Lifetime of Bliss And Contentment With You

Chapter 50 - Completely Heartless And Emotionless

Chapter 50: Completely Heartless And Emotionless

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Wang Qiaohui froze in shock before screaming shrilly. “Lin Yan, do you want to die? That’s all mine! How dare you touch them!”

Anger blazed in He Shanshan’s face too. “Lin Yan, are you insane? Are you so poor that you have to rob us so blatantly?”

Wang Jingyang was startled as well. “What the… Do you have to be so extreme?”

When he finished his sentence, his eyes sparkled, looking wild and hedonistic. He had rarely shown this side of him to Lin Yan. “I like it! You should have done this long ago!”

Lin Yan was the one who was paying the movers. Thus, they scrambled inside the house and began to move things.

Wang Qiaohui yelled and screamed immediately. “Lin Yan, you b*tch!” How dare you rob us in broad daylight! I’m calling the police! I’m doing it right now!”

Lin Yan raised her eyebrows. “Police? Sure, do you need my help?”

He Shanshan took out her phone. “Lin Yan! You’re getting fearless, aren’t you? I’m going to post this online and make sure your infamy skyrockets once more!”

Wang Qiaohui grabbed the arm of one of the movers. “Don’t you dare! If you touch another item, I will have all of you arrested!”

The movers stopped in their tracks hesitantly.

Wang Jingyang, who had observed how this pair of mother and daughter had bullied Lin Yan, clenched his fists. Malice gleamed dangerously in his eyes.

“Your stuff?” Lin Yan studied the mother and daughter’s arrogant faces and took a file out of her bag before she drawled casually, “So sorry, but the air-conditioning, TV, washing machine, dining table, even the wallpaper on the wall… were all paid by me! Let’s not even mention the pots of orchids on the balcony! Now, I want to take my stuff. Is there a problem?”

She had the receipts in her hand, which served as concrete proof.

Wang Qiaohui and He Shanshan’s eyes landed on her file. There were all sorts of receipts inside.

When their eyes met, their expressions faltered slightly.

“Lin Yan, how dare you have the audacity to do this! You may have bought all this, but you gave it to us. It’s ours now! What reason do you have to take it all away?” Wang Qiaohui screeched at her.

Lin Yan chuckled. “Oh, so you admit that I bought everything… Yes, indeed. However, I never said that I wanted to give it to you. Do you have any evidence?”

“B*tch! You… You…”

The smile on Lin Yan’s face faded. “Stop dawdling and move everything carefully! I will pay you twice the fee!”

The movers initially considered not getting embroiled in this mess. However, when they heard that Lin Yan had bought everything and she would be paying them twice the amount, they instantly shoved Wang Qiaohui away and began to pack everything up at top speed.

“Stop right now! Everyone stop!”

“Don’t touch that dressing table! Don’t you dare touch it!”

“Lin Yan! You’re bullying an orphaned daughter and mother! You’re letting your uncle down!”

Within a short period, the movers had taken away everything by following Lin Yan’s instructions. By ignoring the mother and daughter’s protests, they soon almost emptied the house.

Lin Yan even instructed them to peel off the wallpaper on the walls.

Back when she had just returned, her income as an actress had been quite significant. Thus, Wang Qiaohui had been rather polite and nice to her.

Never had she imagined that, after she was banned and lost her job, Wang Qiaohui would instantly reveal her true colors. She had bullied and scorned at her and even demanded rent…

Lin Yan was the sort of person who could be very nice to her loved ones.

However, if she really wanted to, she could be completely heartless and emotionless.

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