Lifetime of Bliss And Contentment With You

Chapter 9 - An Instinctive Fear

Chapter 9: An Instinctive Fear

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Lin Yan stared at the car window. Strangely, she couldn’t avert her eyes. It was as if an indescribable force was pulling her towards it…

At the same time, an unspeakable fear was rising from the depths of her soul. She couldn’t help but shudder as a result.

“Lin Yan! Lin Yan! What are you looking at?”

Lin Yan was jolted to her senses by Wang Jingyang’s voice. “What…”

Wang Jingyang was worried. “Are you alright?”

Lin Yan shook her head. “I’m fine, my mind was on something else. What were you saying?”

Meanwhile, in the black car parked under the tree…

The man was sitting in the back seat with an icy expression. This frightful iciness diminished a little when he saw Lin Yan.

Pei Nanxu, who looked extremely worried, said, “Big Brother, you just woke up. Are you really feeling alright?”

The doctor had given Pei Yucheng a full body checkup when he had woken up. He was fine, but the doctor had advised him to stay for a couple more days for observation.

However, the first thing Pei Yucheng had done upon waking up was look for this woman called Lin Yan.

Pei Nanxu’s eyes followed Pei Yucheng’s gaze. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t fathom why Pei Yucheng cared so much about this seemingly ordinary girl.

Pei Yucheng didn’t speak, but his eyes shifted to Wang Jingyang, who was sitting across from Lin Yan. His eyes gleamed dangerously all of a sudden.

The next moment, he seemed to notice the fearful expression on the girl’s face. The man mumbled under his breath, “Still so afraid of me…”

That lass had chosen to selectively forget everything about him. Despite this, she was still instinctively afraid of him.

All these years, Pei Yucheng had forced himself to stay away from Lin Yan and have nothing to do with her.

However, thanks to his unique physical anatomy, his consciousness could enter Lin Yan’s body and take control of her, no matter how far apart they were from each other, or which corner of the world she was in.

Nevertheless, Pei Yucheng had never once used this intimate, unbreakable connection of power in the past few years.

Back at the food stall…

Soon, the stall owner brought them more bottles of beer and barbecued food.

Wang Jingyang didn’t manage to open the bottles with the bottle opener despite making several attempts.

Lin Yan glanced at him and took the bottle with her fair, dainty hand. She put the bottle to her mouth and simply used her teeth to pry it open. Then, she passed it back to him.

Wang Jingyang watched her seamless actions in silence. “Look at you. Then look at your sister. No wonder Han Yixuan chose to ditch you…”

Wang Jingyang, who had suppressed himself for a long time, began to rattle on after being rendered speechless by her. “Lin Yan, I didn’t mean to criticize you. You can’t blame your sister and that jerk entirely for what has happened. You were at fault too!

Wake up and stop being so obstinate. You treat Lin Shuya as family, but she stole your man after taking all your money.

Your father was really rich, but he didn’t like Lin Shuya. You should have stayed with him and let her follow your mother. Damn it! Lin Shuya was so scheming when she was just a kid that she asked you to exchange places with her.

In the end, she told your dad that she would study and work hard to get into your father’s good books. She declared that she wouldn’t use his money or act like a pampered young princess. In the end, she moved out and asked you for money to pay for her luxury car, branded items, and expenses!

Your dad still thinks that Lin Shuya is working part-time to earn her own keep. What a joke! She merely treated you as a cash dispenser and a fool…”

Lin Yan raised her head to peer at the starry night sky with a sorrowful expression. She interjected with a smile, “Pup, if you say another word, I will break your legs. Do you believe me?”

Her expression and smile were currently more frightening than how fierce she used to be.

Wang Jingyang clammed up immediately and muttered to himself as he poked at the food.

“Alright, Pup. Stop reminding me, I am already sober. From now on, I will have nothing to do with Lin Shuya.” Lin Yan raised the bottle and emptied it in one gulp.

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