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Chapter 121 - Chapter 121: Arrogant and Despotic? Dismount and Enter the city!

Chapter 121: Arrogant and Despotic? Dismount and Enter the city!

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The Turkic diplomatic mission.

The scholar named Tao Rurui was riding a brown horse, holding the tip of his beard. He looked at this familiar land, his eyes filled with hatred. If it wasn’t for the fact that this land couldn’t accommodate him, he wouldn’t have been forced to go to the Turks.

It was not a big deal. He was originally a member of an aristocratic family. In order to help someone in the aristocratic family ascend the throne, he became a strategist in a bandit camp. Many years later, that powerful bandit was eliminated and that person ascended the throne. Unfortunately, he did not recognize him and even wanted to kill him.

Tao Rurui had no choice but to flee in all directions. Unfortunately, there was a bounty on his head on the city gates, so he had no choice but to disguise himself and secretly leave the pass. After a few twists and turns, he went to the Turks. When he went to inquire about the news, he found out that his son in the Central Plains had been exiled, his wife and concubines had been sent to the Education Bureau, and his wife had hung herself from a beam due to the humiliation. However, his beautiful concubines had gone.

What was a teaching workshop?

To put it bluntly, they were official prostitutes, and in the Jiaofang, they were called female musicians. These people were included in the lowly class and were punished for generations.

“Mr. Tao, do you think the princess who is married to our king will resist?” A burly man in sharp armor rode his horse over. This burly man was extremely tall and was almost three meters tall. This was simply unimaginable. The black horse that was once known as the Wild Horse King was now like a little donkey.

“General Ashli will definitely resist. ”

“Heh, that’s good.” The brawny man looked down at the scholar and twisted his neck. ” I heard that the Central Plainsmen like to beat around the bush and are very cowardly when it comes to a real fight. I’m really afraid that they’ll agree to it directly. How can I let them experience the power of the great Turkic warriors like this? ”

Even though Tao Rurui hated Great Shang, he still reminded, ‘”‘General Ashli, you cannot underestimate Great Shang. This land is filled with crouching tigers and hidden dragons. Whether it is from the region or from the history, it is impossible to see everything.”

“Isn’t that good? Hey …” The brawny man in sharp armor smiled and looked up at the blue sky and white clouds. He turned his head to look at the villages and towns he passed by. Some women were walking in the town. His eyes swept over those women’s bodies, and from time to time, he would stare at their buttocks. He snorted and said, ” The women of the Central Plains are really delicate. When we arrive at the Imperial Capital, we must ask the future

Princess Consort to treat us well. I heard that the Imperial Capital has a Education Department, which is filled with the wives and concubines of some powerful and influential people who have made mistakes. That’s really awesome. ‘

At this point, he noticed that Tao Rurui’s expression was not good.

Ashli obviously knew about this scholar, so he patted him on the shoulder and said, “Now that you’ve joined our Turks, forget about the past. When the time comes, I’ll have that princess arrange for a few other women to accompany you.”

“Yes.” Since things had come to this, Tao Rurui had no other choice.

He knew that the Turks had received a strange favor from the heavens and were indeed powerful, but he still felt reverence for the land he had once been in. Thus, he reminded, ” General Ashili, it is best to be careful. Please remember the legendary Prince Shen Wu of Great Shang. Prince Shen Wu had turned the tide and repelled the Guifang army. And this Prince Shen Wu is the elder brother of that princess.

“Prince Shenwu, Xia Ji?”

Ashli narrowed his eyes and opened his lips, revealing…

It had a mouth full of razor-sharp teeth like that of a wolf.

A cold light flashed in the sky. How dare you call your little arms and legs a god? You dare to call your fancy fists and legs martial arts?”

The golden sunlight was dazzling.

A ray of sunlight was especially intense.

Accompanied by an incomparably powerful sound of wind.

Immediately, the sound became a sound.

Arrows suddenly shot out from the roadside forest!

These arrows were all triangular in shape. As long as they were hit, they would tear through the muscles and cause blood to flow non-stop. They were considered specially made arrows.

All of the arrows were filled with energy, and they were propelled by external forces and imbued with True Qi as they shot toward the Turkic envoy.

At the same time, another thirty-some martial artists charged out with swords and sabers in their hands. They transformed into gusts of wind as they charged at the leader of the Turkic diplomatic mission. “Those who are not of my race will be killed!”

“Kill them!”

“Get back to the frontier!”

Tao Rurui and the brawny man were the first to bear the brunt.

Ashli looked at the arrows with disdain in his eyes. He took a deep breath and suddenly shouted, “Gah! ”

The breath seemed to have been compressed and released at high energy. It instantly detonated the air in front of him, emitting a terrifying thunder in the daytime.

The arrows that were coming at him were all scattered and fell softly into the soil beside the horse.

The 30 martial artists were all stunned, but they could not retreat. The leader of the group had a serious expression on his face. He took a step forward, and his entire body turned into the shadow of a wolf in the air. The shadow followed the sword in his hand and shot towards A Shina with a whip-like fierce airflow.

This person had some thoughts as well. He bent his waist slightly and used the ground to borrow strength again before stabbing upwards from below. The angle of the sword was blocked by the horse’s head, giving him a slight advantage.

The sword was drawn in one go, like a wolf pouncing on its prey.


The next scene, he saw something unbelievable.

The Turkic leader not only did not dodge, but he did not even take out a weapon. Instead, he lowered his head and faced his killing blow. With a disdainful smile, he opened his mouth and revealed a set of fangs that did not seem human at all.

After the time it took to brew a cup of tea, the thirty or so martial artists were either dead or beheaded by the Turkic warriors. They laughed as they were kicked into the forest, and two rather beautiful women were brought to Ashina..

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