Long Live The Emperor!

Chapter 119 - Chapter 119: 105. Like a Fish in Water, Brother and Sister Meet

Chapter 119: 105. Like a Fish in Water, Brother and Sister Meet

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After that, he ignored her.

Xia Ji stayed in the bedroom and listened to Little Su talk nonsense all night..

The candlelight flickered.

The boundless spring scenery outside the window was finally awakened by dawn.

Xia Xiaosu opened her eyes slightly and felt her body and mind relax. It was as if she had vented countless times, and her past depression had lessened a lot. When she saw that she was naked on the bed, her heart skipped a beat. She quickly pulled the blanket up and flipped over in a small area.

She turned her head and saw a familiar figure standing in front of the window.

Through the window crevices came the chirping of birds in the morning,

And the spring breeze,

In the distance, he could faintly see a few new peach blossoms.

When Xia Xiaosu saw this figure, she heaved a sigh of relief. This was her biological brother. They had seen each other when they were young. From her understanding of her brother, the reason why she was not wearing clothes was probably because her brother had sent her into the quilt by luck. It would be worse if she was wearing clothes.

What? You’re asking how to dry your body in the air before putting it under the blanket?

King Shenwu had superb skills. What couldn’t he do?

“When did elder brother return? I…

” Xia Xiaosu, ” Xia Ji interrupted her. ” Can you make me feel better?! ”

Then, without waiting for his sister to say anything, he said sternly,”lf I wasn’t in the Imperial City yesterday, or if there were people with ulterior motives, you wouldn’t know what would have happened to you now.”

Xia Xiaosu looked at the anxious expression of the famous King Shenwu. She was not frightened. Instead, she felt warmth in her heart. She pulled the blanket and said softly, “I know I was wrong, brother.”

Suddenly, she saw some white hair in Xia Ji’s hair. She frowned, and her eyes turned cold. Her expression turned cold, but her voice became gentle. ‘ Brother, why is your hair white? ” Who is it?”

“It’s nothing. By the way, why is Ning Xiaoyu with you?”

Xia Xiaosu told him about the Eight Wonders of the Confucian Sect. Xia Ji found it rather intriguing. He naturally knew what one of the Eight Wonders of the Confucian Sect represented. Could this girl have been sent by his mother to help his brother and sister?

It could be said that the Imperial City with Ning Xiaoyu and the Imperial City without Ning Xiaoyu were on two different levels.



The sound of a whip being whipped could be heard.

Hu Xian ‘er, who was wrapped in a thin quilt, was hanging from a tree and being whipped back and forth.

She opened her eyes and saw her master in front of her…

To be honest, no matter how badly the whip injured her, she would be able to recover quickly. However, when she saw Xia Ji, she was terrified.

“Do you know why I slapped you?” Xia Ji asked.

Although Hu Xian Er was terrified, she still blurted out, “”Could it be that Master knows that I like this kind of style? Aiya.”

As soon as she said it, she regretted it.

As expected.


A gust of wind carried Hu Xian Er around the treetop, completing nine 360-degree rolls before she hung upside down on the tree in an awkward position.

” You’re not allowed to come down for three days, ” Xia Ji said. ” You’re not allowed to eat or drink. Just hang it up like this. ”

“Master,” Hu Xian Er cried, “I still have a mission to complete.” The Turks wanted to marry the little princess, and their diplomatic mission was about to arrive. I’m going to pretend to be the leader of the robbers and drive them away. After hanging for three days, it will be too late.”

“The Turks? Marriage?”

Xia Ji repeated and suddenly laughed maniacally.

“How can they afford to marry my sister? Ridiculous!”

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