in the palace.

Xia Xiaosu sat alone in the darkness, her eyes staring at the empty space in front of her. Her fists were tightly clenched, and no one knew what she was thinking.

Xia Ji’s expression suddenly turned cold as he muttered, “”Ning Xiaoyu was right.”

The diplomatic mission did not show any malice, but followed the rules. Until that moment, the peace was broken…

He took out a lamp from his dark gold robe. The lamp ignited and emitted a gentle light.


The lamp was pressed against the brick floor beside him.

This was a burning lamp. It only had one use, and that was to illuminate the surroundings and then transmit it back to the owner’s consciousness. It covered a wide area.

No one knew what King Shenwu was still doing.

Even the Saber King only had some guesses, but he still didn’t understand. He was the only one left standing in the restaurant with his saber in his arms.

All of a sudden, King Shenwu twisted his right hand, and a flying knife appeared between his fingers.

Feng Niuma was stunned. He closed his eyes and carefully sensed, but he did not sense anything.

Just as he was feeling puzzled, a trace of Hell Dharma rose from the flying Imife in King Divine Martial’s hand. Then, it was plated with raging flames. The moment the scorching light reached the tip of the knife.

Xia Ji made his move.

Wind Bull Horse had no idea where he was shooting his saber.

He only heard the sound of a knife being drawn, and then the knife disappeared.

It had disappeared from his senses.

Feng Niuma was a little confused. He did not know what King Shenwu was doing.

Xia Ji attacked to kill.

Through the lamp, he could see a massive figure that had fused with the rain, flickering between light and darkness like a terrifying giant ghost. It was clearly the ‘boasting moth in the rain’ that Ning Xiaoyu had spoken of, a special existence of the Turks, like the frost giant to the ghosts.

A moment later.

A painful roar sounded in the distance.

The wind bull and horse hugged their sabers and stepped on the railing. Their bodies flew and landed on the highest point of the restaurant’s roof. The rain did not touch them. Once they got close, they would be repelled by an invisible force.

He looked far into the distance and saw a large pool of blood bursting out of the rain by the river in the east. However, he could only see the blood and could not see the person.

The Northern Saber King was shocked. He muttered, “”This is…”

Xia Ji took out another throwing knife.

He didn’t look at heaven and earth, nor did he look at his target. With a shake of his hand, the flying knife flew out again.


Feng Niuma saw a ball of blood explode at the bridgehead. Then, it seemed that a huge object had fallen into Huaqing Lake, causing a huge splash. The lake water tumbled in the quiet spring rain, and a large area was dyed red.

“Invisible giants?”

He tried his best to release his divine sense and barely sensed something unusual, but he couldn’t lock onto the target at all.

The Rain Worm was an almost invincible existence in rainy weather. It was a true monster that combined assassins and strongmen into one.

Xia Ji attacked twice in a row, and when he was about to use the third strike, he felt more than 30 giant shadows shooting back from the Burning Lamp. These giant shadows rushed toward the palace from all directions.

He finally got up.

“Come! ”

He stretched out his right hand and the Great Dark Heavenly Halberd was caught between his fingers.


He flicked the end of the halberd and lifted the lamp.

Xia Ji shot toward the east like a bolt of lightning.

A moment later, he appeared in the open space in front of a restaurant. He leaped up, and his Qi, Buddhist light, and scorching sun exploded, turning into vortexes that shattered the rain.

He suddenly fell down with his halberd.

It was obstructed in mid-air, and then it stabbed to the end.


It was as if a giant mosquito had been crushed, and blood splashed in the rain. But even so, the giant had not yet appeared. Even if it had died, it would only bleed and not reveal its corpse.

Just as Xia Ji was about to leave, he felt a sense of oppression coming from the empty alley. A two-foot-tall werewolf stood there with a ferocious look on his face. He slowly walked out. The blood in the werewolf’s body was surging. Even though he had not attacked yet, he could hear the blood and Zhenqi under his skin surging.

Mad Wolf was Ashli.

Da da da da…

Around the empty space, many Ghost Wolves walked out of the alleys and glared at Xia Ji.

The Wind Cows and Horses standing on the high ground were stunned. These monsters…Were they all Turkic? They wanted to delay King Divine Martial to protect those invisible giants?

Feng Niuma made up his mind at this thought. He suddenly flew out and swept across the roofs like a gust of wind. In a few moments, he descended from the sky and landed beside Xia Ji. He crossed his hands and held his saber. ” King

Shenwu, go first. I’ll hold him back. ‘

As he spoke, he swung his two sabers and took the lead to rush towards Ashli. His sabers slashed out, and a silver dragon appeared in the rainy night. His two claws pounced towards the 20-foot-tall wolf.

Ashli wasn’t afraid. He opened his mouth and bit the silver dragon.

The power of the silver dragon projection sent it flying backward, but the wolf crushed the projection with a bite. Only the corner of its mouth cracked, but the crack was healing at a visible speed.

The rest of the wolf ghosts did not pounce forward either. They only stared at King Divine Martial.

Xia Ji shot a glance at the Dharma Idol, then instantly attacked. He pointed at the Wind Bull Horse’s Body Stopping Acupuncture Point, grabbed the Dharma Idol with his left hand, and held the halberd in his right hand to light a lamp. Then, he flew into the distance.

This devilish operation stunned everyone.

“King Shenwu, why did you capture me?” Feng Niuma asked in confusion.

Xia Ji pressed his mute acupoint again.

Feng Niu Ma looked at him bitterly, confused.

Amongst the Turkic wolf ghosts, Ashili reacted the fastest. The moment Xia Ji left, he also leapt into the air, transforming into a black streak of light as he charged at Xia Ji. The rain around him exploded, and the air around him was like thunder. He opened his mouth wide, his fangs terrifying.

Xia Ji didn’t move. In the air, the nine Death Runes merged into one, becoming a blade that contained the ‘Death’ itself.

He slashed out Death.

Death silently descended on the wolf ghost’s neck.


A wolf head flew up.

From the beginning to the end, he never turned back.

This was because he had never seen this wolf ghost or that Turkic general Ashili.

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