Long Live Summons

Chapter 27 – Serpent Demon

Chapter 27 – Serpent Demon

Translated By: Zaza

Edited By: Shiroyukineko, Zaza, Rend

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“Greedy little fellow, don’t you know that artifacts choose their master, once they choose their master, then only their master can use them?” Empress Fei Wen Li laughed.

“Then give me a hundred Mythical Beasts!” Yue Yang felt that his demands were not too high.

“Are you not afraid that the Mythical Beasts would not accept your orders, or even turn on you and eat you up? Little fellow, borrowing strength from others is not a good idea; it is in fact the dumbest and most foolish method. If you had trained such a powerful, mysterious power that even I am unable to see through, once you upgrade your skill to the utmost, the Mythical Beasts will be akin to a small dog or even as insignificant as an ant in front of you. Why would you want Mythical Beasts and take a detour in getting strong?” Empress Fei Wen Li shook her head lightly, and gently continued: “Right now, you are like a small eagle that has only just grown its feathers and has not learnt how to fly; like a young tiger that has grown its fangs but still has not learnt how to hunt … In front of you, there is a boundless sky for you to soar through and a vast and wide land for you to run in, you only need to be brave and come out of your shell! Furthermore, do you really need my help with your masculine pride? Little fellow, in front of you, I am not a Serpent Empress, but merely a weak woman without even a physical body…”

“You are a weak woman?” After Yue Yang heard this, in his heart he had a secret urge to bash his head into the wall.

“To others, I am very strong, but in front of you, I’m completely a weak woman. Just now, even when you used your hand to forcefully molest me, I had no way to stop you!” Empress Fei Wen Li’s exceptional face had the pitiful air of a bullied wife.

“Molest?” Yue Yang felt foolish, something of that extent was also counted as molestation?

He was just curious so he had touched her a little.

Fine, even touching was counted as molestation. She was THE Empress after all!

Empress Fei Wen Li gave a faint sigh: “I would rather be a normal human female with flesh and blood than a Serpent Empress, and have the freedom to run under the sun. Even if it means losing everything, it is still better than sleeping in this empty Black Hole! Little fellow, perhaps after you leave this place, you won’t be able to enter again for a year, because the Black Hole Seal would be even stronger than ever. If your ability does not advance by leaps and bounds, perhaps you may even need ten years, or even a hundred years, before you can see me again. In this period of time, I will linger in this solitary dreamworld on my own….”

Yue Yang did indeed have some sympathy for this Empress. Losing one’s freedom truly was a scary thing.

Especially since the Empress was trapped in the Black Hole for ten thousand years already, and was still unable to earn her freedom until now. If it were him, he’d probably be insane already!

“What do you need help with? Can I do anything to help you?” Seeing Empress Fei Wen Li’s eyes full of sadness and dejection, a masculine urge and desire to protect suddenly surfaced in his heart. He felt that although this beautiful Empress may seem strong, in truth, she was living the life of a prisoner. Without even mentioning other aspects, being forced to sleep for ten thousand years was bad enough.

“Please be stronger, stronger than me, stronger than the person who sealed me in this Black Hole Seal. Only then you can release me from this prison!”

Yue Yang was about to faint when he heard Empress Fei Wen Li’s reply.

Saying it was easy, but doing it was extremely hard!

Yue Yang felt that he’d better leave first and not stay too long, or he might even end up being trapped in the Black Hole space as well.

After that thought flashed through his mind, he quickly asked Empress Fei Wen Li: “How do I get out of this place?”

Realizing that Yue Yang wanted to leave, an extremely reluctant expression surfaced on Empress Fei Wen Li’s face immediately. But she quickly recovered with ease as she smiled and nodded: “I can send you out of this place immediately, but if this happens, I will need to use up a large amount of Spiritual Energy. It is even possible that my body that is still recovering slowly would be affected to a great extent and I will sink into sleep again… Do you have to leave now?”

As she said her last sentence, she looked like she carried unspeakable sorrows in her heart, like a weak woman who was watching her male protector leave her alone heartlessly.

Hearing the Empress’s tone which was full of hidden bitterness, Yue Yang’s heart softened for a few seconds.

Come to think about it, she was quite pitiful.

Moreover, she treated him pretty well. She had welcomed him with a kiss and even put up with him molesting her body. And she was still able to magnanimously see him off.

However, staying behind to accompany her here was something he would never do, because Yue Yang was not generous to that extent.

“Is there any wish you want to fulfill in the outside world? Perhaps I can think of a way!” Yue Yang felt that if this Empress had many beautiful female subordinates in the outside world that needed him to take care of, there would be no problem at all.

“I’ve been sleeping for ten thousand years already, I’m afraid that my nation has already disappeared. Furthermore, you are a human living in the Soaring Dragon Continent, and I am a Serpent Empress with a large pool of magic. Even if I have a wish, you would also not be able to fulfill it. Moreover, my only wish is to gain my freedom.” Empress Fei Wen Li smiled a smile that could bring the downfall of a nation, causing Yue Yang to feel intoxicated by that smile after witnessing it. Before preparing to send Yue Yang out, Fei Wen Li suddenly remembered something: “Oh yes, since your blood is similar to [God’s Blood], to the extent that it may be even more mysterious and unusual, perhaps it may be able to resurrect her… …”

Empress Fei Wen Li raised a fair hand and summoned a rainbow colored pet’s egg directly without using a Grimoire.

Seeing this, Yue Yang’s eyes shone in excitement.

If one was able to learn to summon a beast directly instead of using a Grimoire, wouldn’t it be possible to have more hidden tricks up one’s sleeves? Enemies would definitely think that he was not a Grimoire Contract Holder and thus underestimate him! This move was simply an essential skill that could be used to kill people to prevent them from spilling secrets even in an unforeseen circumstances!

Looking at that rainbow colored pet egg again, Yue Yang’s heartbeat accelerated quickly. Could it be that this was the dragon egg from the legends?

“This is?”

“She is my Guard Captain. She died protecting me before I was sealed, and I had no way to resurrect her, so I could only turn her back to her former state! If your blood can resurrect her, then she could probably help you with small matters. But I cannot guarantee if she retained her battle experience!” Fei Wen Li first bit her thumb and drew a strange rune on the surface with her blood, then gestured at Yue Yang to extend his hand towards her.

She cut open a small wound on Yue Yang’s palm, then softly laid the shining rainbow coloured egg on the small wound.

That egg was like a little vampire frantically absorbing Yue Yang’s fresh blood.

Yue Yang was almost sucked dry…

When Yue Yang was having a dizzy spell, a strong light suddenly arose, leaving behind an image of a demon serpent warrior that was over ten metres tall. The image disappeared in less than a second, as the light was sucked away quickby the Black Hole space.

The egg that had sucked enough fresh blood dissolved and disappeared, becoming a pattern of blood. It wriggled on Yue Yang’s hand until it reached his chest, and an exquisite pattern of a demon serpent appeared on his skin. The demon serpent pattern had its six arms raised high, each holding a different weapon. Its long serpent tail twisted and coiled around Yue Yang’s waist and lower abdomen. Before Yue Yang managed to see it clearly, that pattern moved as if it was brought to life, and flew out of his body in a path of rainbow coloured light in an instant. In an instant, it entered Empress Fei Wen Li’s body.

“Goodness gracious!” Empress Fei Wen Li let out a sound of surprise, six arms all raised in unison, as if to block the rainbow coloured light from entering her body.

However, her a flash of hesitation appeared on her expression.

In the end, she stopped blocking and allowed the rainbow coloured light to enter her body.

Within moments, the Empress’ body started to emit a fragrace that seemed to refresh Yue Yang’s mind. Within the shining light and fragrance, a petite, small loli started to appear on the exquisite pattern of a demon serpent that Empress Fei Wen Li had on her lower abdomen.

This girl looked exactly like Empress Fei Wen Li, but she was her smaller version.

They had the same six arms and snake tail, but she looked a little young and inexperienced.

The body was about Yue Shuang size, and her height was about Yue Yang’s waist.

The little loli demon serpent seemed like she was struggling to stand steadily. Her six arms extended and hugged Fei Wen Li’s snake waist, but that head full of blond hair was looking back at Yue Yang. A sapphire-like big eyes stared at Yue Yang unblinkingly. The feeling was like a little girl seeing a distant father who returned, wanting to recognize yet not daring to, wanting to hug yet not daring to extend her hands, having a cute yet slightly shy appearance.

“This is?” Yue Yang just continued looking stupefied. Just… Just what was going on here?

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