Limitless Sword God

Chapter 864

Hearing Su Qing'er's words, Shangguan Mei Yang immediately became anxious.

"Qing'er, do not be rash, they have more people, and their cultivation is strong. It is extremely difficult for the two of us to break out, with your current state, it is not suitable for you to fight.

"Master... You... "Why are you so good to me …" Su Qing'er turned his head and asked.

Shangguan Mei Yang was startled, then smiled faintly: "Silly girl, you are my disciple!"

Su Qing'er's eyes opened wide as he looked at the petite girl with pink long hair. Waves of confusion and puzzlement appeared on her face, but all of this ultimately moved her.

"I thought there was only one person who was good to me in this world, young master."

"Isn't there just one more person?"

"Mm …"

"In the future, there will be even more. It's impossible for a person to truly live a lonely life, all that matters is whether they meet the right person or not."


Her eyes were wide open, filled with confusion.

"Alright Qing'er, now is not the time to talk about this, let's think of a way to leave."

Shangguan Mei Yang said.


Su Qing'er nodded her head, but at the moment, she had already made up her mind.


Suddenly, the fake mountain that was hiding the two girls exploded, a shockwave spread out the magic treasure that was blocking the two girls' Qi, directly sending them flying.

The two girls could not react in time and fell on the grass behind. Su Qing'er's face was pale white, while Shangguan Mei Yang was not well either.

"Hehe, these two ants also want to deceive this lord."

Not far away, a man holding two daggers sneered coldly, looking at the two girls maliciously.

When he saw Su Qing'er, his cold eyes could not help but reveal a hint of surprise.

There was actually such a person made of jade in this world?

However, she was still unable to escape from death due to her beauty.

The man thought for a while, then walked towards the two girls.

"Obediently surrender, otherwise, I can only take your two corpses to report to His Highness!"

However, these words could not change anything, Shangguan Mei Yang's eyes tensed up, and immediately shouted: "Don't even think about it!"

With that, she rushed towards the man, raising her hand, a profound qi appeared in her fair and small palm, directly striking towards the man's chest.

Her movements were very fast, without any warning. Her speed wasn't slow either, but …

The difference in cultivation was too great!

The man practically did not dodge, and immediately raised his leg to kick Shangguan Mei Yang's abdomen.

She thought that she was fast, but in the eyes of a man, she was not fast at all!


Shangguan Mei Yang crashed into the wall at the back, smashing the wall into pieces, her small and delicate body fiercely smashing into the ground, her pink hair was in disarray, she half opened her eyes, blood spurting out from her mouth, she found it difficult to even stand up.

"Master …"

Su Yun's face was pale white, he shouted weakly and quickly ran towards Shangguan Mei Yang.

She helped Shangguan Mei Yang up, but the current Shangguan Mei Yang had already lost most of her strength, her entire being was like a ball of cotton, her delicate body was even trembling, showing just how tragic and ruthless this attack was.

"Qing'er... You... What are you waiting for? Not yet... Why don't you hurry up and leave? "

Shangguan Mei Yang's voice was so quiet that she could barely be heard, but she insisted on speaking.

"Master …"

Su Yun bit her lips tightly, her eyeballs rolling around in her eyes, but she forced herself not to cry at all, her small face alternating between grief and pain, confusion and malevolence.

"Oh? "I didn't expect those two rats to be here."

"Hehe, I've already said that they won't be able to escape. Now, aren't they obediently returning to our hands?"

"This time, I can ask His Highness for more rewards, haha …"

Just then, even more spirit cultivator experts walked in from the back gate. Amongst the tens of people, two of them walked towards Su Qing'er and Shangguan Mei Yang, smiles plastered on their faces, looking at the two of them as if they were two chicks.

"Don't waste time. This is Princess Xiyan's palace after all. We must leave quickly, or else if anyone comes, we will be in trouble."

A person urged.

"Got it."

The two of them answered in unison. Then, they reached out their hands to grab the two girls and leave.

But in the next second, a profound qi suddenly soared, and fiercely smashed onto the two of them like a spinning flower.


The two of them were like shooting stars as they smashed through the roof tiles and flew out …

The atmosphere suddenly changed.

"What's going on?"

Everyone was astonished.

At that place, Su Qing'er was already standing in front of Shangguan Mei Yang. At that moment, she was covered in flowing profound qi, her black hair was dancing in the wind, and her entire body was wrapped in profound qi.

Seeing that, Shangguan Mei Yang's face changed.

"Qing'er, stop! Do not urge the profound qi! "Stop quickly!" Shangguan Mei Yang shouted with all her might.

But Su Yun could not hear her, and his body swayed as he turned around. He looked at Shangguan Mei Yang with a perplexed look: "Master … Parent... You... What are you talking about? "

Her voice also became softer and softer. Her eyes slowly became hollow, and a strange aura rose from her body.

Shangguan Mei Yang understood what was going on!

Su Qing'er... He was releasing the energy in his body!

She did not plan to suppress it, nor did she plan to firmly guard her mind. At this moment, she was already planning to perish together with her opponent!

She needed strength. She needed a lot of strength. She needed power that could crush everything. And right now, she had the ability to do so …

Seeing Su Qing'er's change, the spirit cultivators that Sun Li brought were all extremely surprised.

They could feel the bizarre and powerful Qi on Su Qing'er's body. It had only lasted a moment, why did she change so much?

"Perhaps she used some magic treasure. Everyone, there is no need to hesitate, just go up and quickly bring the two of them away. If we drag this on any longer, it might cause even more problems!"

A person said in a low voice.

As the crown prince of the Kingdom of Zi Yue, as long as his crimes were not too big, he would be fine. But for the subordinates, they were different, they would most likely become the scapegoats, and only after bringing their people away early on, would they be able to live a peaceful life.

Another five people rushed over, they split into five different directions and released profound strength at the same time, releasing an attack at the same time, with the intent to completely destroy Su Yun's profound qi and subdue him.

But the moment they got close to Su Yun, a set of purple clouds suddenly rose up around Su Yun for no reason. The appearance of the clouds was too sudden, and before anyone could react, they were drowned within.

"Be careful!"

However, there was no time for reminder.

When the purple colored clouds appeared, all of them had already disappeared into the clouds.

When the clouds dissipated, the only thing that could be seen was the girl standing in the middle of the clouds …

People's eyes seem to fall out of their sockets...

Five Spirit Emperor Rankers …

And so … It disappeared!

Their hearts madly beat and their souls seemed as if they were about to jump out from their bodies.

The young lady turned her head slightly, her beautiful face was now devoid of blood, her eyes were translucent white, and she looked extremely cautious, as though she had lost her soul. Her lips, which should have been tender and pink, were also extremely pale, and the temperature around her was very low, yet it was surrounded by a strange aura.

"Don't... "Hurt Master …"

She opened her mouth and spat out these words.

"This guy..." What exactly is going on? "

Those people were already completely panicking.

"Her cultivation is unfathomable, but her current state does not seem like someone who can display all of her strength … Available... Why is he so strong? "

"The plan might change!"

"Seven people lost, or died! Even if all of us go together, I'm afraid we won't be able to take any advantage of them! "The situation is special. Everyone, do not persist. Retreat!"

A person shouted, and without caring about the rest, he turned and ran out of the backyard.

If someone led the way, how could the others just stand there? He immediately took a step forward and began to run. At this moment, he no longer cared about Sun Xiang's orders.

However, Su Yun did not have any intentions to let them go, with a light step, he disappeared.

"Qing'er! Fast... "Come back quickly!"

Shangguan Mei Yang shouted.

Unfortunately, it didn't have any effect at all.

Su Qing'er had already disappeared.

She was currently severely injured, and even she was unable to hold on for long, how could she stop Su Qing'er?

The noise from the backyard had already attracted the attention of Sun Li and the others at the front gate.

At first, he did not reveal any shocked expression, he only thought that the crowd had noticed Shangguan Mei Yang and Luo Li, and that the two of them were trying to block them. However, when he saw the two experts fly out from the backyard, he felt that something was amiss.

However, he didn't dare to go inside to find out, so he could only wait outside carefully.

At this time, a large group of experts suddenly flew out. They all looked panicked, as if they were running for their lives.

"Quick... Fast! "Quick, flee!" A chaotic roar rang out.

Upon seeing this, Sun Li was immediately dumbfounded.

"Meng Kun, Chang Yu!" What are you doing? Where was he? Where are the people I told you to capture? "

"Your Highness!" Go! "Hurry up and leave!"

The few Spirit Cultivator s shouted, but they did not care about Sun Biao at all, flying straight to the sky, wanting to leave the palace.

Sun Li saw this and was puzzled. Without waiting for him to think, a ray of red light shot out from the depths of Sun Xianyan's bedroom into the sky. In an instant, the blue sky turned dark red like the sunset. Thick clouds gathered and the sky felt even more oppressive. The spirit cultivators were still flying through the air when they crashed into a cloud and fell to the ground.

The cloud was as hard as steel!

Such a change caused everyone to be dumbstruck.

However, a trembling figure slowly walked out of the chamber …

That person was Su Qing'er.

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